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Bulk's rampage.

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Bulk's rampage.

Post by Kira Sankuchi on September 18th 2012, 11:37 am

The man known as john stuart was inside of a cafè in the down town area of the city known as Montreal. He was inside of the store, drinking the coffee he had recently ordered, and eating a creme filled donut that he also ordered. It was a good day and everything, his glasses gleamed in the sun light. He took a bite out of the donut as he looked up into the sky and smiled. Until, two hooligans walked into the store, and ripped the donut out of his hands. "Ewww... Why does it taste so weird!" One of the kids would say after taking a bite out of the donut that John had bought. The kid would spit the donut out on John's face. He was enraged, very much so enraged. He felt it, his pulse went much faster, and his skin started to turn blue. Oh no! It was happening again! Darned kids! Why couldn't you just leave me alone! Now, You're just Gonna die! Where the thoughts racing through the man at light speeds. He grew twenty one feet tall, then he gained a lot of muscle mass. His blue jeans grew with him slightly and ripped until they were the size of jean shorts.The hulk would move his head down and face the two kids, grabbing them with his two huge hands. He would squeeze them as soon as he heard the bones crushing, he would squeeze harder. "RUUUAAAAAAGGHHH!" The Bulk yelled ferociously. The lady working there quickly picked up the phone and called the police, who in turn called the national Guard. The bulk would walk outside and so police outside waiting for him almost instantly after the call came. The bulk would grab one of them and slam him into the ribs and push him forward in a circular motion through the rest who shot their bullets at him. He would then drop the man that he used as a bat and sat outside of the cafe.  Inside of the giant bulk of a man was a nerdy man fighting for control of his own body. Constantly, sending thoughts of calm and easy to his primal rage that was currently destroying the city of montreal. The Bulk was clapping his hands like a mentally retarded child. Every time he clapped his hands, a large shockwave would be launched forward at speeds of 500MPH. They would easily go through any building and perhaps the buildings behind it. John inside of his body, was watching the massive damage the Bulk has done. Buildings were falling like flies, the area that the bulk pranced around in was sinking Ito the ground, no longer able to support the huge beast on top of it. The bulk noticing this used his great strength to propel his legs to do a great jump up in the sky. As the bulk jumped up 120 ft up in the sky, the police and the local national guard were firing bullets at him. They had little to no effect what's so ever. What could they imagine to do to the giant beast that was running around? As the Bulk landed on the ground with his fist forward, an earthquake stirred around for a Four kilometer radius. It would nearly instantly cause the national guard and the police to fall over and drop their guns as the cars next to them rumbled and moved themselves. "BULK STRONGEST THERE IS!" The beast would roar At the more people coming in to shoot at him. "RAAAARRRGGHHHH!" The beast would yell as it would lift up a part of the road, lifting it up and spinning in a circle and launching it at the helicopter that was shooting bullets at him, and bringing in more men to shoot bullets at him. He would also lift up a large heavy oil filled truck at the more flying in  flying thingies. He would pick up the truck, with both hands and launch it at the twenty airplanes that were flying close together like a squadron of hawks. Once the oil truck would hit a airplane, it would blow up and further more, the explosion would expand to the rest of the airplanes. The bulk would then beat his chest like a gorilla after a victory. One fist hitting the right chest then slowly after that the other fist would hit his left chest. The city of Montreal would be nearly destroyed after the Bulk's rampage.... What could anyone do to stop this beast?
Kira Sankuchi

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