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Durante Delgi Alighieri - Zhinuoinota

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Durante Delgi Alighieri - Zhinuoinota

Post by Doc on August 1st 2012, 6:00 pm

Durante Delgi Alighieri
The True Immortal

Personal Information

Real Name: Durante Delgi Alighieri
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Zhinuoinota
Title: The True Immortal, Herald of Kaluoshen, Drakontas, Master of the Nether
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 856 (On Earth)/Unknown time spent in Otherworlds (Hell, Asgard, Olympus, Tir Na Nog, etc.)
Gender: Male
Race: Dark Elf/Millitian
Citizenship: Currently not born in any Human city
Hair: Black
Skin: White, almost translucent
Eyes: Red (Green through armor visor)
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 6’6”/198.12 cm
Weight: 160 lbs/73 kg

Known Family Members:


Physical Appearance & Physiology:
Superficially, the Elves appear very similar to humans, though they are generally taller and slimmer, with sharp features and pointed ears. They are long-lived by human standards, and most will live more than a thousand years unless they die from accident or disease. Elves also have much faster metabolic rates than humans, and their cardiac and neurological systems are more advanced. These traits manifest in their vastly heightened reactions and agility compared to humans. To them humans seem to move in slow motion with a certain degree of awkwardness, while to humans the Elves can move with distracting grace and can be blindingly fast in combat.

Dark Elves are similar in many ways to the rest of the Elf race - tall, lithe, humanoids with tapered ears and sharp eyes. However, generations of physical conflict combined with living inside the Dark City has lead to a number of distinct variations. The skin of a Dark Elf is almost translucent, an effect of the lack of sunlight within darkness in which they hunt. A Dark Elf’s strength and reflexes are actually superior to that of an Elf. Captures of a known Dark Elf encounter had to be slowed to one-fourth speed in order to follow the movements of individual warriors as they slaughtered civilians. Stories of Dark Elves dodging shots from machine guns and kicking frag grenades back into the enemy's ranks are common, and within the gladiatorial arenas a single Dark Elf woman is more than a match for any ten human warriors.

Dante himself is a fine example of a Dark Elf physiology, impossibly handsome with his complexion and bone structure, far more beautiful than the human male. His body is tall and lithe, completely covered in a form fitting body armor that accentuates his physique. His helmet is symbolic as a message of fear and death to those who gaze upon it, and is covered with jutting spikes and blades.


Dante is an individual who is known as a man of many masks, because of his many reincarnations he has developed many identities which he is capable of using on the dot. Because of this, not many have ever had the ability to fully understand the condition of Dante’s psyche and how he is capable of performing the atrocities that he guilty for. On the surface, Dante is a cold, and calculating individual, bordering on psychotic, one who is capable of committing crimes and massacres that no normal human could handle and seems to enjoy it. He approaches those around him in an aloof manner, giving off an air of importance around himself, even going to the point of seeming nonchalant in the face of danger.

Dante deep down is a tortured soul, centuries of life have taken a toll on his mental health, chiseling it down to a detached view on the world around him. He doesn’t view the world as something he is tied to, his mind is slowly moving towards the point that the world is a sort of mold that can be manipulated with long enough influence. Still, Dante has a sort of attachment to the world in the sense that they are something that needs his guidance, to which he is allowed to perform evil acts for the good of the planet. Because of his otherworldly views, Dante sees Humanity as a sort of virus, something that is killing the planet and those that live within it, and should be purged or controlled.

In addition to his corrupted mental processes, Dante is also old fashioned being born in a medieval time. To which, Dante considers it normal for women to have no rights, and to believe that those who are homosexual or of non-Christian belief are acceptable to be killed. He also believes that those with power are the ones in control of those beneath him, and being one of absolute control, Dante considers himself above everything, except for almighty beings. But with that, he only believes that The Christian God is the one true power, and thus considers himself equal to Angelic or Pagan Deities.

Dante is also very intelligent, knowing a vast amount of knowledge and fully capable of explaining everything that he is thinking with exceptional detail. Because of his nature, Dante regularly restrains himself from combat, remaining calm and not giving into frustration or rage. However, should he become angry, he is capable of manipulating his own rage to focus on his objectives, rather than becoming distracted by them. In many cases, Dante doesn't take part in battle himself, and instead will find a less violent solution to his problem.

