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The Dominus Hit List

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The Dominus Hit List

Post by Twinkletoes on August 10th 2012, 12:43 am


The world as we know it has changed. As a result of the New York Assault the Dominus organisation has compiled a list of known metahumans who pose possible threats to the free world.  Regardless of their allegiance, good or bad, old or young the Dominus Agency will tackle the threat so that there will never be another mass attack on the American people. There are metahumans  so powerful that they can enter our minds and control our thoughts, taking away our God-given free will. We believe that the American people deserve the right to decide if they want their children to be in school with metahumans. To be taught by metahumans, to be within the grasp of this very real virus that has spread through the world as we know it. This list ensures that our agencies have adequate information on the very real threats these beings possess. We shall defend this country and the free world from this slow genocide on mankind

Class 5: A class 5 metahuman is one with the most powerful genetic potential of their abilities. Some abilities depicted by metahumans described as Class 5 include immortality, extreme manipulation of matter and energy, high psionic ability, incalculable strength, and the potential to exist beyond the boundaries of the known physical universe. They pose the greatest risk to the free world and have powers that could level whole cities. Metahumans that have been confirmed as Class 5 include:

  • The Crimson Witch A.K.A Elena Marie - Known Sorceress with incalculable control of light magic. Exceedingly dangerous, must always approach with significant backup.
  • Jack Kerriga A.K.A Hurricane - Metahuman Criminal mastermind who possesses an enhanced form of aerokinesis. Believed to be pro-metahuman with a vendetta against humankind. Extremely dangerous, do not approach without significant backup.
  • Elaine Angara (Alias currently unknown) - Metahuman of Filipino descent with varying accounts of her abilities, the most popular theory states that she is an extremist Nazi Sympathiser with acces to deceased spirits of the third Reich. Due to relative lack of information extreme levels of caution are advised when approaching her.
  • Illya Vanko A.K.A Faerie - Major threat to the wellbeing of humanity. Do not approach under any circumstance without Significant backup. Possesses unknown form of energy manipulation. Whereabouts currently unknown.
  • Ibis-The infamous Son of the Earth, a living mountain able to crush sky scrapers with little to no problem. Assumed dead, killed by 'Gwarr' but has been known to come back from the dead before. DO NOT APPROACH alone under any circumstance.
  • Shade (Organization) -  Newly formed Supervillian group. Much is unknown about this organization so any form of information would be helpful. Assumed members include Elena Marie, Cain Vulsore and Jacob Cross.

Class 4: The Class 4 Metahumans are some of the most powerful and most feared of them all. Class 4 metahumans have extremely powerful genetic traits without any significant flaws and they could destroy large structures with relative ease. Less than 10% of metahumans are Class 4 so they are very rare. Some known class 4 metahumans include:

  • Alan Lombardi A.K.A Sul Fury - Exceedingly powerful metahuman with unknown genetic makeup. Whereabouts currently unknown.
  • Julia Markov A.K.A The Black Lotus - Demonic villain who possesses control over hellfire making her power practically unstoppable. Known to prey on young children and adolescents. Approach with high level of caution.
  • Brock Oday A.K.A Pain - Globally accepted Hero of America and Leader of Metahuman group G.U.N. Extremely experienced combatant, possesses immense strength and durability. Sheer physical magnitude can destroy whole buildings. Extremely dangerous, do not approach without significant backup.
  • Jack Maroon (Alias currently unknown) - Metahuman vigilante who possesses nigh unmatchable speed and reflexes. Will not hesitate to use his superhuman abilities if threatened. Do not approach without the assistance of the agents.
  • Josh Toms A.K.A Cain Vulsore - Metahuman Supervillian that had ties with Harbingers. Extremely potent form of umbrakinesis, goes under the moniker of Lord of Shadows. Do not approach unless ordered to.
  • Gwharr A.K.A Captain caveman - A creature of unknown origins. 'Gwharr' is easily angered, capable of superhuman feats of strength so high levels of precaution are advised.
  • Bliss Fokukama (Alias currently unknown) - Metahuman business women of oriental decent who possesses an extremely potent form of cryokinesis. Her resources are highly regarded and she has a net value that exceeds many influentials humans. High levels of precaution are advised.
  • Forcewave (name currently unknown) - A young Metahuman with control over energy constructs. Although labels himself as hero he is wanted for the possible murder of a minor. Do not approach target without backup.
  • Chelle Dimartino Takiero(This information has been blacklisted and is hidden from view.) A.K.A Queen of Thrones - Otherworldly entity that takes the form of a young woman. Intel states that she is the Queen of thrones, highest in rank and incredibly dangerous. Wanted for assassinations and various other crimes.
  • Su Daji - Demonic criminal mastermind who has terrorised society for over a millennia. Has succeeded in escaping Dominus compounds. Approach with extreme caution.
  • Elisia Montreal A.K.A Anu - Young woman who has committed a whole array of metahuman crimes. Thought to be Deceased, no longer in Dominus Control.
  • Seth masters A.K.A Nightkill - Alien Supervillian who has caused many major attacks on humanity. Assassinated and now Dominus property.
  • Thrones (Organization) - Renegade group responsible for major assassinations. Known members include Queen Chelle, Victoria Steyr, Cilian Blanc and Arabella Montez.
  • The Talons (Organization) - Vigilante group comprised of underage metahumans. Possible threat due to young age and inexperience. Known members include Sean Collin, Tyuki Gold, Andrew Pettiglio, Darren Cross, and Genevieve Montreal.
  • G.U.N (organisiation) - Small Metahuman group that is a shadow of its former self. Claims to protect the world from harm. Currently low threat level but individual members are quite dangerous.

