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Darkness everlasting [Invite only]

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Darkness everlasting [Invite only] Empty Darkness everlasting [Invite only]

Post by Maverick on October 25th 2012, 10:15 pm

The single red gem was clenched within his fist,pulsing a low red light;with the light a heat that made it seem like a heart. Anthony gazed into the luminescent gem with an almost blank look in his eyes,the thing reflected in the emerald green orbs. Why had his father wanted the heart of that elemental so badly? If he had wanted it for his own purposes he would have taken it but he let Anthony have it of all people. For what purpose could this have been? Moving from the red gem his eyes were now set upon the city of Los Angeles,a place some called the city of fallen angels. He knew it by a simpilar name and that was home. ”Is he playing some sort of game with me?” Anthony spoke under his breath,fingers tightening their grip around the jewel.

”Maybe he is,you never know with that man.” The familiar said in its hissing tone as it slithered from Anthony's shadow,settiling upon his shoulder. Nagas eyes were a beady red that would unsettle any normal human but he was unphased by her deadly stare. She was a pure black snake except for a red dot in the center of her head. ”I don't see why you take such things from that man.” Naga said narrowing her eyes,something strange since snakes were not supposed to have eyelids but they also were not supposed to talk either.

”I have to. Hes my father and I have to listen to him.” he said with a level tone,stepping towards the edge of one of the high reaching buildings,looking down to the street below. Anthony ran a hand through his short cut blonde hair,pink lips twisting into a frown.

”Thats all there is to it really.” He said to himself,not really believing what he was saying. Melting into his own shadow,Anthony appeared on the street level,stepping out of an alleyway and into the crown below. He pocketed the gem as Naga faded into his shadow one again,though he could still feel the touch of her mind. That brush that he could never really be without.

”He's holding you back,you could get rid of him you know.” her voice spoke to the back of his mind,hypnotic almost.

”No,I can't.” He mentally replied hands digging into the pockets of his khaki cargo shorts.

”Yes you can. Just one shot in the head and it will be all over. Guns are a wonderful invention you know. The hissing voice said.

”Shut up.” He spoke to himself as someone turned to him,giving him the oddest look before looking ahead. A heat seemed to course through his chest and then spread throughout his entire body,Anthony stepping into an alleyway until he was sure that he was far enough in as the entire place became bathed in pitch blackness.

The searing pain coursed through his limbs as he fell to his knee,the heat moving to his stomach and moved up until he found himself vomiting on the ground. Each wracking spasm hurt worst than the last but he could not stop for what felt like hours but only a minute. He could not see,the darkness even affecting him but he knew that the ground would be coated in the vomit. Left hand pressed to his mouth he looked up,darkness slowly fading away to give him sight once again.

He looked down to see a puddle of clear bile and what looked like blood. His palm even had a few spatters of the crimson substance. What the hell was happening to him?

A burning sensation could still be felt in the pocket that held the red gem.

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