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Dominus chronicles: Chapter Two (Closed)

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Dominus chronicles: Chapter Two (Closed) Empty Dominus chronicles: Chapter Two (Closed)

Post by Twinkletoes on September 22nd 2012, 4:56 am

Chapter Two - Caging A Swan

Dominus chronicles: Chapter Two (Closed) Dominu10

May 13th, 2028

She fucked up. Oh yes she did, the little tart who likes everything nice and proper most definitely ruined all of her chances of going back home to that Gossamer Bitch she's so in love with. Now don't get me wrong dearest diary of mine, this was a good thing, no..a great thing in fact because she was allowed to come back home to me and the boys and once i had told them all of her recent tantrum we gave her the best welcome back party a little whore like her would want. Yes, we purposely set her up on that assignment* for that exact look like a whore. What else would make that frigid little bitch as uncomfortable as dressing up as a 'classy prostitute' and prance around in a gangster's penthouse? Lilia most definitely had a fun time, if we hadn't taken her all those years back she would have most definitely become some cheap Russian prostitute, big money in that industry, especially for pretty young things like her!

It was just like the old days, I missed her tears, her screams,her cries for help, her ridiculous attempts at english telling me to 'stop' or that she was a 'good girl'....i guess i never told her i don't only enlighten the naughty girls, the sweet little innocent ones are just as fun. Not to say my training methods favoured particular inmates against others, I just bent the program so that it would provide some meta's with a more... unique session. Lilia is by far my most favourite 'detainee', there's just so much character to her. Equally feisty as she is timid and just making her crack is always so rewarding, hearing her beg for us to stop was always a definite confirmation that i was doing my job right. Surprisingly last night was no different... even if it did take longer than usual to get her to comply to our 'demands'. I blame Adam's idiotic daughter for taking her in..number one agent? That's fucking ridiculous; if being the number one agent involves babysitting Russian ballerinas then I'm looking up to a rank that is quite literally a waste of time. She spent six months with her. Six fucking months. I had to entertain myself with second rate meta girls that aren't nearly as enjoyable as Lilia for six whole I guess you could say I had a very fun time last night.

She had gotten back into dancing from the looks of it during her outside adventures...not the dancing me and the boys endorsed anyways. All of my old signatures on the soles of her feet were now simple pink scars that could never compare to the glorious cuts that adorned her tootsies all those months ago. I guess I got a bit carried away last night and carved a bit too...enthusiastically. Not that it matters anyway, red suits her and forcing her to do a pirouette with hacked feet is always a humbling experience for the 'ballet prodigy'. She even had the nerve to attempt diamond form whilst i was cutting her up, fortunately for me the good folks at Dominus science block had just updated the electrical implant in her head, giving her stronger zap for a longer duration of time without sending her into a coma....she's just not that much fun when she's unconscious so I made sure she tasted the new tech in that pretty little head of hers.

It was a long night, I'm not sure I even slept...we just had too much catching up to do, i just needed to hear her voice, feel her body and know that everything is right where it should be. Sending her out with Gossamer was Adam's most stupid decision, she is now back where she belongs...submitting to me and not to her idiotic fantasies of freedom. She probably thought she had a chance of getting away with killing that many troopers and saving that metahuman kid who could stick to walls. I told her last night there was me and only me. Not Sheryll Paxton. Not ballet class. Not cute little fucktards who ruin Dominus operations. Not anything in the world that may allow her to question the very lifestyle i have chosen for her and by the end of last night she was frantically pleading to go home, go back to her 'big sister'. What bullshit. Just gave me more of an excuse to enlighten her in our daily traditions she had seemingly forgotten about during her time in the outside world.

By the end of it all she didn't say or do anything and simply let good old Mr Salt have his fun. Just like the old days.

(YAY second chapter! Third one next week shall continue the story of the Dominus medic and his unfortunate dealings with the mysterious agent zero)

*The assignment Mr Salt was referring to, involving Etoile stuffing up, was this one.

Dominus chronicles: Chapter Two (Closed) Tumblr_m953irNOXB1rv240t

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