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Personal Reconnaissance(open)

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Personal Reconnaissance(open) Empty Personal Reconnaissance(open)

Post by Orcris June 5th 2012, 8:55 pm

Warlock stood, scrapping his boot across the concrete. From what he had learned this should be a high traffic area for supers in town. He wanted to test one against his own prowess. He was obviously an irregular being. He was wearing a long cape and it looked like his hair was fire, the pointed ears were a nice touch too. He was practically daring someone to show up. He was ready though, the Rune Triggers on his gloves prepped to fire bolts and guided tendrils of Darkness. He had set up several Rune Triggers in the area to fire a lance of Darkness if anyone other than him walked over them. The other one he was currently working on was a bit more complex, some might think it odd that his "handwriting" with the tip of his shoe was more elegant than most people could ever manage with their hand, but to him it was a practiced art and something necessary. When he finished his current Rune Trigger it would summon a construct that would imitate his movements but was much larger than he. He made the Darkness dense enough so it would be very solid and heavy, so his giant puppet would be able to deliver massive hits. He knew that in theory the Darkness puppet was great, but he also knew its weakness. It was simple really, and that was why he wasn't planning on using it unless he ran into a particular type of super.

He was listening to the night, there was plenty of traffic, plenty of people yelling or screaming. He almost thought his time would be better spent teaching these people how to live, showing them that they should revere him as their ruler and know that he know much better for them than they might. He didn't follow through with this thought chain, however, as the whole reason he was out here like this was to see what he might have to deal with when he decided he would rule.

The fact that he was behind a bank might draw the attention of any super either trying to protect the place or rob it. He didn't particularly care which. They knew little better than those ordinary people out there, the only difference was that supers were going to present a challenge or perhaps they could be turned into an ally. Yes the super he met up with was trying to rob the place he might be able to convince them to work for him and with something as simple as money.

A smile crept across his face. "People are so simple."



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