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A Deadly Partnership (ANU ONLY)

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A Deadly Partnership (ANU ONLY) Empty A Deadly Partnership (ANU ONLY)

Post by Hana Saku on May 24th 2012, 11:44 am

The City of Los Angeles was as busy as ever. There were skaters roller blading by listening to their iPod, there were cars racing down the street at high speeds, there were hotdog vendors selling hotdogs to all sorts of people, there were people out with their children, it was as busy of a day in Los Angeles as it always is. It also had a high crime rate and there large numbers of super villains roaming around in public, no doubt up to nefarious evil deeds. One such super villain was new in town and he was someone famous for killing cops and politicians in the Concrete Jungle of New York. This man was known as Anarchy and pissing him off was dangerous, what with his rather unique power.

Speaking of said super villain, the eye-patch wearing, long white-haired, black cape-like cloak wearing 21 year old was currently sneakily making his way throughout the big city, stopping on every so often occasion of sniping cops and known authority figures with his acid and then cleanly making his getaway. How he hated cops and politicians down to the depths of his black heart. He realized though that the worthless imbeciles were starting to notice a pattern in his killing and were getting closer to him, so he decided now was a time to duck and cover. He looked around and managed to find what appeared to be a closed down botanical garden that was currently under construction. Grinning to himself, he quickly made his way to the roof via some scaffolding and melted a hole in the ceiling via his acid by spitting on it. He entered through it and made his way to the large, green-house like dome in the center and went to hide out amongst the deep and large greenery. He had no idea that this would lead him to finding an ally that would be most beneficial.

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A Deadly Partnership (ANU ONLY) Empty Re: A Deadly Partnership (ANU ONLY)

Post by Maverick on May 24th 2012, 12:12 pm

”No no no no no! This just won’t do.” Anu murmured as she looked over the withered, golden husk of what looked like an apple. Lips pursed into a perfect expression of annoyance, considering this was the third time she had attempted to produce a useable golden apple. Only to have it come back as an absolute failure. Maybe she was missing some sort of variable that would help in making it work? Throwing the failed piece of fruit to the ground,Anu sat back on a large red petaled flower with crossed legs.

So far this abandoned botanical garden had proven to be perfect for her operations, though lacked the equipment to create any substantial projects. Jeremiah had been out for a few days; leaving her with no one to converse with as of late. So honestly Anu was growing bored. Not a good thing for a goddess to be, especially for the people of Los Angeles. No one dared to interrupt her lush sanctuary,which was both a good, and a bad thing really.

Though something caught her attention, which was the sound of something moving among the plants. It didn’t sound like an animal, so the only thing it could have been was a human. Green eyes narrowed as she stood from her sitting position, moved by a few thin green tendrils.

”Whoever is there show yourself.” She demanded raising her voice.
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