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Beastly Empty Beastly

Post by Beastly on December 24th 2012, 1:39 pm

Real Name: Earl Charlemagne de Hunter
Super Villain Name: Beastly
Title: The Earl, Fox, Charles
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Once a Human Caucasian, Self described Dolosus Vulpes. (Cunning Fox)
Hair: Once Blonde; Now deep reds, bright whites and dark browns
Eyes: Once Blue; Black Sclera, Amber Iris
Height: 6"4'
Weight: 160 lbs


Beastly 2nktp1


Charles is a clash of brash instinct and highly educated sentience. He is highly skilled in Latin, Japanese, Chinese, French, Russian and German, an ex-Olympian fencer and marksman, well read and well spoken. He has impeccable manners towards people he considers gentry or deserving, although it can come off slightly condescendingly to those of the "lower" class. He will often pretend to be highly unaware of the oddness of his condition, but will act offended if someone is taken aback. The teeth and claws come out when he feels threatened or desires something significantly. Charlemagne became an Olympian athlete through ruthless work and dedication, a sly intellect and charismatic manner helping where brute force could not. Rather then tackling things head on, de Hunter tends to take more skilled ways around his problems unless he is in an extreme position of power. He will kill someone if he has to but he much more prefers talking through people to get what he wants. Charlemagne's education of magic comes from a secreted source within his ancestral home and is quite extensive though he has always found spells a frustrating and illusive aspect. Magic items are his speciality.


Earl Charlemagne de Hunter's story begins in Japan, in 1899, with his great-great grandfather. Bradford de Hunter, the younger of two de Hunter brothers, had chartered a ship from Britain to the secluded Island Nation, intent on helping budding British relations with the Japanese people and building a business out of trade. Bradford became one of the few early immigrants to the country which he rapidly came to enjoy, securing himself a small estate in Nagasaki. It was here that Bradford met Kitsuni Akane, while wondering the edge of a forest; a pretty young village girl that had a terrible limp from an arrow in her thigh. She was weeping when Bradford approached and he, being the stalwart gentlemen, brought her back to his lodgings and helped her. She explained that she was a poor peasant beset by Ronin and had no where to go so Bradford gave her a place in his staff. Most of the subtle details past the first meeting story are simply lost to the pages of time but within a year Bradford and Akane de Hunter returned to England. Months after Bradford's elder brother died during a fox hunting accident, making Bradford the Earl of Nottingham.

The de Hunter family prospered quite well in their manor home for the next three generations. Bradford begat a boy named Thomas happily with Akane, whom begat a boy named Edwin, who begat Charlemagne's father Edwin Junior. Bradford died in his sleep and Akane was presumed to have followed in some kind of ritual suicide, walking into the lake on their grounds. Edwin Sr and his wife died in the second World War while Edwin Jr was a young man. The trouble that hung over the heads of the family began with an American woman named Marina Jules, that Edwin Jr fell hopelessly in love with when visiting Paris. Miss Jules became Mrs de Hunter despite the crippling gambling debts and links to organised crime she was escaping from America's east coast.

Charlemagne's mother proved a burden on the family. She wasted extravagant amounts of their fortune on race horses and wine, gambling houses, business ventures that went no where. She also drilled Charlemagne to fit a near perfect role of her design with a thorough unrelenting education. It was during this uncomfortable sharp childhood that Charles began to "imagine" apparitions of his great great grandmother wondering the house and grounds late at night. He followed her sometimes, calling out into the darkness until he was lost and turned around in the darkness. It became so regular his mother had him locked in his room when he went to sleep. Akane began to appear in the darkness near the end of his bed and whispered things, a brand new education and explanation of what she was and how Charlemagne fit into the world.

Akane was a Kitsune Fox Spirit, a creature of ancient Japanese myth and lore. She had been in fox form and wondered into the realm of man, only to get struck by an arrow from foreign hunters. She appeared as a beautiful girl in an attempt to manipulate help with her wounds, but Bradford had proved to be so charming and gentle she truly fell in love with him, choosing to stay in the mortal realm to care for him and his children for as long as she could. Akane had always carefully guided the family but could no longer stay. She revealed that she would instead leave him to guard the de Hunter clan for the next five generations, until he could join her in the realm of the Kitsune.

After he awoke in the morning, a radical transformation had occurred in his young body. He no longer was a human but an odd fox shaped mockery of a man. When his door was unlocked and it was revealed to his parents, his mother feinted and his father almost shot him. Publicly they declared that their son was a metahuman, ignoring his claims of Japanese folklore. Charlemagne bitterly had to pretend to be a scientific creature rather then something far more fantastical. The odd nature of his "mutation" caught the public's attention and allowed him to launch a minor career of celebrity to fund his mothers poor decisions. He became one of the few metahumans allowed to take part in the Olympic games. In secret he would he root out and find sources of magical information, as well as a few rare powerful objects he still uses today.

His parents unfortunately died in a car accident some five years ago, but he has embraced the new freedom quite fully. On the agenda first is to find some way to earn back the wealth his mother squandered. The second is to find some way to control his form, becoming human once more.


Earl Charlemagne de Hunter is a highly educated individual in some of the sciences of antiquity, mostly those that focus about Alchemy and magical artefacts. He is also a master swordsman and a crack shot, often wielding a Rapier and a special flintlock of unnatural power. He is capable of speeds far beyond the natural fox and man put together and of course can do it all while still looking good. de Hunter also has one final extraordinary ability; his sense of smell and hearing are far beyond humans. His nose is sharp enough to track down trails that linger some 12 hours after the original creator has departed and he can hear foot steps in a 100 foot radius. Beyond that his body has been trained to near peak efficiency.

Power Grid:
Occult 8
Strength 3
Speed 5
Durability 4
Ability 1
Fighting Skills 8
Wealth 2

Surviving picture of human form:

Beastly 2aag1zd

Beastly Raven2
Beastly Ravenpowergrid1

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Beastly Empty Re: Beastly

Post by Jack Maroon on December 25th 2012, 4:11 pm

This shit be getting mad approval yo.

Beastly Jackgr10
Jack Maroon
Jack Maroon
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