Class 3: As far as how potent their powers are Class 3 are practically on the same level as Class 4 mutants. The difference between however is that the class 3 have flaws, albeit very small flaws which can be exposed when in combat situations. They are capable of taking out large groups of people with relative amounts of ease.The Class 3 are also believed to be about 40% of the metahuman population therefore pose a very potent threat to the wider community. Some examples of Class 3 Metahumans are:

  • Ailill Hale-Mage known for a vasy array of knowledge and abilities and reckless tendencies.
  • Doctor Everyone(Name currently unknown) - Metahuman criminal turned 'hero' with pyrokinesis, still guilty of crimes against the people and must face justice. Cautionary measures are advised, whether target is still volatile or not is unknown.
  • Craig Black A.K.A Tek - Extremely violent metahuman criminal who has committed a whole range of heinous acts. Often works in tandem with the metahuman Volt. Do not approach without backup.
  • Jacob Cross A.K.A Volt - Infamous Metahuman Criminal who possesses a potent form of electrokinesis. Crimes spam from theft to mass killings. Works in tandem with Tek. Do not approach without backup.
  • The Womb-Skeletal 'meta-human' who possesses high regenative qualities, normal bullets do not harm him. Leader of his group of Anarchists. Caution is advised when apprehending.
  • Cilian Blanc A.K.A Black Tie - French Metahuman who recently migrated to America. His metahuman ties suggest that he is in league with various syndicates and intel states he has gained the rank of Prince within thrones. Tattooed dominus members are forbidden to approach him.
  • Ray Adrian Miller A.K.A The Ranger-Prominent Lawyer in the Atlanta and Chicago area, only remaining member of the once great 'Phantoms', caution is advised  as he can attack from a mile away.  
  • Ryo Shun A.K.A Silver Blade-Skilled Swordsmasn with potent form of Ki Manipulation. Caution is advised.
  • Scarletta Carleen Jones A.K.A The Inferno - Metahuman female gifted with pyrokinesis. Due to 'Hero' status threat level is low but potential collateral damage from ability may cause significant damage. Caution is advised.
  • Essmerelda Robinson A.K.A the Silver Hellfire - Albino metahuman who stands at 6"7' feet tall and is guilty of terrorising society and its occupants. Extremely volatile, violent and merciless this pyrokinetic will pose a great threat to anyone unprepared. Approach with extreme caution.
  • Mickey Lee A.K.A Songbird - Male metahuman who possesses a particularly powerful variant of sonokinesis. Is wanted for the Murder of his father and will be apprehended at all costs. Precautionary measures are advised.
  • Andrew Pettiglio A.K.A Phoenix - Meta-human leader of the 'Talons, with very potent form of pyrokinesis ( fire is white )Precautionary measures are advised.
  • Sean Michael Collin A.K.A Deluge - Infamous son of the Crimson witch and current member of the Talons who possesses hemokinesis. Regardless of his 'hero status' he is wanted for various murders spanning across states. Do not approach without significant backup.
  • Genevieve Montreal A.K.A The Ice princess - Female Metahuman and member of Talons with a unique form of cryokinesis. Threat level is low but abilities are particularly dangerous. Do not approach without backup.
