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Thrones: Welcoming the New (Part 1)

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Re: Thrones: Welcoming the New (Part 1)

Post by Photon on September 26th 2012, 6:59 pm

Photon frowned at the newcomer, who seemed only ready to kill. Keeping the balance, mostly by removing global metahuman threats, but with the occasional removal of a 'normal' unbalancing factor, was a goal worth pursuing. This organization, after all had the resources and the personnel to accomplish the goal and keep villains in their place. What this guy was proposing was just wholesale murder, something Photon would never be able to accept.

They walked into the dining room, and Photon took a seat as far from the man as possible. He ordered an Italian dish, and was pleased that it was prepared correctly. It was a somewhat fancy stuffed shells dish, but he could tell that the ingredients were freshly procured, and the entire thing was remarkable. He took a Pepsi with the meal, choosing not to inebriate himself so close to evaluation time. He hadn't tested his abilities under the effects of alcohol, but anything that dulled his senses or reaction time would certainly not benefit him now.

He finished his meal quickly, and spent a few moments observing the other inductees. He recognized a few of them, while a few others were unfamiliar. It was interesting to see so many metahumans in one place. He hadn't gotten used to designating people as heroes or villains, so a generic term categorizing a person as having supernatural gifts was preferable for him. Each person's varied background meant that they inevitably joined the group for different reasons. Some would come seeking power, others the chance to kill. There were probably some, like himself, who believed in the ideals of the organization over petty things like power or a license to kill. Like equations, the world needed balance or society was threatened, and Photon rather liked how society was at the moment.

He turned to the Queen as she spoke, explaining the mission. His heart sank when he found out he'd be stuck with Shenk, the guy who was in it for the killing. Keeping him from randomly murdering people would not only make the task more difficult, the man was revolting to Photon. Anyone else would've probably been fine, even the guy who didn't look quite human, but this was one variable he hadn't quite anticipated.

He took the map and began walking out. He turned to address his new 'partner', a rather stern expression on his features. "Lets make this as simple as possible. We'll find the package, retrieve it, and return it. You can go off and kill whoever you want AFTER we're done, but my morality wouldn't allow me to sit back while you kill innocent people, so it would be much better if you could resist the urge while we're partnered.."


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Re: Thrones: Welcoming the New (Part 1)

Post by someguy626 on September 29th 2012, 3:59 pm

Shenk ignored his other initiates as he sat down at the dinner table, when one of the waiters approached him and asked what he would be eating, his head turned slowly towards the waiter in a furious scowl. The waiter quickly left his side and Shenk returned to smiling blankly at the man at the farthest end of the table from him. The well dressed blonde man seemed to be unhappy with the manner that Shenk had presented himself. But that mattered not to Shenk, the man seemed far to sheltered to be a professional killer, he had proboably never felt the sweet joys of the hunt, the ecstasy of ending another's life. If he had to ever work with such a man he would most likely just get in his way. The stronger looking blonde woman on the other hand seemed to be far more impressive, she had obviously made some glorious executions in her line of work.

The others surrounding the table each seemed to be here for their own reasons, for justice, to keep the balance, for money, others for power. From a first look none of these people seemed to enjoy the slaughter of others as he did though, which was to be expected though, seeing as not many people found the art of assassination to be simply that... a beautiful art.

As Lady Chelle announced the teams for their mission Shenks face gleamed with happiness . Of course he had to be partnered with the dainty little blonde boy. He obviously felt annoyed by Shenks manner of being and Shenk felt no different towards him. But this was a brilliant opportunity to see what he was made of. As the man spoke to him he stared at his stern face with the look of an overjoyed child just entering a candy store for the first time on his face. He nodded as the man finished telling him that he would not allow Shenk to kill any if he could stop him.

Shenk happily cartwheeled after the man as they headed inside their vehicle. He sat lounging in the back as he crossed his legs and opened the map he had been given by the lady called Anna as though he were a family father opening his Sunday newspaper. "So" he chuckled slightly "where are we off to?" he flashed his partner a wide grin as they finally were prepared to depart.

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Re: Thrones: Welcoming the New (Part 1)

Post by Chellizard on September 29th 2012, 9:00 pm

That's the end of Part 1. I will start the 1 on 1 topics tomorrow evening. Everyone will get to move at their own pace at that point.

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