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Wyvern Warrior

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Wyvern Warrior Empty Wyvern Warrior

Post by Wyvern on June 29th 2012, 6:45 pm

Real Name: Jeremy Cole
Super Hero Name: (The) Wyvern Warrior
Title: Winged Welp, Bucket Head, Heir to the Forge of Flames (guess which one is his ‘formal’ title, in the realms of magic)
Alignment: Good
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Formerly human, now a Human-Wyvern hybrid (though obviously, in favour of the human half)
Hair: Formerly black, now a crimson red (hidden in public via a wig)
Eyes: Formerly brown, now a crystal blue (dulled down in public with contact lenses)
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 167 lbs

Costume AND Character Image:
Wyvern Warrior Point_commission_6_by_blacksheeppoet-d4mtpv7

Personality: Jeremy is what you get when an impressionable young adult gets suddenly turned into a superhero – naive and wide eyed, but ultimately willing to do what he believes to be the right thing. He’s not exactly the most knowledgeable person around, but he’s decently intelligent for his age, and can have his occasional moments of wisdom – though stupid ones come in equal measure. He’s rather protective of his secret identity though, and even moreso of family and friends. Mess with them, and whilst he doesn’t like to kill, he may consider making an exception.

History: Long ago, Dragons and humans existed alongside one another in what might what call the loosest terms of ‘peace’. It was an era of grand magic and ancient lore, but tensions had long run eye – many dragons saw human populaces as a food supply, many humans found them beasts that would bring them great respect if killed in battle. Eventually, these tensions spilled out, and all out war was declared. Whilst neither side could or did claim to be the ‘winner’ of the conflict, its aftermath left dragonkind far more weakened and crippled than it did humans. Divided into many factions, Dragons tried to approach the rest of time in different ways. Some took up vows of pacifism, only to be almost wiped out, whilst others turned to nomadic lifestyles, allowing themselves to fade into the legends of men. Some found those not yet used to their existence, and convinced the mortals that they were gods from on high.

And then there were the Wyverns.

Whilst modern legends of Wyverns often think of them as a smaller subspecies of Dragon, they were in fact the greatest blacksmiths of the land that would grow to be called Europe. Combining the talent to spew red hot flame with a mastery of the arcane, they had forged many a magic weapon and shield. In light of the war, and not wishing for further conflict, they sought to prove that humans and Dragons would benefit much more together, than they would apart. Many other evils plagued the world, and humanity was without solid defence against them. So the Wyverns set out to forge something that would restore balance and peace between the species. Their greatest weapon. Their greatest shield. An armour without parallel.

They could not finish it.

The Forge of Flames turned cold as many a Wyvern abandoned the project, feeling threatened by an increasing number of human settlements. They joined their cousins in escaping to another dimensions, leaving but one Wyvern alone to strive and struggle. But it was too much an effort, and thus, only one piece of the armour – one part of the potential power – was forged. A vambrace, to go around one’s arm, and whilst it would form an armour of its own, it was not the intended strength. Placing the vambrace away safely in a crypt, the Wyvern took to spending the rest of his days simply trying to survive, till he was slain by humans who took notice of him stealing the occasional cattle to feed himself. The vambrace lay hidden in the crypt for many centuries – many millennia even – waiting for the day someone might discover it.

That someone was Joshua Cole, famed archaeologist and treasure hunter, having found himself in the employ of an organisation that had requested his aid in finding a ‘cultural artifact’. Finding himself in the Wyvern’s crypt, he came across the vambrace’s resting place. One final spell by the Wyvern informed him of its purpose and power, and on slowly realising that his employers may have had less than the noble intentions the vambrace was crafted for, Joshua had the vambrace sent somewhere that was so strange and illogical, that no one would suspect its true location to be there. He sent it to his son, Jeremy, as a birthday gift.

Indeed, but a few months ago, Jeremy opened his present from his father to find himself in the possession of something that confused the heck out of him. His father gave him instructions not to wear, and thus that was the case, but it didn’t really leave him with much in the way of options of what to do with it. Ultimately, he took to carrying it around in his bag, thinking it was cool to have around. Fate’s a curious thing however, and on one day, a scorned scientist by the name of Doctor Devastation – and he would swear to high heaven he had earnt his PhD – who launched an attack on Jeremy’s home town of Alpha, utilising so called ‘Devastation bots’, a military project that hadn’t quite been deemed ‘ethical’ enough for funding.

Caught up in the chaos, Jeremy found himself rushing to the aid of someone who had refused to move as debris fell from a building. Whilst saving their life, Jeremy found himself trapped beneath the rubble. Hearing the screams and terror around him, he could only pray that something would happen to stop the mad man... that he might somehow find the strength to pull through this disaster. As it turned out, that strength emerged from his bag, latching onto his right arm. In that moment, he realised his strength, as he called out to the heavens above, and invoked a power that had not been witnessed by the world for many an age. Emerging from the rubble transformed, Jeremy turned to the Devastation bots, before tearing them apart one by one. Even those which flew were within the reach of his mighty hand, and having broken his toys, Jeremy eventually brought Devastation himself to Justice.

Now a hero to his town, Jeremy fled back home, now confused and a little scared by what had happened to him – and it was not helped that his mother and sister thought he was some kind of burglar when he came home still in his armour. Thankfully able to transform himself back out of it, he explained to his family what had happened, discovering in the same instant that whatever the vambrace was, it had also changed his hair and eye colours to some that were completely unnatural in a human being. Even his blood was different now, closer to being a shade of orange than it was red as it should have been. They guessed that it had changed him biologically, though such certainly wasn’t as cool as one might think. Jeremy certainly didn’t want his family harassed by nosy reporters wanting the scoop on the ‘mysterious hero’, and of course there was that concern in every comic of how bad guys might threaten his loved ones if they knew his identity.

