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NPC: Anna Daniels; Servant to Chelle

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NPC: Anna Daniels; Servant to Chelle

Post by Chellizard on August 21st 2012, 2:07 am

Real Name: Unknown; Is known as Analise "Anna" Daniels
Age: Appears- 24 Is Actually- 327
Gender: Female.
Race: Fox/Kitsune and Human Girl.
Hair: Long, white hair
Eyes: Green.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 124lbs

Costume Description/Image:

Personality: Anna is a "I must please my master" kind of girl. She was once a free spirit, but messed with the wrong people, and got stuck as a slave. Anna has been molded by abuse, mental and physical alike. She has a mousy voice, but can be confident when she needs to be. She's smart, sweet, and kind. She loves to please her Mistresses guests, and will do anything for her Queen.

History: Anna was only but 16 when she was captured by a rogue clan of Bandits some odd three-hundred years ago. She was scared and had no idea if she should do as they say, or escape. It wasn't until she was roughly 20 that she understood that the clan was a bad group of men and women, and she was not fit to live there anymore. She took interest, however, in a woman that was passing through their country and Anna, who's name at the time was Analise, or slave girl, or wench, decided to talk to the woman. She had approached her at night when the woman was sleeping. The woman drew a blade upon Anna, scaring her. The woman, however, used the knife on the man behind of Anna, killing him in his tracks. The woman's name was unknown to Anna for a while, but that very same night, Anna left with the woman.

Anna found out her name, and stayed with her for many years, becoming closer and closer to the woman. Her name is Chelle Takeiro, and has been many names before, and after meeting Anna, but chooses to go by Chelle for one simple reason; it's simple, and people remember simple names. During one situation, Anna was near death while Chelle was away, and when Chelle returned, Anna had to be fed some of Chelle's blood to help her from dying. This was when Vampire blood did magical things, of course. Upon drinking Chelle's blood, and in return, being bitten by Chelle, Anna was bound to her and fell in love with Chelle. Anna has never loved anyone the same way as she loves Chelle.

Hidden: The ability to hide her fox ears and tail, so long as she's not wounded heavily, or fatigued.

Regen: A very slow, but effective regen. It came from being bitten by Chelle and being fed her blood.

Command: Any other fox demons in a higher position than her [IE older, or of fuller blood] will have more power over her than her own Mistress Chelle.

Half Human, but really mostly: She's squishy. A papercut hurts her!

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Re: NPC: Anna Daniels; Servant to Chelle

Post by Arcana on August 21st 2012, 7:12 am

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