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Assassins and bodyguards

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Re: Assassins and bodyguards

Post by Troglodyte on December 20th 2012, 10:21 am

Gentleman snorted in contempt as Roy started to squeal like a particurlarly indignant pig, Even going so far as to call him a peasant. Mighty rude, even for a person of Roy's obviously horrendous breeding. For a few fleeting seconds, the gentleman actually considered throwing his ungratefull boss to the wolves, for his bratty insolence, but quickly decided against it. He had no intention of wanting to be known for being treacherous, but niether had he any intention of being talked to as if was a mere servant. He may have been temporarily hired, that much was true, but he would be damned before he would accept being treated like an ordinary hired thug

"Keep it down, you pea-brained, uncoordinated, absurdly-dressed excuse of a man! !" He scolded, his earlier so eloquent style of speach sloughing off ever so slightly as his temper was being tested once again by his infuriating boss. This would be the first and the last time he would work for Roy. He could stand danger and violence, but these indignities? Hmf! These where the thoughts that ran through the Fancily dressed crooks head as he made preparation for the pairs untimely escape. Hopefully his colleague would at least be able to keep the assassin and his pet robot busy for the ten seconds he would need to abscond this location.

However, the hope he had placed in his colleague seemed to be misplaced as the ninja-man burst into the room, immediately causing his annoying commander to do a U-turn in his priorities, now howling for Gentleman to save him, doing everything bu to beg on his bare knees. "Plebeian leaders. . . Not any pride, nor any sense of style whatsoever, wouldn't you agree, good sir?" Gentleman mused as the ninja burst through the door, his Theatrically deep voice being calm of melodious, seemingly bereft of any signs of anxiousness or fright. However, the Gentleman was not as calm as his demeneor might suggest. He could feel the sweat that had accumulated beneath his hat, upon his brow. He was well aware that any carelessness on his part might be enough to send him to meet his long-dead ancestors.

The Finely dressed gentleman inched sideways towards the window as he talked, seemingly hoping to make his escape before the ninja had time to do any serious attack. One of his hands were ons roys desk, and the other was wrapped around the waste of his temporary protectee. He was secretely charging the desk, with energy. It would make a good projectile against the ninja in these cramped quarters, as room for dodging was sparse at best. The Ninja then spoke up, seemingly trying to entice him into action, but even though Gentleman was an arrogant ponce, he was not quite that foolish. Under normal circumstances he would likely stay and fight after such a slur against him was made, but he prided himself on his professionalism, and as a professional, the job had to take precedence over petty, personal concerns.

"Please, sir. Do not embarrass yourself. Even lowly thugs occasionally attempt to manipulate me by insulting my honor. I had expected better from you, sirrah!" He answered indignantly, and barely had time to finnish his sentance before the attack came. A shuriken! Gentleman took away his hand from the desk, and the big lump of polished ebony flew off towards the ninja, effectively stopping his projectile and the proceeded to fly across the room, smashing through the "impenetrable" wall of roys office as if it was made of cardboard. However, the cleverly hidden tracking-device caught onto the dapper shoulder of the dapper gentleman.

In the meantime the gentleman and his boss had leapt out through the window, and were now flying through the air at incredible speeds, heading higher and higher, hopefully putting htem out of range for the assassins. Although, Gentleman was not yet certain that they had succeeded in their missions. Things are rarely so easy when dealing with superhumans. However, he could not entirely repress the wave of joy that came over him with his current success "Tally-Ho!" he exclaimed both loudly and poshly as the pair flew towards freedom!


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Re: Assassins and bodyguards

Post by psychocard on December 22nd 2012, 10:38 am

As the near-transparent gas spread around the room, Mickey made the mistake of breathing in for another attack, breathing in some of the gas in the process. Immediately he started to feel nauseous, and he clamped his sleeve over his mouth and nose to prevent himself from breathing in anymore. His situation currently had turned for the worse, as it often did. Not only had one of the assassins managed to get past him, he would need to take a breath soon, telling from his burning lungs. He had to get out of here! But how? Hie best bet would be to either go deeper into the factory where the gas had not reached or get outside. his boss would probably be really angry with him if he abandoned him, so deeper into the factory it was.

Mickey turned around and ran back toward the offices, but as he passed by the doorway, he noticed that the assassin that had gotten past him was in the room. His eyes almost bugged out of his head when he also saw a desk flying toward the doorway. "No way i'm going in there!" he said as he continued down the hallway to avoid being hit by the flying desk. He turned around so suddenly he skidded back a few feet and let out a sonic screech at the doorway in order to deter the robot from entering the room and hopefully injure the ninja as well. He wasn't going to let Gentleman take all the credit for the job.



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Re: Assassins and bodyguards

Post by Red Death on January 4th 2013, 3:48 pm

Galya sighed as the little bird escaped her gas. She'd hoped he would have run in the opposite direction and given up the job. It looked like he was going to need more convincing, as well as a reason to stay the hell away from the office. Her fellow assassin was moving in for the kill and didn't need trouble from behind. So the robot swiftly followed the fleeing bird inside to finish the job she'd started... only to see chaos explode out of the room in front of her.

