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A Hero Born - Searching For A Purpose

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A Hero Born - Searching For A Purpose Empty A Hero Born - Searching For A Purpose

Post by DGib123 December 18th 2012, 3:25 pm

Cassidy was amazed how big the city was, as he explored the strange surroundings. He had snuck into numerous vehicles (hiding in the back of pick-up trucks or large U-haul trucks), and even walked most of the way to get this far. Being quick and agile had made it easy for Cassidy to get into the US and being intelligent as he is was just an added bonus. Since he wasn't yet an adult, he had to sneak around a lot to avoid suspension. The last thing he wanted was for someone to take him away or get into trouble for just being a small kid alone with no adult supervision. He found the thought funny, that he was only a kid considering He was a lot stronger, faster, and smarter than men twice his size.
Looking at the sun in the sky, Cassidy figured it was late in the afternoon and it would get dark in a few hours. It had been a long time since Cassidy was in a big city, that it felt like an entire life time ago. People littered the streets making Cassidy feel nervous, trying to not to bump anybody. His reflexes was making him seem paranoid and jumpy. Plus his heightened hearing was beginning to give him a headache, as he could hear people on the opposite side of the street clearly as if they were right next to him.
Cassidy kept walking down the sidewalk, when he heard scuffling in a nearby alleyway that caught his attention. He followed the sounds, allowing his senses to guide him to where they were coming from. The closer he got, the more he felt something was wrong. He hated this feeling, as it felt like a banging in his head that wouldn't stop until everything felt right again. He took a turn behind a small dumpster, and entered another allow. Cassidy could smell rotten pizza, and even a faint stench of a grape soda that hadn't been touched in a couple of days. As Cassidy walked deeper into the alley, he saw three men ambushing another against the wall, who looked like a teenager; no older than Cassidy was. One of the men with a black snow cap had another pinned against it, and Cassidy could see blood slowly oozing its way from the guy's nose. The two other men, one wearing a red plain t-shirt and the other wearing a black jacket, were behind him.

"Get off him!" Cassidy demanded, surprising the three ambushers.

The teenager, seeing them distracted, would elbow Black Hat in the abdomen to release himself. Then in the same quick motion would take off, running as far as he could away from them.

"Well, he could have said thank you," Cassidy murmured watching him leave, back into the crowded street.

"Dammit!" Black Hat snapped, looking at Cassidy's direction putting his hand over his stomach "Who the hell is the kid?"

"Don't know," Red Shirt answered, "I didn't even hear him comin',"

Cassidy only shook his head, pushing away some of his hair from his eyes. "I believe that was the point," he said, irritably.

"Looks like the kid is a wide-ass, Paul." Black Jacket said, smirking. "He needs to show some respect to his elders, don't you think?"

Cassidy figured that Black Hat's name was Paul and he was probably their leader of sorts considering how the other two were standing behind him, as if they were waiting for his orders.

"Nah, what I think is that this kid just cost me some money." Black Hat said, standing himself straight, "And the only thing I'm going to teach him is to never get into my business."

Seeing their shoulders tense up and the look in their eyes, Cassidy knew they were preparing to fight. He looked behind him, knowing that he could easily escape them before they land a hand on him. However he stayed remembering what they had done to the teenage boy earlier, and would probably do to him again if they found him. Cassidy thought he could teach them a lesson of his own. With a sign, he turned himself back and faced them slowly stretching out the knuckles in his hands.

"You know, if you're going to try to be a badass you need to come up with a better pre-ass kicking one-liner." Cassidy boasted, positioning himself into a standard boxing stance.

The three men laughed, making Cassidy feel like a joke. He tightened his fists tighter, breathing slowly, and eyed each man waiting for an attack.

"This kid has balls," Black Hat said, approaching him. "I guess we should beat it out of him."

Cassidy only grinned, and it surprised him how much he was anticipating this fight. Still, backing out was too late for him and he knew soon enough it would be too late for the three men also.

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