  • Tyuki Gold A.K.A Eclipse - Female Metahuman and Member of Talons who possesses Superhuman strength and what is rumoured to be a healing factor. Due to lack of information on subject Cautionary measures are advised when tracking her down.
  • Kal Geriko A.K.A Gauntlet - Metahuman with an unknown form of energy projection and possible ties to Talons. Currently wanted for the possible murder of his family. Precautionary measures are advised f target is still volatile.
  • Schneider van Helcraft A.K.A The King - Psychic Metahuman and CEO of HelCraft Pharmaceuticals who is rumoured to have amassed an army of metahuman children. Extreme caution is advised due to his connections with these minors. Possible ties to Shade
  • Lucifer Damien Morningstar A.K.A Morning star - Metahuman who possesses pyrokinesis and has possible ties with Talons. Due to lack of Info precautionary measures are advised.
  • Cornelius Caster[ - Famed war hero and philosopher, Cornelius caster has influence far greater than many would admit to believe. Teacher of the infamous Crimson Witch, Cornelius Caster's magical resources are believed to be the most extensive in the world. Do not approach unless given level 6 authority.
  • Kassandra Raneri Laines - Metahuman mercenary who is infamous for efficiency and unique energy based ability. Due to her military based background a high level of caution is advised when apprehending her.
  • Ryan Blake A.K.A. BlackOut-Meta-Human with potent form of electric manipulation, as target can fly anti-air misles should be used when taking him down.
  • Amy Morgan A.K.A Mist - Female Metahuman who possesses a vapour based ability. Info is scarce but connections to the Supervillian Nightkill forces precautionary measures to be taken when tracking down target.
  • 'Thistle'-Not much known about the supposed Mother Nature, seen to have worked with Anu.
  • Bethany Klein A.K.A Wrecking Ball-Meta-Human Actress, threat is relatively low, most action done is for charity and movies.
  • ]The Caster Family (Organisation) - Highly regarded and influential family amongst the magical community this small yet powerful bloodline influence the magical factors within society. Known family members include Cornelius Caster, Nolan Caster and Anthony Caster.
  • The Shimatori family (Organisation) - Metahuman Yakuza gang based in America that has committed crimes that focus on weapons and drug smuggling. Primarily operate in Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, and all other areas of Southern New York.
  • 0000]]Crime Syndicate][/url] -Largest underground Criminal Orginization. Based out of Chicago, members rumored to have meta-human capabilities caution is advised when dealing with this 'group'.

Class 2: Although their unique metahuman abilities are not as potent as the more formidable classes from 3 to 5 Class 2 Metahumans still pose a possible threat to the American people. Often possess singular abilities such as enhanced reflexes, some forms of energy projection and heightened physical prowess. Class 2 Metahumans are often responsible for individual crimes such as murder, theft and general public disturbance. Capable of taking on a battalion of dominus troopers. Class 2 Metahumans include:

