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Dominus Chronicles: Chapter one (Closed)

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Dominus Chronicles: Chapter one (Closed) Empty Dominus Chronicles: Chapter one (Closed)

Post by Twinkletoes on September 14th 2012, 11:28 pm

Chapter One - Agent Zero

Dominus Chronicles: Chapter one (Closed) Dominu10

October 13th, 2027

I found "Agent Zero" behind the locked door of an abandoned house across town, the local authorities had reported that an unnamed woman had been sighted sprinting across a children's playground...completely drenched in blood. Intel stated she was 20 years old... roughly the same age as Lizzie, although thats a horrible comparison..Lizzie is not a monster. Dominus immediately addressed the reports, stating that the suspect was simply an escaped psychiatric patient and that she was now in their custody and that the local community had nothing to worry about. I wonder whether this was a skewed version of the truth, she was very much in their custody, simply entering the warehouse i was greeted by a whole squad of troopers armed to the teeth with the latest equipment but was she an escape Psychiatric patient? God no, this woman..even labelling her a woman makes my stomach churn, she was the cusp of Dominus' experiments, the best of the best of the best and yet the first moment i laid eyes on her all i felt was a macabre sense of dread and the nagging tug of sympathy.

Zero's wrists and feet were bound with plastic packing twine which was absolutely ridiculous because from what the reports have said...she could quite easily snap such minuscule bonds with a twitch of her wrists and then quite simply dispatch everyone in the room in a space of five seconds. However they had injected her with an extremely potent numbing agent, straight through the cornea and into her cranium so she was now reduced to a writhing and gurgling mess. She'd rubbed off the skin around her bonds, I looked over her wounds and there was no blood. There was also no blood on her other wounds, not on the gouges on her legs or arms, or from the large dry gap where her right thumb had been. She was writhing like an animal; a gag muffled her growls but did nothing to silence her gutteral moans of what i believe to be anger. She disliked me being in such a close proximity of her and i must admit I did not want to be anywhere near her either.

At first the troopers tried to hold me back. They warned me not to touch her, chat she was a "ticking time bomb" and that it would be best to wait for the boss to arrive. I shrugged them off and reached for my mask and gloves. The girls's skin was as cold and pale as the cement on which she lay. I could find neither her heartbeat nor her pulse. Her eyes were wild, wide and sunken back in their sockets but incredibly alert, every move i made she bore her deathly gaze into me. They remained locked on me like a predatory beast. Throughout the examination she was inexplicably hostile, reaching for me with her bound hands and snapping at me through her gag. Her movements were so violent I had to call for two of the largest agents to help me hold her down. Initially they wouldn't budge, practically cowering in the doorway like frightened children. I explained that there was no risk if they simply used gloves and masks and did exactly as i said. When they shook their heads, I made it an order, even though I had no lawful authority to do so. That was all it took. The two heaving brutes knelt beside me. One held the girl's feet while the other grasped her hands. I tried to take a blood sample and instead extracted only purple, viscous matter. As I was withdrawing the needle, the girl began another bout of violent struggling sending a particularly shrill air of fear throughout the room.

One of my "orderlies," the one responsible for her arms, gave up trying to hold them and thought it might safer if he just braced them against the floor with his knees. But the girl jerked again and I heard her left arm snap. Jagged ends of both radius and ulna bones stabbed through her pale milky flesh. Although the girl didn't cry out, didn't even seem to notice, it was enough for both assistants to leap back and run from the room.
I instinctively retreated several paces myself. I am embarrassed to admit this; I have been a doctor for most of my adult life. I was trained and . . . you could even say "raised" by Dominus' medic corps. I've treated more than my share of combat injuries, faced my own death on more than one occasion, and now I was scared, truly scared, of this frail woman.

The girl began to twist in my direction, her arm ripping completely free, an ungodly tearing noise bursting forth as she rejected her limb. Flesh and muscle tore from one another until there was nothing except the stump, the dripping lifeless remains of her once slender arm. Her now free right arm, still tied to the severed left hand, dragged her body across the floor. I hurried outside along with the several remaining troopers, locking the door behind me as I felt my stomach heave violently. I tried to compose myself, control my fear and shame. My voice still cracked as I asked the troopers how the girl had escaped. No one answered. I began to hear banging on the door, the girl's fist pounding weakly against the iron cladding. It was all I could do not to jump at the sound. I prayed they would not notice the color draining from my face. I shouted, as much from fear as frustration, that I had to know what happened to this woman.

What was her purpose?

Why did Dominus go to such extreme lengths to control everything the seemingly demure redhead does?

...Why was i so afraid of her?

(There we have it! The first diary entry of the yet to be named Dominus employee. The Dominus chronicles will be a lead up to the Purge arc which will be taking place sometime after the current reverse dimension arc. These short glimpses into the world of the metahuman hunting agency will provide short snippets of their workings before everything reaches its culmination during the arc. Stay tuned for Chapter 2 - 'Caging a swan' !!)

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