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A booming rescue (Elena)

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A booming rescue (Elena) Empty A booming rescue (Elena)

Post by Takatsumaru June 8th 2012, 11:08 pm

A very loud battle could be heard in the district for a while, people were screaming for their ears everytime John launched an attack, a super loud shockwave that could send a normal human flying back, but the monster villain in front of him didn't bother stopping, hitting John straight in the chest sending him fly back a dozen meter. John was in deep trouble and he had been trying to run away from this situation, he hadn't even engaged the fight on this thing, it just started hitting him like he was the top of some hit list and that monster was his hit man.

The monster charged up ahead while John was using shockwaves to push himself out of this situation, it seemed this monster was deaf and had a stamina made of steel because most of his attacks seemed useless, like he was specially chosen to defeat John at that precise moment, but John still had an ace up his sleeve something he hadn't used in the past, something he hadn't perfected, John turned around, to see his enemy looming over him, he reached with his fist towards the monster and punched him, a very very loud boom could be heard as if an implosion had happened but that of course was merely a sound effect used to augment the strength of his hit.

The monster itself or what seemed to be a large human with immense strength stayed there, leaning on John's fist, then laughed and mauled him against the wall, wacking him with his large fists, At first john tried to block, but he could hear his knee's begin to abandon him, he was about to lose this fight and if he didn't receive help he would surely die there.

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A booming rescue (Elena) Empty Re: A booming rescue (Elena)

Post by Alpha June 9th 2012, 1:15 am

”Yeah that looks good.” Elena cooed running a black combed through her hair slowly as she gazed at herself within a large mirror. Eyes scanning over every detail of her face,which still showed no major signs of aging, a testament to her potion genius. Today was the day she attempted to start selling her potions for a profit, since one cannot live off of stolen funds alone. She would show them the secret to staying young looking and people would flock to her asking for the secret;money would follow shortly afterwards. Thats how people were sadly. Always obsessed about their looks,but she had no real room to talk about something like that.

After a few minutes of primping,Elena was ready to go out and greet the world with a smile. Though why she wouldn't on a beautiful day such as today was beyond her. After a light coat of lipstick,all was ready. Nails were polished and her legs were shaved to a clear slate that seemed to gleam lightly in the light.

Elena wore a simple white button up shirt as well as a knee length business skirt that seemed to match her black heels. Though of course she wouldn't be in such luck as what seemed like a rampage was happening near the hotel;a chaotic one to be exact. Sighing,she took off in the direction of the chaos after kicking off her heels. It wasn't long before she reached the scene where a guy seemed to be dealing with a strange monster that had him near death it seemed.

A ball of yellow energy formed above her palm humming almost silently and with a thought let the blast off at the creature."Chew on this you monster."

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