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Brawl in the hills.

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Re: Brawl in the hills.

Post by Rex on March 11th 2013, 4:48 pm

Rex blinked only to find the woman standing in front of him in her own Muay Thai stance, a smile formed on his lips as the first blow to his body came but already his style had changed. The impacts collided with his flesh found more than durable resistance but trained resistance to high powered damage. The Martial style was known as Iron Body and designed to take precise point damage to his entire frame. To say it didn't hurt was a lie but it allowed the body to shut out those things and focus on the now. Bethany was every place at once her muay Thai style giving her excellent advanatge from her positions and Rex couldn't help but admire this about her.

His own style of Wushu mixed with Iron Body allowed him to manuever with the blows for while he didn't have her speed he had much more training. His body angled with the blows that came minimizing the damage and on occasion even catching knees and elbows against his super hard flesh that coming full speed and impact would most likely bruise her body and do more damage to herself than to him. He watched her pattern as the blows continued until he stepped past a raised knee and threw his own elbow aiming center mass for the chest between her woman qualities and just to the left of the heart. If the blow landed it would send the woman soaring away with a heavily bruised chest that would cause temporary damage to the lungs much like being struck with a bat in the abodomen.


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Re: Brawl in the hills.

Post by Wrecking Ball on March 12th 2013, 1:15 am

Using that extra sense she has, her body would bend at the waist and the knee would slide straight past her face. As the punch finished, Rex would notice the earth below him explode. Something had happened to the terrain he stood on and Bethany as well. She was no longer there. In her place was a large hole directly down into the earth...right beneath Rex's feet. If he wasn't careful he'd fall completely down into the deep dark ending up who knows where. Should he recover however, he'd feel the earth below him tremble and move. As soon as he found footing, he'd lose it. Faster than he could react, he'd find his feet pulled directly down into the earth itself. Of course this meant...

Bethany was digging.

The very ground itself was shaking with her burrowing beneath the earth. As Rex would take the necessary seconds to comprehend this, Bethany would erupt from the earth behind him with a high velocity knee to the back of Rex's head, and immediately dive back into the earth to evade counter attacks. She was using her incredible combination of strength and speed to change their very arena to her advantage.
Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball

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Re: Brawl in the hills.

Post by Rex on March 14th 2013, 11:17 am

Rex rolled as the ground under him shifted but the hands around his ankles was a surprise. The blow to the back of his head staggered him forward but already the wound was healed. As the woman dived back into the earth he actually chuckled. A manuever he himself had used at one point against some fire wielders a long time ago. However going into the earth was not a good idea when facing people like him for there was nowehere to really go. Deeper down you lost oxygen so staying just under the surface was the requirement. It also left a huge advantage for those with strength to shift the balance once more. Rex gave the earth a quick tap that made it roll just long enough to keep her under.

Leaping into the air he went up and up and up his jump carrying him three miles into the air from just a bunny hop. His fist balled and like a massive meteor of flesh, bone, and solid power he came to earth. His fist struck the ground and the entire field when silent for a second. The ground under him cratered half a mile and than the actual effect. The earth exploded upwards a hundred yards down further than Beth could dig safetly. The field turned into a zone that looked like thirty mortars had struck it simultaniously. The shockwaves under the ground would break anyone underneath it and coming up would find themselves thrown by the force of the attack that was still raging. Underground and above the terrain was a devastating force.


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