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Hands full (Pheonix, Ace)

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Hands full (Pheonix, Ace) Empty Hands full (Pheonix, Ace)

Post by Pascale August 9th 2012, 9:41 pm

This day couldn't get much worse. She heard rumors of a new drug called "Golden Sand" or at least that was it's street name was. And Pascale being a good hero decided to go stop it. She currently was regretting this idea. Yes, she found the warehouse where the drug was located, but she also ran into 3 of high ranking officers in the gang, all of them had powers. She was doing fine till they showed up and attacked her all at one. The first one, caught her off guard, every time he hit her, he would disappear into nothingness. Pascale had guessed invisibility. The second was a women who could stretch her body like a rubber band, every time Pascale thought she scratched her with her nails or wrapped her hair around her, she would escape. But the 3rd one was the worse. He was easily 7 feet tall and was strong and fast, not to mention he was hard to hurt. Currently the brute, she dubbed Mr. Threesy had her in a head lock. "You know what bitch, I was going to just rape you then kill you but you killed the mood, I'll just torture you then kill you instead. You seem pretty fond of your hair and nails, would be a shame if something happened to them." Said Mr. Threesy, beginning to pull out her hair while the women, dubbed Stretchy took some pliers and began to try and pull out her currently 3 inch long, claw like nails. Pascale screamed out in pain, really regretting doing this.

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Hands full (Pheonix, Ace) Empty Re: Hands full (Pheonix, Ace)

Post by Ace August 9th 2012, 10:46 pm

Ace was, like a million other people, in New York. Bad things happened when Ace was in New York, that's why he used to be based in San Francisco, but since Sullivan was kidnapped he thought it would be more convenient to be located in New York. Several months ago Ace was kidnapped by a gang of asian gamesters, they eventually led to a company theta his jerk of a father worked for, here was a huge faff on involving his step-brother and and his Ice friend which inevitably ended in Ace returning home powerless.

Ace got back to his old apartment, abandoned as always, it had graffiti all over it though, "I worked a lot to get that wall clean!" Ace exclaimed, in reference to a crudely painted penis adorning the largest wall in the room. "Artistic medium my ass" Ace muttered as he threw his bag in the corner. He was about to start unpacking when he heard a scream from across the road."I've barely even settled!" Ace fished his gear out from his bag and shot out the window, clipping on his grappling hook and extending his staff as he did so, he ran across the road and into the warehouse, throwing himself through a window, assuming the door was locked. Ace saw the fight in the center of the room and his brain immediately went to witty banter, because that's what you do in these situations, "Why is it that you guys always go for warehouses?" Ace questioned the jumble of limbs as he pulled himself up, "Why don't you ever do something inconspicuous, like a theme park or a bar or something." Ace activated the shocky part of his staff "Now" he said, spinning it around his head "Which of you are the bad guys?"

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Hands full (Pheonix, Ace) Empty Re: Hands full (Pheonix, Ace)

Post by Andrew August 10th 2012, 5:32 am

Phoenix had been patrolling the streets as nothing in particular was going on that day. People talked from below as he made his way from rooftop to rooftop. He came across a scenario that made him stop in his tracks. A women being attacked by a gang, and a young kid standing on the side asking questions. Leaping down from above the hero surveyed the area quickly and looked over at the kid standing by himself. "Mind your own business punk!" one of the super powered thugs yelled. Creating a white fire around himself Phoenix started walking towards the crowd of gangsters and began to speak. "Let her go, now." he said with a straight and serious face. "3 against 1 is no fair, now let's even the odds." he said looking over to the kid. He sashed at the crowd.

He had gone after the one with the ability to go invisible. Throwing a fireball at his shirt, he watched the man disappear. However, the hero had hit the man's clothing, causing him to light up like the fourth of July. The man dropped to the ground, throwing his shirt off. Phoenix quickly slid on top of him and started to throw punches down at the man. The man turned invisible, Phoenix just kept swinging. With one last blow, the man was out cold and visible. "One down, two to go." he said to the two heroes with him.

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