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Ghosts and Gumbo

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Ghosts and Gumbo Empty Ghosts and Gumbo

Post by The Illusionist December 1st 2012, 9:54 pm

The Magic Man was in New Orleans. Everyone in the criminal underworld knew, he had been in the states only a few months now and his body count was already at 27. Lord only knows how much he had stolen. He was crazy, and chaos and Mayhem followed wherever he went. He walked through the French Quarter, in a large fur coat, dark red sunglasses, with his cane sword. He made it to a busier part of town and went into a coffee shop. He started an Illusion, and seven armed goons walked in behind him, ushering everyone but the workers out. He walked up to the counter as the goons disappeared.

"Can Oi get a stiff drink, love?" he asked with his thick Gypsy accent. He looked around the coffee shop, looking for nooks and dark corners. He was ready for a fight. All he needed was an opponent.
The Illusionist
The Illusionist

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