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Songbird Empty Songbird

Post by psychocard on November 5th 2012, 10:17 pm

Real Name: Mickey Lee
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Songbird
Title: Birdy, The Heralder of Death
Alignment: Villain
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black and short.
Eyes: Acid green. Have an asian slant.
Height: 5"9
Weight: 154 lbs.

Costume Image/Description:

Personality: Mickey is a merciless man, as his main goal in life is to kill everybody on the planet. But he's not in any rush, and plans on enjoying life as much as he can before he really gets serious. He's a bit irresponsible and incredibly childish. He won't let anything get in the way of what he wants, and won't hesitate to threaten. He's very talkative, but that's because he's spent twenty years of his life in silence. He like to make snide remarks, and he justifies his behavior with, "As far as I know, I never had a childhood, so I'm living it right now." Underneath all the childishness, though, is a intelligent and cunning mind.

History: Mickey was born mute, and as a child he often kept to himself. He was often bullied because of his disability, and his father didn't make things any better. his father was a drunkard who made a living growing drugs. Disappointed with his sons weakness, he'd beat him up very often at home. And with no mother, friends, or even a voice to ask for help, he grew up in a life full of abuse. His only escape was the songs the birds in his backyard would sing. While he tried his best to keep a cheery outlook on life, it became harder and harder every year. When he entered his teens, he started to blame his misery on the world, and vowed to destroy the world which rejected him. One day, after a 15 year old Mickey's father had come home with a hooker, he started to beat the woman in a drunken rage. Seeing his chance, he picked up a kitchen knife, snuck up on his father, and plunged the knife into his heart. That day, Mickey finally snapped. The hooker, who secretly had some aptitude in magic, said she wanted to grant him a wish in gratitude, but did not yet have the power yet, and would be able to grant him his wish around the time he turned twenty. Mickey simply smiled, and wrote down his wish. His wish, was for the ability to sing a song that could destroy the world. After reading the note, the hooker disappeared and the police came three days after the incident, when Mickey failed to show up to school. After spending a year in a mental institution, Mickey was put into foster care. He entered college majoring in biology, and even though he had a hard time making friends due to his disability, he was comforted by the thought of finally receiving his wish. As the years passed, though, Mickey was beginning to doubt whether or not the meeting with the woman actually happened. But, his doubts disappeared the day he turned twenty and he opened his dorm door to find the woman standing outside his dorm door with a smile. He smiled in return. That day, he did not show up on campus. When they sent somebody to go check on him, all they found of the man was his corpse, which seemed to have been cut and blown up from the same blow. Mickey was listed as missing, for they never saw him again. Exactly one year later, a new Villain called Songbird made his debut.

Powers: Mickey's powers are sound-based, as his name suggests. The way his power works is that he creates an invisible 'field' around his body, and when he makes a sound, this field speeds it up to the point where it is like a bullet. It can tear through wood and the flesh of non-powered people quite easily. With some concentration he can dent and tear through steelHe can also create a 'wave' of sound, which simply effects a larger area and is less concentrated. If he focuses he can make his voice carry over long distances so it seems he's speaking right in front of you when he could be a mile away. His field also effects his body so he isn't hurt when he uses his powers. He is able to turn this field off, but it leaves his body at the stats of a normal human.

Power Grid:

Power Grid Colours: Black and Green

Character Image/Description:He has shorter hair than the photo shows.
Songbird Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRSXmI12f27xJyv0N9wcrCcXAZfwvva2pvV2B8l1u_y0DYFN4z1Zw0f6Y6B

Roleplay Sample:
"You'll do what I say!" his father roared at the now terrified hooker he had brought home. Mickey stared with wide eyes from the stairwell as he began to beat the woman. Dad must've really gone overboard with his liquor to be this mad. It suddenly dawned on Mickey that the chance he'd been waiting all had arrived. The alcohol was dulling his Dad's senses, and all his attention was on the woman. All his life Mickey had been forced to take all the abuse his father heaped on him. Well, it would go on no more. With a dark look in his eyes, Mickey slowly crept down the stairs into his filthy kitchen. Silently he searched through the drawers until he found the one which held their knives. Taking out the biggest knife he could find, he crept back to the living room and slowly began to creep towards his father back.

6 steps away.

His father threw the woman to the ground.

5 steps away.

He kicked the woman in the gut.

4 steps away.

The woman screamed for help.

3 steps.

Mickey was holding the knife so tightly his knuckles were white.

2 steps.

His father turned around with glazed eye and an expression of pure rage.

1 step.

In one swift moment he stabbed the knife into his dads chest, pure luck sliding it in between the ribs and piercing the heart. Blood gushed out of the wound as his father fell to the floor with a shocked look. Mickey let go of the knife as he fell. He expected all kind of emotions after killing someone, but he only felt empty. Void of feeling. Long minutes passed before he moved. He smiled coldly.

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Songbird Empty Re: Songbird

Post by Forceaus on November 5th 2012, 10:33 pm

Just so you know you can't use the ventriliquism ability to replicate other's voices.Other than that this app is good to go.Approved.

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