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Isak's Experience

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Isak's Experience Empty Isak's Experience

Post by Isak Zielinski-White July 9th 2012, 10:16 pm

Name: Isak Zielinski-White
Power Point Gain (1/8)
-1 added to Magic (8>9) (used 15 EXP)
Experience (32 / 47)
Historical threads:
Chapter 1 : Awakening
-Pain or no Pain, that is the Question. (Sept. 19, 2012; 4 EXP, 2414 words, 414 leftovers)
Summer; Montreal, QC
On a warm summer night in Montreal, Isak is lured in an isolated place and attacked by a crazy woman that can throw fireballs. He manages to escape as she promised him she'd hunt him down no matter where he'd go.
-It's Showtime. Street-Style. (Feb. 23, 2013; 4 EXP, 2121, 121 leftovers > 535 total)
Summer; Montreal, QC
It's high season in Montreal and Isak went to the Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal's artistic hub. He met a man named Francisco who could perform magic tricks and a mysterious woman named Elise. Conversation followed.
-Meeting at the Gateway to the West (Feb. 14, 2013; 9 EXP, 4651 words, 151 leftovers > 686 total)
Fall; Saint-Louis, MO
As Isak followed his father to Saint-Louis, the young man encountered the woman named Elise that he met back in Montreal. Unfortunately, a mad metahuman was hunting her and after a short but fierce fight, Elise killed her enemy.
-Charity Comes in Many Ways. (Oct. 31, 2012; 2 EXP, 1199 words, 199 leftovers > 885 total)
Summer; New York City, NY
When visiting the Big Apple, Isak is hospitalized after being ran down by a car. A woman named Elena Marie, who also claims to control magic, helps him get out of harm's way and offers him to become her apprentice. He accepts, not knowing what might await him later on.
-The Darklight (June 1st)
Fall; New Orleans, LA
In order to be a member of Shade, Isak's master has a surprise for him. Isak will have to face his first big challenge with Elena Marie, and it might not be the last.
-An Invitation from the Witch (Jan. 19, 2013; 5 EXP, 2874 words, 374 leftovers > 1259 total)
Spring (Fall); Buenos Aires, Argentina
Now a member of Shade, Isak was sent of his first mission : recruit a new member. This potential member, Jack Whitmore, had some surprises for Isak. Isak will still have him come to the United States in the end.
Chapter 2 : The Purge
-Crimson Dawn (May 11, 2013; 1 EXP, 935 words, 435 leftovers > 1694 total)
Arc topic
Fall; New Orleans, LA
Something big is coming, and the Witch called for a meeting of the organization. Isak went there, not sure of the matter that would be discussed at the meeting.
-The Lord and the Lady's Lad (July 1st, 2013; 6 EXP, 3101 words, 101 leftovers > 1795 total)
Arc topic
Fall; New Orleans, LA
After the meeting, Isak follows his new mentor : Cain, the Vampire Lord of Darkness. Little does he knows that the vampire has dark ambitions for him.
-Shade Ball (July 2nd, 2013; 1795 leftovers down to 295 for 3 EXP > 295 total)
Arc topic
Fall; New Orleans, LA
A ball was organized by his Master and Isak is attending, wondering what might happen there.
-On an Equal Footing (July 11th, 2013; 4 EXP, 2226 words, 226 leftovers > 521 total)
Fall; New Orleans, LA
Isak got unlikely visit from an old friend : the fire-throwing woman. Fighting is imminent. Who will win?
-Beach Party in Miami! (August 1st > 521 leftovers)
Fall; Miami, FL
Isak had an errand in Miami for his Master, and decided to go to a club afterward.
-Unicorns Sightings in Pennsylvania (September 19th, 2013; 13 EXP, 6585 words, 85 leftovers > 606 total)
Fall; Pennsylvania
Current threads in liquid time order:
-End of Errands
-Losing the Light
-B.F.G.-Thorgon Versus Isak Versus Lilia quest
-Elena Marie
-Black Lotus (knows her only as the ''fire throwing hooker'')
-Francisco (Psynapse)
-Sarah Milosi (encountered her under the moniker Elise)
-Brian White, 41, Father
-Patrycja Zielinska, 39, Mother
Summary (Optional summary of events from the threads that you feel are important in the outline form).
(Name of Thread)
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- #
- #

Isak's Experience Offica10

Isak Zielinski-White
Isak Zielinski-White
Posting Apprentice
Posting Apprentice

Status :

Quote : "Insert Quote from Character Here" or etc.

Warnings : 0 Warnings
Number of posts : 214
Location : Quebec
Age : 29
Job : Full-time Student :3
Humor : Scarce
Registration date : 2012-07-06

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