Evidently, Dante’s priority is ending his curse and finally dying, so that he may conquer Hell once more and be reunited with his beloved Beatrice. It shows Dante’s undying capacity to love, not giving up on Beatrice, even after over 100 years of being separated from her.


Dante was born over seven centuries ago under the name Durante delgi Alighieri during the time of the middle ages. Since a young age, Dante has always been considered extremely skilled at the fine arts. His skills were so great that Dante was given recognition as one of the three "crowns" and "The Father of Italian Language". One of his most well known works is La Divina Comedia, or The Divine Comedy, a three part work about Dante's journey to Hell. It is said that upon finishing Paradisio, the final chapter of La Divina Comedia, Dante died shortly after.

However, this wasn't the case and the real truth held much greater importance. In truth, the tales and fables strung in La Divina were actually non-fiction, actually accounting Dante's actual travels in the depths of Hell, though altered in certain areas, made to be ideal in his mind and for the public reading it. The exposure to the energies of Hell along with the horrors he was forced to witness while inside ravaged Dante's body. Dante at the time began to grow desperate, knowing full well that he wouldn't be able to finish.. Due to traditional medical treatments being out of the question against the forces of the underworld, Dante turned to the next thing, Magic.

Dante traveled to Greece in a desperate attempt to find a cure for his ailment and curse. During his search, he stumbled upon a mysterious man that offered him the chance that he was looking for. The man stated that Dante could achieve the time he needed to finish his life's work. After a treacherous voyage, going through tests of agility, strength, and intelligence, Dante finally reached the end of his quest. The end result of Dante's quest was an extremely powerful form of faerie magic requiring the signing of a binding magical contract. Without hesitation or consideration, Dante accepted and was instantly rejuvenated and managed to finish the Paradisio before being exiled and dying peacefully, or so he thought.

Not long after his death, Dante became aware of the fact that he had become a child again. Confused and without answers in his new home, Dante returned to Greece, locating the man he had met before during his quest, questioning the reason for his current situation. Dante soon learned the severity of his mistake, the small, but crucial piece of information that would forever change Dante's life. In truth, Dante agreed into the Millitian curse being placed upon him, a curse that would revive Dante upon death indefinitely, effectively making him immortal, incapable of becoming dead permanently and finding peace.

From that point, Dante set off to search the world for some way to remove the curse, studying and mastering magic. In many cases, his searches ended up fruitless, leaving his searching to span over seven centuries. In certain times of history, Dante has resorted to incredible measures in order to obtain what he wishes. Famous events that have taken place with his influence embedded within are wars such as World War II and the Vietnam Conflict, both equally creating openings inside countries and facilities that would otherwise be unattainable. Other events such as assassinations and impersonation have all been used by Dante in order to access and locate information, all for his attempts at finding peace.

In the present, Dante had taken the form of the Pope, a position he has taken many times before due to its usefulness, and using it to locate potential items that could free himself of his affliction. During his attempts however, Dante met obstacles and was eventually killed in battle. The conflict and result ended in his favor though, the heroes placed as scapegoats for the death of the Pope, as he planned.

However, before his death, Dante ensured that his work would still continue onward. Locating the wayward son of Pain, the Earth’s Mightiest Hero, John Vanko, Dante offered the young man an offer he couldn’t refuse and transformed him into the dread Doctor Necrodium. Using the broken man as a pawn for his next stage of planning, Dante watched at the sidelines as his puppet did his work for him. Dante waited as Doctor Necrodium worked subconsciously on a device that would channel the power of a ley line and a blood ritual, to create a source of power strong enough to send him to another world where time mattered little.

Now returning with a new body and access to technology not considered to be from this world, Dante has begun his final attempt at his ultimate goal, ending his own life. For years Dante has tried and tried again, but each time ending with failure. With his dying hope that this final time will work, Dante has begun his final attempt to end his own life. Should he fail again, one can only hope that Dante doesn't lose the hope to rid himself from the world, or the resulting destruction could be beyond imagination.

Powers and Abilities


  • Dark Elf Physiology: In his most recent incarnation, Dante has been reborn in the form of a Dark Elf, a race of Elves that are more attuned to physical combat, compared to the magical arts of High Elves and the archery skills of Wood Elves. Because of this, Dante's abilities base around his affinity of combat, sealing away his latent magical talents and attuning himself towards being able to deal damage swiftly and effectively in melee combat.