And yes, bad guys specifically, because Jeremy wasn’t just gonna forget what he could do now – especially as the vambrace wasn’t coming off. He intended to use his powers to help people (and maybe benefit himself on occasion, but mostly others), and to do that he needed to keep his identity safe. After a lot of trial and error, a wig was successfully found that fit Jeremy’s needs, and it was agreed that he was never to get his haircut done anywhere but home, and that any swimming would have him wearing a cap – they’d just hope no one took notice of his eyebrows under his hair. The colour of his eyes was dulled down through the use of contact lenses, with Jeremy possessing multiple sets in case he broke some. Combined with extra long shirts – thank god he’d gone for short sleeves when the vambrace first attached itself – baggy clothes in general, and the fact his transformation swapped out his stuff for the armour, and Jeremy was able to create a distinct difference between himself, and the masked hero who took to the skies of his town.

Now over half a year into his ‘career’, and Jeremy has transitioned relatively comfortably into his new life, though his real life job fell through as continued calls to save the day left him disappearing during shifts. As he nears graduation from high school, he wonders what awaits in his future...

Powers: The first – and arguably most critical – power granted unto Jeremy by the Wyvern Vambrace is the ability to summon forth a mystical armour, with the call of ‘Wyvern!’, forged by the winged beasts during the days they shared the Earth alongside man. The transformation itself replaces his clothes and earthly possessions, replacing them instead with the armour, which forms comfortably around him. The armour, not only protecting him, grants him a number of abilities as well, though it remains to be seen if he has accessed its full potential, or if there may be more hidden inside. These abilities are as follows:

Enhanced Strength: Mirroring the physical might of its creators, the vambrace gifts the Wyvern Warrior with immense strength, allowing him to lift well above 60 tons – and pushing it to 90 if he gives it his all. This strength of course then translates into his ability to hit something, though he is more than capable of pulling his punches as needed, just like anyone else.

The Power of Flight: As the Wyverns were beings who could take to the sky, so too can their modern day champion. This is where the focus of his speed lies, allowing him to match a car speeding on the freeway at over 70 miles an hour. When using his flight, a pair of fiery ‘wings’ sprout from his back, though these are merely a mystical representation, than physically present. Thus he can ‘flap’ his wings even when underwater to propel himself, though naturally the resistance of the water reduces the overall speed.

Dragon-like Defence: Whilst the armour itself is fairly durable, if the mortal inside it were not up to snuff, he wouldn’t likely survive too long. Thus, along with the armour, the Wyvern Warrior is just as physically tough as it, able to shrug off bullets with ease, be completely unphased by the average thug's strike, whilst being more tolerant of harsh environments. However, it is far from invulnerable – otherwise, the matter of the war wouldn’t have gone as it had – and with enough force, this warrior can be harmed, and he will succumb to things such as poison if he does not seek treatment. Any injury he sustains will heal at the same rate it would for any other human being without powers.

Changing back: Really just the first ability, but put into reverse – and at least this is at will, so no calling out a word to make it happen.

Power Grid: 20/20
STR: 6
SPD: 4
END: 6
INT: 2
EP: 0 (since apparently just a clothes switch doesn't need any)
FS: 2

Power Grid colours: Red and Black
Wyvern Warrior Wyvern4

Roleplay Sample:
“Come on Devastation, what is this? Third time?” The Wyvern Warrior, clad in his mystical red armour, asked a particular mad man as he ducked and weaved out of the way of the evil scientist’s latest weapons of destruction. Armed with rows of reloading, diamond teeth, capable of flight, and hunting him without remorse, Jeremy wondered behind his mask whether or not he’d ever have the chance to tell the story of how he fought off giant robot sharks.
“Seriously, at least the laser drones were cool...” Letting out a small complaint in his villain’s choice of arsenal, the Wyvern Warrior drove his fist into the side of one of the machine beasts, crushing its processor in one heavy hit. “...These are just ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous? They are my greatest work – and certain to defeat you.” The man cackled, his goggles seeming to almost glint as he pressed a button from within his small flying chair, what strands of hair remained on his head flailing wildly. Wyvern Warrior was confused, unsure of what was going on, until the shark ended up exploding, right in his face.
“Gah!” The force of the explosion sent the armour clad flying back, and made him rather thankful for the fact he was armour clad to begin with. A blast like that could have easily killed him were it not for his powers – so he was also thankful he was the only one hit by it, even as he faceplanted right into the street as a result. Spitting out dust and gravel, the hero flew upwards, his fiery wings blooming into life as he did so, managing to avoid another of the robot sharks. Okay, so these things could blow up... would have to be wary of that as they fought.

The sad thing was, as ridiculous as the shark robots were, he knew pretty much why Devastation was doing this. After the second time he’d been caught, the man’s counsellors had determined he seemed to have some kind of OCD about perfection, and seeing projects through. Hence he’d snapped when the military shut him down over the Devastation bots, why he continued to attack Alpha, and kept thinking up some new and zany device that refining the original idea – if it wasn’t good enough, he was compelled to scrap it. If it weren’t for the whole robot shark thing, he might be feeling a bit sympathetic right now. At least some of the other villains showed some progress in their therapy sessions.

“Ugh!” Catching the robot shark by the jaws, he found himself deciding to apply a little pressure to whatever let it close and open its gaping maw, as he spreads his arms outward. There was the sound of bending metal and flying sparks, before the beast was torn in two entirely. The hero grinned a little as he stared across at his foe, as if telling him he was going to handle this, just like he had the other times.
Then that robot shark exploded.
You know, this might take a bit longer than he thought.

Sim gave permission, yay!

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Wyvern Warrior Empty Re: Wyvern Warrior

Post by The Bolt on June 30th 2012, 7:28 pm

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