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Michael Halstrom

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Michael Halstrom Empty Michael Halstrom

Post by Michael Halstrom on June 27th 2012, 12:16 am

Real Name: Michael Halstrom
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Genesis
Title: The Progenitor, Lord Halstrom
Alignment: Lawful neutral/Lawful evil
Age: 22
Gender: male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: black
Eyes: orange
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 152

Costume Description/Image:
Michael Halstrom Goth_coat_100940-1-L

Michael comes off as rather warm and caring, even donating several thousand dollars to charity each year. This is merely a facade however, in actuality he is a fickle uncaring young man who is used to getting his own way. He often uses his superior intellect to manipulate and exploit people if he's bored. In addition he's rather fond of making false Faustian deals with people, using his powers to make them believe he's stealing their soul. Michael cares little for anyone else save his attendant: Frederick. While he initially conscripted Frederick using one of the aforementioned Faustian deals, after several years of loyal service, Michael revealed the truth to him and Frederick chose to stay on. Michael revels in his powers, though he initially thought them a curse. Eventually he came to see himself as the progenitor of a new race, one that simply needed his guidance to prosper and grow. Michael's only weakness is children, who he cannot bring himself to harm directly. He doesn't know why, though he suspects it may be a product of Frederick having two children who he has met.


Michael was born as the first son of a wealthy oil magnate, though brilliant, his legs were crippled from birth due to a rare genetic disease he acquired in-vetro. While initially his mother and father attempted to raise him, once he was 7 his parents revealed to him that his mother was pregnant. 9 months later his mother gave birth... to a perfectly healthy baby boy. Although they assured him that nothing would change, Michael was slowly pushed to the side by his equally brilliant, but uncrippled younger brother.

It was around this time that he started noticing strange things happening around him. Whenever he would get angry, the air would seem to grow heavy, and the environment around him seemed to become more saturated with color. When he was sad, the skies seemed to pale and shadows seemed to be increased in both length and everything they touched seemed to be obscured in pitch blackness. One day when he was 11 he watched his mother playing with his younger brother while he was forced to sit on the deck of their house in the shade. Next to him sat the family dog, a large blood hound. His anger began to grow as he watched the two play without him and the dog -unnoticed by any, including himself- began to grow and change. Its fur darkened, its eyes grew small and reddish. Red tinted slobber dripped from the beast's crimson maw as it rushed the two in the yard, unfortunately the young man's powers were still too weak back then and it quickly changed back to its normal form.
That was the last Michael ever saw of his beloved canine companion, though he would keep several others later in his life.

Once Michael turned 19 everything changed.

At a public banquet held in honor of his father's retirement, his father announced that his younger brother -only 12 at the time- would take over the company the next day. This was the moment when Michael's hatred and loathing for his parents and younger brother peaked, and exploded outwards.
The entire banquet hall changed, its walls covered in bizarre murals and reliefs of moments in his life, each one mutated into some grotesque and morbid exaggeration of what had occurred. The chandeliers grew fangs and the tables turned into many armed things.
The floor turned into a writhing mass of vermin and monstrosities. But that was far from the worst of it... the guests, now they were the worst part. Each and every one of them writhed and screamed as they mutated; claws, tentacles, heads and arms, wings and tails, and a thousand other appendages and mutations burst forth from their bodies. Michael's chair grew into a great beast, with him partially inside, seated atop its massive back in a large throne made of the creature's spine.
The only things left unmutated in the room were his mother and brother, their unique genetic structure protecting them from Michael's insidious powers. Michael laughed as his father mutated into something unsuited for combat or even existence; his screams music to Michael's ears. By the end the transformation, his father resembled a giant maggot or slug.

Michael had his steed step on it.

Then he turned towards the rest of his family. For the next several hours he allowed his creations to do all manner of horrible things to them, the males raped both his mother and brother and then mutilated and devoured the broken remains while Michael watched, his eyes never leaving his mother's up until she was devoured. All the while a smirk on his face that would reappear whenever he recalled his ascension to power.

A week later he took over his father's company and decided to change it into a genetics and pharmaceutical firm. While they appeared to research only cures to several well known diseases and ailments, in reality the highest echelons of the company were all thralls of Michael and the scientists almost exclusively deranged and twisted individuals dedicated to finding out everything there was to know about his powers and a way to spread them to the world.


Michael can change the world around him in a large area, causing the surrounding area to become eldritch and unnatural. Buildings shift and contort, the world becomes a vision of the hellish landscape that is Michael's imagination. This is all an illusion however, and though few can see through it, it cannot cause any real harm beyond mental damage or psychological scarring.