    • Above Average Human Strength: Elves have a naturally higher strength than the average human, able to lift up to 220 lbs under optimal conditions.
    • Superhuman Speed: Elves have a higher range of speed compared to humans, able to move at least 4 times faster than the average human. Dante however is even faster, and is capable of reaching up to 150 mph/ 241kmh with his running speed alone.
    • Enhanced Durability: Elves have a denser muscle and bone structure than that of humans, and thus are capable of recieving damage much better than that of an average human. Human weaponry such as knives and guns give elves more or less superficial wounds, and should a human hit an Elf with a bat, the bat would break and the Elf would only feel mild discomfort.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Elves have increased stamina due to their delayed and eliminated development of excessive fatigue toxins, granting enhanced endurance and lung capacity. Elves are capable of exerting themselves at their peak for several hours without rest before showing any signs of fatigue.
    • Superhuman Agility: Elven agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Elves are extraordinarily limber and their tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's, despite their enhanced strength. Elves have the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats. They can also perform any complicated sequence of gymnastic stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs. They can easily match or top any Olympic record at gymnastics apparatus such as flying rings, climbing ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines.
    • Superhuman Equilibrium: Elves possesses the ability to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. They seem able to adjust their position by instinct, which enables them to balance themselves on virtually any object, no matter how small or narrow.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Elves have much faster metabolic rates than humans, and their cardiac and neurological systems are more advanced. These traits manifest in their vastly heightened reactions and agility compared to humans. To them humans seem to move in slow motion with a certain degree of awkwardness, while to humans the Elves can move with distracting grace and can be blindingly fast in combat.

  • Millitian (Roleplay Mechanic): Because of an ancient ritual that was conducted by a Celtic Druid in the cities of Greece, Dante has been connected to the Soul Stream that surrounds all dimensions, effectively making Dante an immortal. Every time Dante dies, he is brought back into the Soul Stream and is capable of being brought back into a new body. Because of this, Dante is capable of living for extended periods of time, despite dying constantly. This condition is being called a Miliitian.

  • Polymath: Because of his advanced age, Dante is more knowledgeable of subjects in comparison to the average human. With his natural genius, Dante has absorbed vast amounts of knowledge and have gained the title of Polymath for being able to access knowledge of multiple subjects.

    • Expert Demonologist: Dante is one of the few people to ever make it out of Hell before the destined time, and as such, he has an intricate knowledge of the horrors that reside within. His knowledge of the demonic is almost unparalleled and thus he is more prepared to face inhuman entities.
    • Expert Occultist: Dante has knowledge of the Occult and things along the lines of channeling the power of Nether beings. Occult is generally things that is made up due to hype or films, but real Occult also has influence on the world around it, something that Dante wishes to achieve.
    • Expert Alchemist: Dante is a chemist of the highest order, able to achieve the art of Alchemy, which defies the laws of regular chemistry to a minute degree. With his incredible knowledge manipulating the scientific elements, Dante is capable of synthesizing incredible elixirs and potions, capable of performing miracles.
    • Expert on Old Technology: Being as old as he is and studying ways of relinquishing himself of life, Dante has dabbled in the science of Old Technology, which is thought to be a science so advanced that it is indistinguishable from magic. As such, Dante makes use of the advanced science whenever he is unable to perform magic in order to achieve his goals.
    • Magical Knowledge: After what seems like an eternity trying to find ways of removing his curse, Dante has achieved a higher level of knowledge in the Arcane Arts in comparison to those who have less long lived existences. He is capable of any form of magic, but his ability to use them is based on the aptitude of his current body. There are times when Dante is completely unable to access the powers he desires, and thus must find a way around them. Because of his age, Dante was capable of finding and accessing ancient Grimoires that grant him knowledge on even the most obscure of subjects.
    • Artist: In his earlier years, Dante was a renowned writer and poet, going so far as to being called one of the Three Crowns and the Father of Italian Language. With his later immortality, Dante continued to study the arts, and made connections with famous artists such as William Shakespeare and Leonardo Da Vinci.
    • Master Strategist: With centuries of battle experience under his belt, Dante is a keen military strategist that knows when and where to place his troops. In his earlier years, he expanded his knowledge by finding the original writings of “The Art of War” and even managed to converse with the spirit of Sun Tzu himself.
    • Information Broker: Being older than the dirt that most humans walk on, Dante holds information on certain subjects that many have little to no recollection upon. He has knowledge on ancient artifacts, historical sites, notable characters, etc etc.

