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Searching Empty Searching

Post by Silver_Wind October 19th 2012, 7:13 pm

Silver Wind took out thug after thug hoping to find some form of information about her father’s murderers, her mother’s kidnappers. Something! Anything!! Her mind screamed louder and louder as she started becoming more and more ruthless in her attacks to the point where she realized that she was beating some guy to a bloody pulp long after he was unconscious. Startled, she dropped him without a care onto the concrete pavement and surveyed her surroundings. She sighed to herself as she saw that the low level lackeys were all splayed about on the ground unconscious, maybe with a few unintended broken bones, but not dead. That just wasn’t her style. Silver Wind started to make her way back to the cheap motel she was staying out that night despite her wealthy background, hoping that the shadier it looked, the less anyone would pay any particular attention to her or the more likely she could find some much need information.

Scaling a building and later jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Zephrine’s mind was a blank sheet of worry. Not only was she getting nowhere, but her grandfather, who was opposed to all this from the beginning, wanted her back home in New York and her brother was starting to agree with them. Of course there was no way she would do what they said if she thought that there was even the most miniscule chance of achieving something. Although it pained her to upset the foster family that she was so grateful to, she just couldn’t give up, no matter what.

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