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Phase 1 Contents Page (Please Read)

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Phase 1 Contents Page (Please Read) Empty Phase 1 Contents Page (Please Read)

Post by Twinkletoes on December 31st 2012, 10:04 pm

Phase 1: Contents

Listed below are the threads occurring in Phase 1, there will be chances where the mods or myself will make changes and even then they will be minor or simply adding something new. Keep in mind if one of your character's isn't listed do not fret, for they shall have a role in the other phases.Once you have sussed out where and who you are posting with feel free to begin said threads with those who you are being placed with...oh and feel free to use your imaginations when giving the threads titles. If you have any concern/questions feel free to PM me


Adam Paxton and Gossamer -
Leader of Dominus once again has his adopted daughter under his control, will their tumultuous relationship survive amidst the beginnings of the Purge?

The Agents (Dominus members only) -
The start of their revolution has begun, how will they react to their fellow 'co-workers' and will they all have similar views of how to approach this?

The Talons (Who is posting is entirely up to Phoenix) -
The young superhero group must now face public pressure after their harrowing battle with their demented alters. What will they do now that their popularity has hit an all time low?

Shade (Who is posting is entirely up to Elena Marie) -
Evil now has a new challenger, what are the Crimson Witch's plans for her motley crew of evildoers and what will she do exactly?

Doppelgänger, Elena and/or Helena Vexus -
a thread involving the changeling assuming the identity of the French ambassador for the UN, a key figure in the passing of the new Act. The villainous Vexus shall assist him

Elena Vexus and Dominus personnel of her choosing -
Details what the insane robot lady hopes to achieve in all of this, is she really wanting to rid the world of metahumans? or is her goal much more sinister...?

Persephone and Jack Maroon -
She finally sees the light of day! Thread will focus on her relationship with her father and what he hopes to achieve using her ungodly powers. Quickly followed by her hunting down the infamous Jack Maroon.

Isak and Cain -
Elena's plucky young apprentice has now been thrown into the world of the supers, how will he gain power amidst the rising chaos? Will Shade's Cain Vulsore assist him in his path to evil or will it be worse...?

Jack Maroon and Dominus personnel of his choosing-
After his harrowing battle against Percy he finds himself joining the organisation and the war he unwittingly got himself involved in.

UN thread. Characters of exceptional intellectual calibre will be considered for this thread. If you are interested PM me -
Although the Dominus unification Act has its supporters it also has its vehement opposers. Will anyone try to halt the passing of this 'fascist' new act?

Lilia/Salt and Mist -
The young agent is faced with a task that she would not have accepted under normal circumstances...hunt down a girl her age and kill her if necessary.

Widower and Pure Spirit -
The brooding Metahuman hunter is finally allowed back into the world, given free reign over what he can do. Will the heroic Pure spirit escape his righteous revenge against her kind or will she fall victim to this broken man?

Agent Reaper and Celerity -
The fearsome Dominus agent is sent out after a speedster. Can she bring this metahuman home so she can finally prove herself to Adam?

Helena and Jynx -
Elena Vexus discovers the whereabouts of the young technopath, someone who possesses such gift would surely be helpful in the long run.

Gossamer and SIm -
a thread involving the #1 Agent hunting down a young metahuman in the urban jungle. Will Sim join Dominus or die trying against the might of the iron maiden?

The Grand Ball (Part 1) Elena Marie, Queen Chelle/Anna, Gentleman Thief, Cilian, Dylan, Victoria, Isak -
One of the larger threads and a major turning point during Phase one. Elena Marie holds a ball for her various acquaintances in hopes of acquiring something. Alliances shall break and lives will end amidst this personal war.

The Grand Ball (Part 2) Elena Marie, Queen Chelle/Anna, Gentleman Thief, Thrones and Shade members -
Chaos reigns after Elena Marie's daring move. A clash of the most dangerous metas begins to sprawl out of control...who will win?

The Grand Ball (Part 3) Queen Chelle, Gentleman Thief, Victoria, Daji, Volt and Xelek -
The battle reaches its climax, will Thrones avenge the loss of a loved one or will Shade once more triumph?

Gossamer (plus whoever is left at the end of Part 3) -
Dominus hears word of the violent battle and cleans up the remains...what Gossamer discovers will change her forever.
Thrones (Who is posting is entirely up to Chelle) -
The consequences of their battle with Shade would of definitely left a scar, how will Thrones recover from such a thing?
Endzoner, Songbird and Kaguya-
Three metahumans thrust into this new period of mistrust and hatred. Will their differing views separate them or unite them together against the wrath of society?

Doppelgänger (plus the posters in the earlier UN thread) -
The UN has come to a unanimous decision, will they grant Adam the power he so desperately craves and will the act's opposers have a final say?

Salt and Blacksmith -
The brooding young man has finally attained power through hard work and discipline and has been awarded a high ranking post in an asylum off the coast of Florida. Has Blacksmith changed for good or has he become the monster Lilia wished he'd never come to be?

Bliss, Gwharr and Tyuki -
a setup occurs involving the death of innocents and the blame is placed on Metahumans. People rally against anyone deemed superpowered and public lynchings occur. Will Bliss and her uncanny troupe of friends survive the first wave of war or will they fall victim to the wider community?

Persephone and Sean -
Two powerhouses face off against one another in a bid to decide who is more superior...the child of Adam or the child of Elena...

Adam (others are yet to be determined -
Adam has finally attained power far beyond what he initially planned. The armies start rolling in and the first steps against the metahuman threat reaches a drastic turning point.

End Phase 1

Phase 1 Contents Page (Please Read) Tumblr_m953irNOXB1rv240t
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