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Touchdown in New York City (Open)

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Touchdown in New York City (Open) Empty Touchdown in New York City (Open)

Post by Dansen July 31st 2012, 4:55 pm

New York City, a capital for all the ingrates and criminals that can find which end of the gun to point at innocence civilians. This place wasn't so much as a dump as Daniel had thought but it was encouraging that from getting off the plane from his time in Chicago he had already seen a mugging in an alleyway and a bunch of thugs roughhousing a couple who were walking their young boy with them. Crime was everywhere but for someone who hid behind a mask it was more prominent, it would not do the young freelance reporter any favors to act righteous right from the get go night was his ally and it was their that he would begin his business.

As he entered his rented apartment he saw enough space for him to set up and wait for nightfall, it was a mix of nerves and readiness that plagued the mind of the young man, he had to become accustom to the space and size of the new town that he was now in, New York was tall and vast but it had plenty of crime-ridden street that needed cleaning something that a certain masked vigilante was all to willing to do. The sun began to dim over remains of smashed buildings from either the efforts of rejuvenation projects to help the downtrodden or from a superhuman clash that destroyed the homes of many. Night fell and now it was time to get out and experience the nightlife and scout out the locals.

The outfit that Dynamo wore was more restrictive than what Daniel had on before, the summer heat even at night did not help the electric young man's as he launched himself from the rooftops of the poorer districts apartment buildings. It was only the rush of adrenaline after ever jump over a near lethal drop that kept the young man running it was exhilarating and it made the unfortunate circumstances below seem near trivial, this was until Dynamo started out in the richer areas. Here it was less excitement more fear that kept the enthusiastic young man running, the buildings here were taller than those in the outer city, it got to the point that one misstep and Dynamo would be no more than a heroic stain on the ground. The skyscrapers he avoided but it did not stop the drops getting any less perilous, it was through his over thinking of one such gap that saw the stoic hero about to miss the ledge he was grabbing for... He knew he should have prepared better, he had trained in Parkour for a couple of months now and had began to get into the swing of things but clearly his training was not enough.

In a flash of desperation the man launched one of his blades at the roof to have it hook onto it. He had thanked his preparation of keeping the hooked attachment on at least one of his arm launchers, still when the blade stopped him falling his arm almost gave out as the momentum from the fall looked to rip his arm off. Luckily that did not happen and the young man was able to reel himself back onto the roof after crying out in pain when he fell on his arm and onto his back, "Tomorrow... New movement training tomorrow." With that thought Dynamo finally decided to start on his first round of patrol.

"Listen lady I like you and all but my boss is not the kind of guy that lets money go unpaid"
The overweight goon looked smug and amused at his own disgusting behavior as he took a draw from his cigarette as he continued "You took that loan from our good graces and we do expect to have in paid in full, otherwise the boss told me and my friends can come over and take back the debt in full from 'whatever' we wanna capiche?" With that the thug was done with the payphone and began walking down the alleyway taking out his keys to the apartment he seemingly lived in. He wouldn't make it to the door as he suddenly noticed the lights blinking out and soon only his cigarette was a source of ready light but then the smoke was put out by a gloved hand and only a masked man was next to the extortionist making the witty remark "You know those things will kill you..." The thug was silenced before he screamed as Dynamo pushed him up against a wall, "Wa wa wada want!?" The portly man was bargaining to save his own sorry hide even before the young vigilante had done anything to him "What I want is to put you out of your misery..." A small whimper from the guy's lips let Dynamo know he was an good mark a guy with so much self importance that he had to know something and a coward who probably fought with about ten men backing him up. "I want to do that but you look like a man who knows a few things." The crook nodded excitedly "Yeah yeah I know tons whatever you want money, drugs I can get them for you and listen I can tell you anything if you let me down" Dynamo smiled under his mask and retorted "I'm sure your true to your word but I'm gonna need more than that..." With that Dynamo slammed the guy with his elbow, portly gentleman fell unconscious pretty quickly after that then it was time to work.

The next sight the thug would see would be the Manhattan skyline but upside down and with a 10 story drop between him and his brains on the floor screaming upon realizing his situation he saw the same looming figure as before holding him with nothing but a strong metal wire "Your pretty heavy you know" The man's response was less than articulate "Please Please man! I, I gots a wife and a kid on the way!" Not sure if that was true but that wasn't the issue at the moment "For a family man you seem to have a great business, roughing up young women friend, but right now that's not important... Now before I let go of this wire or it breaks from your weight..." The young man paused for effect and looked down at the man's face in terror "We need to have a little talk..." Dynamo could already tell, he was gonna fit right in here.

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Touchdown in New York City (Open) Empty Re: Touchdown in New York City (Open)

Post by flashzune August 18th 2012, 5:06 pm

After a year from walking from the Nevada desert, Daniel had arrived in New York city. He was told of the population's reputation for aggression, but that did not matter to him. He was on a mission to find answers to himself. Who is he, what is he and where did he come from? He was hoping all of those questions could be answered here.

Touchdown in New York City (Open) WhJZJ


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Touchdown in New York City (Open) Empty re

Post by kramer August 19th 2012, 11:01 am

Kramer drove the stolen black Aston Martin DB 5 into new york. he pulled up against a kerb. he dropped the keys in a hobo's lap. he went into the pub across the road. he sat down at the bar. "what'll it be brit?" the bartender asked. "im looking for dynamo." he replied.

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Touchdown in New York City (Open) Empty Re: Touchdown in New York City (Open)

Post by Sponsored content

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