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Post by Spinner on August 23rd 2012, 12:04 am

Real Name
Jessica Winters
Super Villain Name
The Psychic Marauder
Neutral Evil
130 lbs.

Costume Image
Jessica's personality is cold and bitter, the byproduct of a world that has looked down upon her for her disability. Unable to move, unable to speak, she was often pitied and, when others weren't around, harrassed. She respects those who take the time to respect her, but the rest are treated to a cold stare at best. She can be happy, at times, when things she has set in motion have come to fruition, but in most cases she gets a dark satisfaction in using her powers to wreak havok. The only ones she refuses to harm directly are emergency professionals and healers, as they had helped her in the past. While not killing indiscriminately, she has no qualms about removing assholes and threats.

Jessica was born premature and not breathing. By the time the doctors managed to get oxygen to her, she had suffered neurological damage that made her a mute quadriplegic. She was smart, able to remember what her mother said and spoke about when she was reading, though she didn't have an effective way of communicating it. She could shake her head or narrow her eyes, but that was about it, and this lead to other kids teasing her. Whenever she was left alone on the porch, the other kids in her neighborhood would come around and crack jokes about her state, calling her stupid names while doing cruel things she couldn't stop.

((See RP for details))

When she was twelve, her father dumped her into a polluted lake, but instead of killing her, the substances gave her amazing mental powers. She killed her family, took their wealth and educated herself. Her mind had always been sharp, but now it was superhumanly quick. She could turn the pages of books and help herself around, no-one had to spoon feed her or change her diaper. She could even mock normalcy, managing to get a driver's license even though she was disabled by manipulating her limbs and the steering wheel telekinetically. Everyone had thought she was pathetic, she saw it in their eyes, and she made plans to make them pay. At midnight, the dam near her town burst, killing most in the city, but she was fortunately far enough away when the 'accident' occurred to be safe. She purchased a nice home near New York City and continued with her plans.

Telekinesis: Spinner can manipulate objects with her mind, delicately enough to type on a keyboard or devastatingly enough to throw trucks around like toys. By focusing this ability, she can even make herself fly, though she can't move herself too quickly for fear of flying off in the wrong direction. This ability is used to help with her shortcomings, most notably being unable to do more than move her head. With it, she can do most things on her own. She can lift and throw (or provide the force equivalent) with the equivalent strength in EP.

Shield: Though technically a durability power, she can form a ten-foot-diameter sphere of telekinetic force around her that deflects, absorbs and withstands attacks. It can be made invisible or produce a shimmer in the air depending on Spinner's mood. The diameter can, of course, be shortened, and the sphere can be formed in other locations, though only one can be active at a time. If centered on her and only protecting her, it provides full EP in durability. If she makes it a 10-foot bubble around her, it provides one less durability. Forming it away from her reduces the durability another step (-2 altogether). The barrier is automatically active while she sleeps, a subconscious reaction to her view of the world.

Telepathy: Although mute, Spinner can communicate telepathically with others within normal shouting distance using her mind. She cannot do anything more than talk in a normal-volume voice, though she can sound haughty, cold, happy or sad. She also cannot mimic the voice of another, as the voice is a unique female voice.

Power Grid

STR: 0 (See Telekinesis)
SPD: 1 (0 if on the ground and not in a wheelchair)
END: 0 (See Psionic Shield)
INT: 5
EP: 5 (Telekinesis), 6 (Shield), 1 (Telepathy)
FS: 2
Flight: 2

Power Grid colours
Purple and black

Character Image
Roleplay Sample
When she was twelve, her father tried to drown her by throwing her, wheelchair and all, into a stream near the chemical company where he worked. The company had been illegally dumping their waste products, some of them radioactive, into the stream to save money, and she was bathed in the mix. It sunk into her skin, burned terribly. She tried to hold her breath, futilely, for as long as possible, still holding onto life for some reason. She wished desperately to be out of the muck, and just before the light faded, her head hit the surface. She gasped in a ragged breath, expecting to go under again, but instead she was floating serenely at the top, even though her wheelchair's seatbelt had anchored her down. She spat foul-tasting filth from her lips, coughing and gasping for several more seconds, her mind whirling about.

With another effort of will, she slowly floated up out of the water, still surprised by this turn of events but thoroughly infuriated. She shot back up the cliff, water running from her body, clothes and the chair in rivulets. As she reached the top, she glared at the car that was slowly moving away. She tried to reach out to it with her mind, but she could feel it moving beyond her reach for the moment. Spinner spent a moment wondering how she'd be able to get home, then felt like somehow slapping herself. Another mental push later and she was wheeling down the road slowly.

She knew where her family's home was, having memorized it as they drove her father to work and back each day. It took her about an hour to get there, but the strangers she passed didn't so much as offer to help. Perhaps they wondered why a young girl was wheeling herself down the sidewalk at night, but they didn't offer to help her and she didn't slow down. These motherfuckers would pay later.

She stopped just before her house, wondering how best to pay her family back for their deception. To her surprise, there was a party going on inside. She decided that, if they wanted her to die, they deserved to die themselves. She wheeled herself to the basement stairs, ripping the lock away with a thought. She opened the doors with another thought and floated down into the cellar, looking for the gas lines. With another thought she crushed them, and natural gas began to flood the basement. She wheeled herself back toward the door as she heard someone upstairs say "The stove went out, honey, why don't you check the gas?" in a muffled voice.

A moment later she heard footsteps on the stairs, and her father appeared in the darkness. He gasped as he noticed her, backing up a step. "How the fuck did you survive? It's impossible..." he muttered, eyes darting for the stairs. Glaring at him, she shot a solid wall of force at him, and he flew, smashing into cardboard boxes and tumbling over. The words, hot and angry, came to her mind though she had never spoken. "You son of a bitch. I'll show you how I survived! I'll take you all down with me!" she screamed the thought, and heard from upstairs "Who said that!?" in a panicked voice. She manipulated the lighter from her father's pocket, grinning as she willed it alight. A small flame appeared, and then the house exploded.

She wondered for a moment, as the light of the fire enveloped her, why she decided to kill herself this way. The fact was, she had been dying since she was born, and even her family had abandoned her. A small part of her must have still wished to live, because as the light faded, she saw that she was surrounded by burning wood and melted stone. A bubble had formed around her, keeping the debris at bay. Unfortunately, she realized that even if she hadn't been crushed, her air supply would soon be running thin. She turned her wheelchair around, seeing a hole with starlight. She moved several bits of fallen debris aside easily, but the hole wasn't wide enough for her wheelchair. She wedged a few support beams into place to prevent her makeshift tunnel from collapsing and shored up the area around her sphere. Concentrating, she slowly shrunk the bubble, satisfied that her supports wouldn't collapse.

About twenty minutes later emergency services arrived. It took them another twenty minutes to realize that she was, in fact, alive at the bottom of the shaft. A firefighter, rather heroic himself though without powers, came in and extracted her even though it was risky. She was prepared to use her power if necessary to help him, but found that she didn't have to.

With just enough inheritance to rent an apartment, buy food and purchase the books to fully educate herself, she was looking for more. Now, the betrayers out of the way, she would get her revenge on any who stood in her way, especially the other superheroes she had heard about that could help so many people yet didn't seem to care about the helpless.

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Re: Spinner

Post by Spinner on August 24th 2012, 3:31 pm

She's ready for approval. I've done a few tweaks to explain a few things and give her some fighting skill (IE combat reflexes, as obviously being quadriplegic means she won't be throwing punches any time soon).

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Re: Spinner

Post by Sparrow on August 24th 2012, 10:23 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


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