  • Master of Combat: In this incarnation, Dante has taken advantage of his Elven body by mastering the arts of combat in order to compensate for his lack of magical power in this current incarnation. His skills delve into the arts of Silat, Kung-Fu, Muay Boran, Karate, Ninjutsu and Bushido mainly, and implements the skills of other martial arts in order to strengthen and perfect the areas to which the styles are weak in. Even further, Dante has trained with skill practitioners around the world, as well as masters in Otherworlds, having mastery over Elven Archery, Dwarven Berserker Style and Troll Fighting Arts.


  • Arytedicaex (6 INT Item + 5 INTx2): A blade created by Dante himself using Alchemy, Science and Metallurgy in order to create the ultimate fighting weapon. The blade itself is created using Metallurgy to bond within the Nails and Crown of Thorns that were used on Jesus Christ, along with pieces of 13 well known mythical weapons granting it the ability to cleave through enemies easily and is perfectly balanced with the hilt, which is forged using the bark of an Ironwood Tree that was struck by lightning (5 INT). Using Alchemy, Dante used the blood of 666 slaughtered individuals to enhance the killing potential of the blade, embedding a lethal poison to every inch of the blade, and granting it a blackened look (5 INT). With Science, Dante wrote Nordic Runes in an unknown substance that would act as conductive circuits that draw energy from a crystal located in the hilt, creating an energy field that would allow the blade to be strengthened to the point of being able to withstand the blows of superhuman individuals and powers, as well as have an easier time cutting through materials. (6 INT)

  • Kothardilitrix (Boost: +2 DUR + 4 INT): A black armor forged in the dark pits of Hades, it takes the form as Dante's personal armor in all of his incarnations. Scattered across the land long ago, the armor was eventually collected by Dante and since then has been connected to Dante as closely as his own flesh. In this incarnation, the armor hugs against the body like a bodysuit, showing off Dante's powerful physique and is ornate with spikes and blades as well as horns which can be used for unarmed combat (4 INT). Because of the thickness, the armor doesn't function much other than being the same as a bulletproof vest, and thus isn't much defense against superhuman attacks. However, on command, the armor is capable of hardening to the point of being able to repel the attacks of even the strongest of superhumans in a single instance (+2 DUR) The pay off is that once the armor hardens, it leaves the user immobile briefly (2 posts) and thus must be used cautiously.


None that can be exploited

Power Grid:

  • Dante is responsible for many of the world’s most disastrous events and groups. Namely ones such as the Holocaust, Rwanda, Josef Stalin, and Al Qaeda. He does this for a long term plan known only to him, considered to be a sort of Entropy or Blood Ritual.

  • Dante is effectively a true immortal, being unable to die via a magical curse that will transfer his soul into a new body every time he is slain. Studies of those who know his existence record that his immortality is a brand of Millitian in nature, meaning that whenever he dies, Dante returns to a Soul Stream and then is reborn into a new body.

  • Dante is responsible for the creation of Doctor Necrodium and the trigger for the New York Assault.

  • The Bubonic Plague was created by Dante in order to attempt a permanent power source for an attempted blood curse. However, humans soon gained an immunity to the virus, and Dante’s plans for it were squandered.

  • One of the main reasons that Dante wishes to die is to be reunited with his love, Beatrice.

  • Because of a carefully laid enchantment, Dante cannot remove his armor of his own volition

  • Dante is still in contact with his friend and guide, Virgil, who gives him advice despite Dante’s evil ways. This is likely due to Virgil being a pagan and believes that Dante’s quest is one that should be supported.

  • Dante’s guardian angel, St. Lucia, still holds faith that Dante can be redeemed. For the trickery of others is responsible for his offenses. Though Dante is able to keep contact, he believes himself irredeemable.

  • Dante is based on Durante delgi Alighieri, the fictional character made by Durante delgi Alighieri that was based on himself.




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Re: Durante Delgi Alighieri - Zhinuoinota

Post by Arcana on August 1st 2012, 6:05 pm

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