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Under the Radar

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Under the Radar Empty Under the Radar

Post by Agent Shade July 17th 2012, 7:36 pm

Dom headed out of the board room with a smirk. The meeting had been a rousing success. The new projects were coming along well in the initial trials, and were set on an ambitious timetable. It was enough to put a smile on any Chief Executive Officer's face. And, even better, he could turn the usual day to day work over to his Chief Financial Officer, a trustworthy and competent man, and take off early on the few days when his presence was actually required.

He popped into his office sector - the entire top floor - for a moment. As he passed his pretty young secretary, she stood and said "Mr. Shade, the new investors are requesting a meeting."
The young British CEO pulled a face at her and rolled his eyes, heaving a sigh at the same time and making her giggle behind her hand.
"Set them up with Thompson, Penelope. I'm heading out."
"Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir."

Dom continued past her into his office. Through the oak double doors, into the stylish modern working space. It was a corner office, and had an absolutely fantastic view. The two outside walls were fully glass - darkly tinted on the outside, of course, so that it was completely opaque from out there - but perfectly transparent on the inside. Outside, the skyline soared. Phoenix Pharmaceuticals' New York City Headquarters soared higher than most of the buildings around it. He only lingered for a moment, though.

He put his laptop into his briefcase, then crossed over to a paintng on the wall. He slid one section of the frame slightly up and a small panel opened beneath the painting. He sat his briefcase down and shrugged off his suit jacket. He then went through the process of putting on his shoulder holsters and the Sig handguns that went in them, then the holster for his broad, double-edged knife. His two OTF knives were already strapped to his wrists and ready to go, as they always were. His Soviet Makarov PM was already holstered at the small of his back, as it always was.

He put his suit jacket back on, made sure it hid his guns, picked up his briefcase, and headed out the majestic double doors. As he passed Penelope, she called a "Goodbye, Mr. Shade!"
He responded "Goodbye, Penelope. Have a pleasant weekend."

A short elevator ride later, he was walking out of the glass sliding doors of the building. He headed down the street towards a cafe he knew well and liked. He figurd he'd have some lunch and perhaps people-watch a bit before he went back home.

Suddenly, there was a cry of alarm from a woman as a young man snatched her purse and ran. Dom let him get perhaps a dozen yards away from the woman. Then the scene changed. Suddenly, the thief was on the ground, clutching a decent knot on his head where somewhere had hit it. Even more stangely, the purse dangled from its owners' hand. When she noticed, she nearly dropped it in shock.

Dom simply smiled as he flexed the fingers of his left hand slightly after having delivered that superhumanly fast punch. Then he dusted himself off slightly, picked up his suitcase, and continued down the street...
Agent Shade
Agent Shade

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Under the Radar Empty Re: Under the Radar

Post by Pascale July 19th 2012, 12:23 am

Lyra walked down the streets of New York, Blitz floating a behind her, saying random reminders of things she said she was going to do today. She was currently heading towards a burger joint which she had recently found out about and had fallen in love with. However her face was buried in a copy of a manga, Blitz shouting out if she needed to stop or turn. She crossed the road, according to Blitz after she crossed the road she would be there. After she crossed the street though she ran into someone and fell backwards on her butt. "Warning. Pedestrian ahead Ms. Mercer. Collision imminent." Buzzed Blitz. Lyra blew loose strands of hair out of her face, slightly annoyed. "Thank you Blitz, remind me to recalibrate your sensors and update your warning software when we get back home." said Lyra annoyed. "As you wish Ms. Mercer." buzzed Blitz again.

Lyra looked to she who she had ran into. It was a man in a suit with a brief case. After another second she recognized who it was. "No way..." said Lyra with awe. "I'm so sorry that was totally my fault."

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Under the Radar Empty Re: Under the Radar

Post by Domovoi Shade July 21st 2012, 8:10 pm

Dom had continued walking down the street at a brisk pace, thinking about exciting new projects in both of his companies, when hefelt a form make slight impact with his back. The push was enough to jostle his body forward slightly and make him stumble a step, but nothing serious. He turned around quickly, the expression on his face looking slightly annoyed. He had assumed that someone in the press of the crowd had rudely and ill-temperedly shoved him. That simply would not do, and he was about to make sure that the inconsiderate party would not do it to anyone else any time soon.

When he paused to take in the scene, however, his annoyed expression turned to one that was caught somewhere between mildly apologetic and amused. He reached down and offered his hand so as to gently help the young woman to her feet.
"No, no, it's quite alright, really. Are you alright? That was a bit of a tumble you took."
The British man smiled charmingly.
"I am Domovoi Shade. Friends - and pretty women - call Me Dom. But your expression seems to indicate that you know who I am already, so that's hardly interesting."
He made a dismissive gesture, as though he were unimportant. He had noticed her small droid. Despite an apparent malfunction in calibration, it was fairly impressive work. Anti-Gravity technology, artificial intelligence, something that Dom thought might be a small wepons system. Definitely very good work that most would not be capable of creating. Dom suspected that this young woman was likely the creator of this droid, which made her a very interesting young woman indeed.
"No, I'm far more interested in who you are."
Domovoi Shade
Domovoi Shade

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Under the Radar Empty Re: Under the Radar

Post by Sponsored content

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