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Explosive Potential

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Explosive Potential Empty Explosive Potential

Post by Photon August 22nd 2012, 2:18 am

Photon had parked the car and descended into the abandoned rock quarry before the others arrived, the better to take in the entire scene. Loose rocks and boulders were strewn about, some precariously perched at the top of the crevasse overlooking the valley that had been dug out years before. The granite foundation would keep others from getting hurt, and the relatively rural location meant that any unforseen complications wouldn't likely hurt an innocent person. That point was important, for even while stretching his ability to its limit, Photon wanted to make sure the tests were safe. The information was important, but it wasn't worth someone's life, or livelihood, to obtain.

The sun had just begun rising, and the morning mist had yet to recede. The air was still cool, also important as it was possible that substantial heat could be generated from his experiments, and this could also attract some attention. He hadn't yet encountered anyone malevolent, but the mist would help to visually obscure his work. With all of the pieces accounted for, Photon scanned the walls of rock looking for a good first target. He was looking for a larger, fractured rock. Something he could slip one of his bullets into before it exploded. The full brunt of the blast would be channeled into the rock, which would do more than just leave a scorch-mark in the stone.

He willed a few bullets into existence, even going so far as to form his right hand into a gun gesture. Locating just the right rock, he 'pulled the trigger' and one of the orbs shot off, making a faint whistle as a small amount of energy excited the air around the bullet. Something to fix.. he thought, his mind focused on the bullet reaching its objective. Sure enough, a moment later it found its mark, sinking into one of the cracks of a boulder before imparting its energy on the stone. The impact was enough to energize much of the rock, and it responded by shattering to bits, small chunks of stone flying out in all directions. It was like shooting a watermelon, the rock cleaving in many directions as the photon bullet suddenly energized the molecules of stone. Photon took a step back, somewhat startled by just how effective that was. "Better than just hitting things with the bullets.." he murmured, still a little unnerved.

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