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Warlock Empty Warlock

Post by Orcris on May 25th 2012, 1:04 pm

Real Name: Jeremiah Aromanthia
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Warlock
Title: War, Mage, Wizard
Alignment: Villain
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black(as Jeremiah), Silver(as Warlock)
Eyes: Grey(as Jeremiah), Red(as Warlock)
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 230

Costume Description/Image:
Warlock Dan_ph11
But without the D/P thing

Personality: Jeremiah is egotistical, brilliant, clever, and some would say charming(others would claim the other end of the spectrum). He loves history and what can be learned from it, kind of a family thing really. He sees most people as beneath him, some would even say he has a god complex.
To him the world seems uneducated, unintelligent, and misguided. The systems of government in the world are a failure in his opinion. He believes that he should do something about it, and the damage he does along the way doesn’t matter to him. It is not even a considerable loss. The only life that means something to Jeremiah is his own.

History: Born into a wealthy family. From as early as possible Jeremiah was raised to be the heir to his father’s legacy and empire. He received the best education, usually surpassing even his instructor’s expectations. He was taught swordplay, fencing, and some martial arts(as an Aromanthian boy should). Then his father took him directly under wing, teaching him about the Rune Trigger and how to run the empire. He received his doctorates in genetics, biomedicine, biotechnology, biological engineering, chemical engineering, metallurgical engineering, and psychology by the time he was twenty-seven. Two years later he took over his father’s vast business empire. For the next six years he prepared for what he deemed best for the direction of the world. For the final touches before he springs his plan he is going to do some more reconnaissance personally. Know your enemy and know yourself. He has to be sure of what he can truly handle as well.

Powers: Rune Trigger: By writing words in a language known only to the Aromanthia family within a circle, Warlock can create Runes that summon things from another plane(specified by the words) to be triggered by an event(also specified). Usually it is what someone might call elemental type magic that is triggered, but the possibilities are limited to his imagination and the time he has to create the Runes. These runes are(with the exception of the two on his suit) traps set by him usually triggered by someone walking over it. To make a renewing rune he needs a lot of time to create it(the translation for that kind of thing is quite long). Most runes will take about a post to complete. Since he is summoning something from another plane of existence he must first go to that plane and gain a mastery of whatever he it is he wants to use. Because he brought his sword and armor into the plane and created them himself he can readily summon them, otherwise he is restricted to Darkness.

In most cases when he summons Darkness it will simply erupts from the rune briefly enough to inflict damage on the victim. For it to do anything more complicated he needs to time to put it into the Rune Trigger(more than one post).

To get to the parallel plane it requires a highly complex Rune Trigger. The only way to expand his powers would be going to this plane and gaining further mastery of it.

Power Grid: (You have 22 points to spend on your Power Grid unless you can fly, in which case you have 20. Each stat can start at 6, not 7. 7 must be earned.)
STR: 1
SPD: 1
END: 2
INT: 6
EP: 6
FS: 5

Power Grid colours: Crimson/Dark purple

Character Image/Description: Tall, short dark hair(usually combed in a manner similar to most business-men) fair complexion, handsome, a goatee, no distinguishing marks or scars. Usually dressed in a suit or seen wearing a lab coat. Tends to wear leather gloves and dress shoes.

Roleplay Sample: Jeremiah added the finishing touches to his suit, which included some renewing Rune Triggers in the case he didn’t have time to set any up. These would allow a blast of extreme heat, a blast of extreme cold, and a blast of high voltage electricity. He need only say the command word for it to work. He wasn’t stupid about it either, he never allowed a command word to just be said, he had to be the one to say it. The last thing he did was put The Venom on his suit so that if any of those super powered fellows that liked to grab ever got a hold of him he would actually be able to do something. After that was done he created twin renewing Rune Triggers in several places. One was to summon his sword, The Prominence, to his hand upon command. Another was to summon his suit and change his appearance to mask his identity and perhaps terrify his foes. “Waerloga” He said, summoning his suit and activating his alternate appearance. “Nocturn” Caused his blade to appear in his hand. He then repeated his phrases to return them to their resting places. Smiling to himself he said, “Finally I get to test myself.”

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Warlock Empty Re: Warlock

Post by Orcris on June 1st 2012, 12:54 am

Edited to be more specific about Rune Triggers, please take a look, perhaps let me know what needs to be adjusted(if necessary); thank you.



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Warlock Empty Re: Warlock

Post by Arcana on June 5th 2012, 1:56 pm

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