  • Darren Cross A.K.A. The Swordsmaster-Reckless young meta-human, goes by the name Swordsmaster, has ties with The Talons and 'Forcewave'. Relatively new to the 'hero' game, caution is advised, can compete with Agent Reaper.
  • Baron Wilfred von Athelstane A.K.A The blueblooded Gentleman thief - A metahuman renegade with a currently unknown ability that has proven extremely deadly when in combat. Sources believe he is however still susceptible to bullet wounds. Approach with high levels of caution.
  • Andre Armouror A.K.A Assault-  A metahuman renegade with a currently unknown ability, similar to that of Baron Wilfred Von Athelstane, that has proven extremely deadly when in combat. Sources believe he is however still susceptible to bullet wounds. Approach with high levels of caution.
  • Nathaniel Xavier Dimartino (Alias currently unknown) - Otherworldy entity that takes the form of a young man, related to Chelle Dimartino so abilities are somewhat similar. It is unknown if he is also part of Thrones.
  • Sarah Milosi A.K.A Pure Spirit - female metahuman that was believed to have passed away 5 years ago. She has resurfaced through unknown means and possesses an unusual energy based ability, she is however susceptible to normal human damage.
  • Doc. Skyler Snowden A.K.A Doctor Karma - Registered medical practitioner and metahuman with military experience. Threat level is low but military background allows for precautionary measures to be undertaken when tracking her down.
  • Doc. Ignatius Van Crauss A.K.A Doctor Xelek - Infamous metahuman geneticist and mastermind who has altered his body beyond the average human. Target is mentally unstable and info states he may have possible ties to Shade so high levels of precaution are advised.
  • Ross Raines A.K.A Paragon-Government funded super-hero, when out if suit poses no true threat. Caution advised when in his suit.
  • James Jackson A.K.A the Beast - Metahuman teenager who possesses an affiliation with canines. Due to his status as a minor target should pose no difficulty in defeating.
  • Wilford Donneley A.K.A The illusionist - Antagonistic metahuman who possesses potent illusion based powers that has recently resurfaced. Powers can be countered with mechanical foot soldiers.
  • Patrick Macarthur A.K.A Seraph - Teenage metahuman who possesses superhuman speed and the ability to fly. Even though he works under the guise of a hero Seraph is still considered a threat to the general populace.
  • Grayson Cole A.K.A EndZoner - Metahuman with size altering capabilities, threat level is low but collateral damage caused by activation of his power forces precautionary measures to be undertaken when combatting said metahuman.
  • Annabelle Guidaboni A.K.A Mafia Princess -  Daughter of the infamous crime boss, Franklin Guidaboni who possesses not only the generic ability to steal youth but also has superhuman strength. Approach with caution.
  • Grace Daniels (Alias currently unknown) - Female metahuman with a form of energy absorption, still subject to human frailty. Threat level is low however due to limited info on target's ability caution is advised.
  • Anthony Caster (Alias currently unknown) - Heir to the Caster family and apprentice to his infamous father. Due to family heritage, target is assumed to possess skills in necromancy therefore precautionary measures are required when tracking down subject.
  • Pascale Grey (alias currently unknown) - Metahuman with an undocumented ability that involves the manipulation of keratin within her body. Target is also capable of flight.
  • [ url=]Kimberly Ming A.K.A. The Black Angel[/url]-Meta-Human ex-assassin with high level regenative powers. Defeated once by Sgt, Leonardo Cratus, caution still adviced when aproching because of fighting skills.[/color][/url]
  • Ace Wray (alias currently unknown) - Metahuman minor with possible relations to Talons. Info states that subject has high levels of reflexes, conventional weaponry may prove ineffective.
  • Isak Zielinski-Young mage under the training of Elena Marie, alone poses no real threat but never to far from a 'higher' ranking member of Shade.

Class Z: Barely distinguishable from normal humans but still possible threats to the wider community. Possess abilities that range from flight, enhanced senses or various other gimmick abilities. If you have suspicion that a Class Z metahuman is committing any crime you have the rights to question them and arrest them. Class Z Metahumans include:

  • Doctor 0 (real name currently unknown) - Telekinetic brain in a  jar that possesses potent mind powers. However, due to the rather vulnerable form he can be taken down with relative ease...just don't get in his range.
  • Dr. Ignatius Clement A.K.A Dr Cosmos - Metahuman who is perceived to be the world's smartest man, is also one of the most wealthy. His extended disappearance and recent shift to heroics is highly suspicious and this his activities will be monitored carefully.
  • Franklin Guidaboni A.K.A The Don - Metahuman Mafia boss whose influence spans over much of the criminal underworld. However he is sickly and primarily acts through his henchman and daughter. Convicted of peddling drugs, weapons and slaves.
  • Annalise Daniels - Female accomplice of Thrones leader, Chelle Takiero, and possible liaison for the groups activities. Abilities are currently unknown but sources state she may have some minor illusion ability.

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Re: The Dominus Hit List

Post by Bliss on August 10th 2012, 6:48 am

This is a cool idea. Good job compiling it Inkblot.


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Re: The Dominus Hit List

Post by Pain on August 11th 2012, 11:03 pm

Cool idea.


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Re: The Dominus Hit List

Post by Chellizard on August 17th 2012, 1:58 am

I enjoy this a lot. >_> Just putting in my two cents, and bumping back to most recent topic in the group section so moar people can see this awesomeness. (:

Cannot wait to see a finished product.

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