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XP of Dr Cosmos

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XP of Dr Cosmos Empty XP of Dr Cosmos

Post by Dr Cosmos June 3rd 2012, 7:51 pm

Name: Ignatius Clement, Dr Cosmos

Power Point Gain [6/8]

Experience [Negative -53]

Historical threads:
- The Gala [Word Count: 17, 064] 25 XP
Ignatius Clement steals a genetic resequencer from his own company, now in the hands of other business men. He is able to charismaticly convince not only BlackOut and Sean Collins to help him, but one of Bliss Fokumaka's closest friends, Ashley Ferrier.
After loading the genetic machine onto a truck, it was moved to a derelict subway where Clement was storing his ten year old daughter, Cassidy Rose Clement, in cryogenic suspension. With Ashley's help he is able to place Cassidy Rose into the machine and even stop Bliss from interrupting the process, although Ashley was more responsible for that then Clement. Unfortunately, the entire evening had been a ruse, to implant a creature of unknown origin into an adult body. Cosmos, afraid for both women, blows the generators in his own lab. The father and daughter escape into the night.

- A Business Meeting
Cosmos attempts to infiltrate a competing company of Clement Technologies by putting forward dud Faster-Then-Light plans. He is mostly looking to swindle money from investors.

- A Pleasant Chat
Clement infiltrates G.U.N prison, mostly as a thought excersise but also to create some contacts in the super villain underworld. He rescues Elena Marie while Cassidy Rose fights the Black Arrow. However, they part ways with only a brief exchange of information. Dr Cosmos would struggle to get back in contact with her.

- An Immortal Man's Monument [Word Count: 8680] 17 XP
Dr Cosmos and Cassidy Rose attempt to worm their way into the Whitehouse. Firstly, by Clement assuming the identity of Adam Jones, Mayor of Seacove. Secondly, by pretending to be the superhero Father and Daugter duo, Major and Minor Signal. Launching a supposed "threat" to national security from Russia, The Union's Star, he would tragically fail to save the president but then destroy the machine.
This plan quickly desolves when Cassidy Rose notices Bliss once more. She attempts to kill the woman, which ruins the pretense when Clement rushes to stop her. A Clement Technologies helicopter, loaded with a high energy laser beam cuts the robot to pieces on the lawn of the Whitehouse. A squad of highly trained Clement Tech soldiers knock out Cassidy Rose and take Clement in.

- Descending upon Olympus [Word Count: 7664] 15 XP
Dr Cosmos is forced into service under the new CEO of Clement Tech, Elizbeta Jules. Cassidy Rose is placed back into Cryogenic suspension as insurance for cooperation on his part. The first test is an attempt to create a connection with Project Perfection. To do so, he is launched alongside a sattelite from french polynesia.
Clement drops onto the Olympus from above, blasts a hole into the ship and descends. He is quickly drawn into a testing laboratory where Bliss is being experimented upon. Ignoring her for the most part, he tries to hold a conversation with Necrodium before Bliss breaks free and attacks him.
The both of them are encircled in a trap. Clement escapes with more explosive, with Bliss following him into the hold. There is another brief struggle where he tries to leave her on the ship, before Ibis is released. Bliss freezes Cosmos and fights Ibis, causing a large hole in the hold. Dr Cosmos works his way from the ice and tries to freefall to freedom, but Bliss freezes herself to him. The two land in the ocean, where a helicopter collects Dr Cosmos.

Current threads in liquid time order:
- N/A

- The Union's Star DEACTIVATED
- Ryan Blake, BlackOut
- Sean Collin, Diluge
- Ashley Ferrier

- Bliss Fokukama
- Doctor Necrodium

- Julia Clement nee Jones DECEASED
- Adam Clement DECEASED
- Cassidy Rose Clement, Miss Cosmos CRYOGENICALLY FROZEN

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XP of Dr Cosmos Empty Re: XP of Dr Cosmos

Post by Super Cutie June 3rd 2012, 8:32 pm



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