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Ellis Madness (done)

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Ellis Madness (done)

Post by Echo on March 5th 2013, 8:35 pm

Ellis Madness
"Why? Because it is amusing... why else."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Ellis Middleton
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Ellis Madness
Title: The Escapee, Boy Without His Straight Jacket
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black, very curly.
Eyes: Big, green, warm and charming.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lb
Blood type: O-

The Looks

He has approximately two-inch long hair that curls messily in all directions. His eyes are very wide, like a child always taking in the world for the first time. He's very skinny and does not look well-muscled (because he isn't). He has long legs and arms, but rather than looking gangly, he looks reasonably graceful. He smiles a lot, and the corners of his eyes crinkle slightly, giving him a very warm and comfortable-looking face. His face actually looks rather sallow when he isn't smiling, because his cheek bones are fairly high and his cheeks rather hollow. When he is angry, he pulls his lips in a bit, so they look very thin, and his eyes loose their warmth. He looks extremely sallow and gaunt when he is frowning.
(Think Tom Riddle from CoS)

The Legacy

Personality: Ellis is varying degrees of insane, according to all the psychiatrists and doctors his multiple foster parents used to make him go to see. He has a lot of anxiety and aggression issues. He suffers from severe paranoia and a lack of anger-management skills. He can not commit to anything which he has not planned down to the last detail, in fact when he does, it makes him incredibly nervous and twitchy. He is a compulsive liar and extremely introverted, nearly always talking to himself and often having arguments with himself. He has trouble making decisions under pressure, because he is extremely meticulous, but that does not make him a very good fighter. He hates direct confrontation and prefers to set traps for opponents/prey.

His personality disorders/mental "issues" include but are not limited to:
Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder-
Antisocial Personality Disorder-
Paranoid Personality Disorder-
Sadistic Personality Disorder-
Anti-social Behaviour-
Anxiety Disorder-
Pseudologia Fantastica (Compulsive Lying)-

The links are descriptions (okay, wiki definitions) of each mental illness. Look them over if you want to.

Ellis will always try to make himself seem likable and to act like the perfect angel, but it never lasts long because he is so easily frustrated with lack of control over any part of his life. He will tend to try to charm his way out of a situation, but if it gets excessively out of hand he will slowly loose charm and become dangerously aggravated by the lack of structure.

History: Ellis did his early growing up in a single-parent home. His mother, a prostitute, was very young when she had him. She couldn't afford a hospital birth or any kind of prenatal care, and she barely managed to get food into her own mouth, nonetheless her son's. Ellis was a small, dirty, malnourished child. He spent his years with his mum in a shoddy apartment or in shelters. He was often left alone and ignored. Occasionally, when his mother could afford alcohol and cigarettes, she would get somewhat violent. He learned to keep his mouth shut and to stay out of her way at those times. At around the age of eight, his mother died of lung cancer (she'd been a heavy smoker since she was fourteen). Ellis had been alone for a long time, because the other kids did not play with him- they barely knew he existed. He didn't even go to school for those first years. So he'd made up his own imaginary friends, giving them each names. He even made himself up a father. His father's name was Anthony Fisher, he'd decided. He spoke to himself so often, and had no one else to speak to, that he held conversations- alone. When his mother died, a friend of hers finally reported that Ellis was alone. He was shuffled into the foster system, where he was taught to read and write and speak well. He enjoyed it, because he found that the more you knew, the easier it was to make people do what you wanted. He developed extremely good skills at lying and deception, and a particular speech pattern that was a strange mix of posh and street. Eventually, he stopped telling the truth, when a good lie was so much more fun. He also always made an effort to seem sweet, shy, and good-natured, because if people liked you, they'd do things you wanted them to. Right?