His secondary power however, is where his true strength lies. It is the ability to morph living creatures into powerful monsters under his command.
Though he doesn't have to, he generally forces these creature's wills into submission, making them his loyal thralls. He can do this to any plant, animal, or person of sufficient mass, though his ability to control them is limited or even nonexistent if he exceeds a certain number.

This has led him to become rather judicious with their use and rather then creating armies of wild and out of control creatures, he creates small groups of loyal and powerful minions to do his bidding. In addition to his numerical restrictions, should any of the beasts leave his area of effect, they will quickly change back to their normal shape. Humans' memory of the time mutated is directly proportional to how much free will he allowed them.

Though the mutations are mostly random, Michael has gained a measure of control over them to point that he can force certain traits to appear in any given mutating creature. In addition, humans with high intellect or latent superhuman traits are often turned into highly specific forms rather than the general mutations experiences by lesser humans and creatures.
1: 28
2: 21
3: 14
4: 7
5: 3
6: 1
Power Grid:
STR: 1
SPD: 0 [moves via wheelchair]
END: 3
INT: 6
EP: 11 [5 for location warping, 6 for summoning]
FS: 0
Wealth: 1
Character Image/Description:
Michael Halstrom MikeHalstrom
Mutations [summons]
Shreys: The result of Michael mutating most vermin or small animals [rats, mice, hamsters, etc.] these creatures attack by swarming over their enemy in great numbers and devouring their flesh. they use their tendrils to grasp onto prey and pull themselves closer. In addition, their tendrils emit a minor neurotoxin that seeps in and causes nausea as well as dizziness. These creatures are about the size of a human child
Michael Halstrom Picture
STR: 1
SPD: 5
END: 1
INT: 0 [completely subservient to his will]
EP: 1
FS: 0
Mykrals: The result of Michael mutating most birds [pigeons, crows, anything smaller than an eagle] these creatures prefer to carry their prey to great heights and either just drop them or bring them up high and let their brethren hack away at the unfortunate victim. These creatures are about the size of a human preteen
Michael Halstrom 1126x823_6049_Magic_the_Gathering_Vault_Skirge_2d_fantasy_monster_picture_image_digital_art
STR: 2
SPD: 3
END: 4
INT: 1 [mostly subservient to his will]
EP: 0
FS: 2
Chelisars: The result of Michael mutating a large animal. These creatures emit a much stronger version of the neurotoxin the shreys produce. These beasts either devour their prey or attempt to rip them apart with their poisonous tendrils. These creatures are about 6'8" tall
Michael Halstrom Picture
STR: 3
SPD: 3
END: 3
INT: 1 [subservient to his will]
EP: 3
FS: 3
Sarkrams: The result of Michael mutating an average human. These grotesque monstrosities are the shock troops of his creations, and have a direct mental link to him, using his knowledge to supplement their own natural fighting prowess. These creatures are about 7'6" tall
Michael Halstrom Picture
STR: 4
SPD: 4
END: 4
INT: 3 [subservient to his will, but able to form attack strategies on their own]
FS: 4
Antosals: The result of Michael mutating a human of high IQ, they can fire concussive blasts from their craniums as well a communicate with each other telepathically. These creatures are by far some of the least grotesque of Michael's army and are also what the board of directors at his company mutate into. These creatures stand at 8'0" tall but are are incredibly skinny.
Michael Halstrom Picture
STR: 2
SPD: 3
END: 2
INT: 5 [almost entirely free, these beings are simply undyingly devoted to Michael]
EP: 6 [5/1]
FS: 2

Michaelis: The result of Michael mutating someone with latent superhuman genes. these are by far Michael's most powerful monsters as well as his most disturbing, In addition their very name is a testament to his ego . A consequence of their usage however is that Michael must focus entirely on their control, leaving any other creatures he's created to run wild. [aside from his chair]. These creatures are strong, fast, and incredibly hard to put down permanently. One of the only ways to stop them is to bring them out of his range. These creatures stand at 8'5" tall.
Michael Halstrom Picture
STR: 6
SPD: 6
END: 6
INT: 0 [completely subservient to his will]
EP: 0
FS: 2
Michael Halstrom
Michael Halstrom

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Michael Halstrom Empty Re: Michael Halstrom

Post by Illya on June 27th 2012, 2:19 am

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Posting Apprentice

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