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Thrones: Induction by the King ~ Photon

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Thrones: Induction by the King ~ Photon

Post by Vermillion Zarkovich on November 3rd 2012, 9:31 pm

"Alex, do ask me why I go to such lengths for these weaklings?" said Vermillion as he walked powerfully down the hallway of the Thrones base. He had on a Victorian Masquerade style outfit on, similar to his original though more feminine in style and uses much darker colors. As usual, Vermillion also had a voice changer behind his mask that completely disguised his voice. It sounded as if someone with a dark, low voice and two people with higher more nasally voices were speaking all at the same time.
Alex had remained silent to Vermillion's rhetorical question. He was just doing his job standing along side his master.
"My Dearest Queen does seem to pick the most interesting of applicants for this organization..."
Alex had a folder containing the new applicant's information. Basically everything there was to know about them. Past, abilities, family, any sort of regrets, fears, absolutely anything Vermillion's goons could dig up. He came to two large doors at the end of this unnecessarily long hallway. Vermillion put out his hand and Alex places the folder in it proceeding to move forward and push open the large doors for him. Zarkovich had the battle room darkened and left only one light on in the very center of the room, in the spot light there was a dark chrome throne chair with a dark purple suede seat. In front of the table was a long Medieval style dinning table with one other chair at the opposite end of the table. Vermillion walked to the end of the table and took a seat in the large dark throne and set the folder down and began flipping through the files of the new applicant preparing for the "interview". Alex did follow but retreated back into the shadows and would remain there for any orders.
Vermillion had of course rigged the entire room with different intimidation tactics. He liked having a sort of fearful hold over his subjects, and first impressions were everything...
The applicants would walk down the hallway lit by torches which would open up into a large room originally designed by Vermillion himself. A staircase let up to a still pool of a black, reflective pool. There was no telling how deep the pool actually went or what the liquid truly was. the large double doors that would lead into the training facility revealing Vermillion sitting in his throne off in the darkness. The light only extended as far as the back of either chair, the rest of the room just looking like an open abyss. The doors were heavy enough to close on their own with an eerie sound as they drag across the floor. The silence would most likely be the most disturbing of the environment, for there was no sound. None. All outside noise had been canceled out and there was no echo of footsteps giving no indication of how large the room truly was. He was trying to present the image of them stepping into a completely different and dark dimension. Once the applicant took their seat one the other side of the table Vermillion would took at them dead in the eyes through his mask, they could not see him but the sheer intensity of the gaze would make them simply feel his eyes looking at them.

The twisted voice reverberated out being the only thing that echoed, giving whomever was sitting a the other end a possible idea on how absolutely vast this room was.
"I shall be conducting your interview into this, the organization known as Thrones. The test begins now. Please state your name..."
Vermillion Zarkovich
Vermillion Zarkovich

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