Sometimes he would trick the other kids into hurting each other, telling them that one took something from the other, when really it was Ellis who'd taken it in the first place. He liked to manipulate people, and found himself pleased when he punished someone who he believed had wronged him or who was in the way of him getting what he wanted. Steadily, he grew more and more unstable, holding whispered conversations with himself behind locked doors, and becoming more and more controlling of every aspect of his life. he went into a catatonic state every time they moved him to a new foster home, often becoming incredibly quiet and increasingly anti-social until he had settled in a little. his tricks and "pranks" became steadily more malicious and calculating. He was very rarely caught, but every house he was brought to suffered misfortune, though he couldn't have been happier there.

He was caught by a couple of families, and once he was punished in a very cruel way- put in a kennel for two weeks, one bathroom break a day. He developed a severe paranoia of being caught again and of people in authority positions, never trusting anyone else with his life, and people began to make him more and more nervous, as they grew up and got bigger. The other kids started to beat him up increasingly often, and he began to punish them more severely. The first time he killed someone he was thirteen and had planned it for months. The boy, and fourteen-year-old bully, had hit Ellis repeatedly for refusing to speak to him. Ellis had spent three weeks just in planning and then spent four more setting up his trap. It was spectacularly bloody, and Ellis had relished his revenge, cooing at himself that he'd done such a good job. This was when he saw his first psychologist, who transferred him to a psychiatrist. He lied to them and did his absolute best to mess with them both. After he refused to be treated, they put him in a ward for approximately nine months. He was allowed out after his symptoms seemed to abate and he'd reacted positively to the medications and had been positively weaned off of them. Once he was out of the ward, he was a very good boy, making sure he never got caught even if he did do something everyone called "wrong". He read and read- all kinds of books- and his foster parents bought him classes in martial arts and self-defense to help him with the bullies he faced at school. Eventually he gained large amounts of knowledge in crime and how to both not get caught and put his victims through massive amounts of pain. He squirmed with excitement at applying these new techniques.

When he turned eighteen, he disappeared. He spent a year travelling, setting up various location in which he made absolute certain he'd be safe, all across the country. On his next birthday, he made his second kill, hanging his victim by the ankles and bleeding him out by the wrists. Ellis was never caught nor suspected for that particular murder until two years later. He travels, killing those who wrong or have wronged him, and sometimes innocent people- just for fun. He liked women- mostly younger girls- because they seemed to feel the most pain. he found it interesting, almost began to study pain in humans. But then the disturbances started, and slowly turned to a war of sorts. Ellis didn't want to choose sides- no, he worked alone. Just him against everyone- everything! But he wanted to see the world burn, right? Yes! But he wanted... He wanted to do it himself! Look at them making a mess of things- he could do so much better... he went back and forth with himself whether to assist them or try to stop them ruining everything.

Eventually, he decided to wait- to see how things panned out, and turned to another frame of mind. Science.

Now, at 25, he has turned his genius to making things and to science, rather than to murder. Science was his obsession, murder became more of a side-hobby. He is in the process of developing something to make him superhuman, satisfying a certain vanity within him. He sleeps very little, and works almost constantly, taking breaks only to torture and murder someone to unwind. He sells most of his inventions on the internet, earning himself millions of dollars. He doesn't spend very much, and therefore hoards it away, as though each bill were a certificate of his cleverness- of his intense genius. He became vain, but not uncautious, and was still an extremely paranoid- if somewhat more comfortable- man.

The Powers

Powers: Not really applicable, but he is a genius of sorts.

He's also very small, which makes him reasonably fast. He was beaten up a lot as a kid, explaining his durability. He spent three years of his life studying martial arts and different ways to gut, skin, break, and otherwise kill someone. His fighting skills include his skills at torture and murder as well.

Intelligence: 6
Occult: 0
Strength: 2
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Ability: 0
Fighting Skills: 5
Magic: 0
Spells: 0
Flight: 0
Wealth: 3
(Used: 23/30)

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Re: Ellis Madness (done)

Post by Echo on March 5th 2013, 10:10 pm

Ready for edits.



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Number of posts : 389
Location : Good ol' Wisconsin.
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Job : Farm hand
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Re: Ellis Madness (done)

Post by Forceaus on March 8th 2013, 10:02 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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