As the desk flew out and took out everything in its path, Galya knew this job was far from over. The target was getting away, and by the looks of it Red 53 wasn't going to be able to keep up. Why did the bodyguard have to fly...? Unfortunately the GK-35 was not capable of flight. But that didn't mean she was letting anyone get away. She turned her back on the remaining bodyguard and Red 53 to chase down the quarry. The twin rockets in the feet of the robot fired up and shot it up into the sky behind Gentleman. Once it became its own projectile, the rockets shut off.

"You aren't going anywhere," Galya proclaimed as a grappling hook was shot out at the highly-panicked Roy. It wrapped around him and Gentleman several times before digging its sharp hook right into Roy's arm. Once in place, the robotic assassin began to reel in the hook to claim the kill.


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Re: Assassins and bodyguards

Post by Orojed13 on January 5th 2013, 10:47 am

Red 53 saw the twitch of muscles in Gentleman's arm and, though he didn't want to believe that he was facing someone that powerful, knew what was coming. Red 53 immediately turned and ran the other way,
reaching a support beam, he ran up the side and backflipped over the desk, just in time to feel a solid, invisible force crash into him. It threw him into a nearby wall, dropping the ninja to the floor as the
force dissipated.

Roy felt his feet leave the ground. In his shock though, his shotgun was dropped. Panicing, he gripped the gentleman for dear life, desperate to not be dropped. He was safe though. Safe, safe, safe, safe, NOT SAFE! A grappling hook was wrapped around the flying pair, and Roy could do nothing to cover the squeal that was released from his mouth.

Red 53 held his eyes closed as the ringing in his ears passed. A flash of anger built up in Red 53. He knew it was unprofessional, but he had the tracking device in place, and it would actually be beneficial to
take care of this low grade piece of work. Not to mention, there went Red Death to handle the fleeing query. That would make sure they didn't get too far anyways. Now that that was decided, Red 53 turned to face the offending entity, murder in his eyes. "I normally don't care for this kind of thing, but than again, I normally don't get hit. I am Red 53 and am currently processing a job for a client. You are in my way. I can either plow through you, or you can turn and walk away. I know which I prefer, but I thought you might want to reconsider as it is your life we're talking about," Red 53 said to the second bodyguard, taking slow steps closer and closer. "If you decide that you want to stay and fight though, if I might have your name. I have yet to hear of you," the red clad warrior inquired.

Red 53


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Re: Assassins and bodyguards

Post by Troglodyte on January 30th 2013, 6:33 am

(sorry for taking so long. But now I'm back.)

Gentleman flew through the skies, speeding up and away from the factory. Unless one of their opponents were fliers as well, he would most definately be able to abscond with his charge this way. On the ground he was a match for most, but the air was his domain. If he stayed away from his opponents and threw his projectiles at them, he was quite certain that he could beat most people without too much difficulty. However, it seemed that one individual was intent on disrupting his gallant escape. He heard a noise back on the ground, and assumed that the robot had fired yet another weapon at him, but this was not the case. Instead, the robot had activated some sort of rocket-boosters in his feet, following the pair. A lesser man than the gentleman might have been frithtened by this, but it was plain to see that the robot was too heavy and awkward in the air to pose much of a threat. Not only was the gentleman faster, but he could turn on a dime, move through the air like an exceptionally speedy fish moved through water, whilst the robot had a much more limited range of motion. Nevertheless, it was a rather amusing trick

"I like it! Very imaginative, but its hopeless. You cannot hope to match me in aerial agaility, you Annoying, Agressive, Aerial, Automaton" The gentleman said, conversationally, and even though his tone was somewhat condescending and exceptionally smug, it was bereft of any malice. In his mind he was merely stating a fact. However, his puffed up ego would soon take quite a hit. As they flied, the gentleman in his arrogancy barely noticed as the robot moved an arm, firing a grapplinghook at the pair. Normally such an attempt would have been easily deflected by the tophatted ponce in the cape, but this time the squealing roy desperately clung to him and kept babbling, thus distracting him. At least that was what gentleman told himself, to avoid having to accept responsibility for what happened.

The grapplinghook spun around the pair, in essence tying them up together, before the sharp "hook" end of the line dug into roys arm, causing the mob-boss to once gain squeal loudly. And despite his anger at being captured, the gentleman couldn't help but to think 'Better him than me'

"What in tarnation!? Unhand me you worthless robot!" The gentleman blustered, despite his anger, his theatrical flair was not diminished at all, and his well-modulated voice still hadn't deranged into the ranting and howling like a commoner. If he was able he would have shook his fist in anger, but unfortunately the pair was quite tied up. Instead of going up, the pair started to go down, as the robot reeled in the cable they were tied up in. Gentleman did not need his hands to fly, but the robot was simply too heavy for him to carry. Like a fish, he was caught, hook line and sinker. However, he had no intention of getting defeated just yet, so instead he struggled, trying his best to free his right arm. It did not work all that good, so he started rotating, spinning in the air. causing the cable entwining them to come loose, creating some distance between the pair and the robot.

Hower there was still the matter of the hook stuck in roys arm, but with his arm free, he charged up his umbrella and simply sliced off the rope, freeing them from the robots grip. . . However by the time he was done, they were all almost back on the ground again.
He quickly let go of roy, the cowards desperate clinging being more than enough to make sure he didn't fall off, and descended into a pocket, picking up a handfull of loose change, wich he quickly charged up with energy and hurled at the robot, each coin was capable of slicing through a tank without losing any momentum, so he had no doubt that it would cause the mechanical opponent quite a bit of trouble if they connected

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