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The First Battle (Nightraven Only)

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The First Battle (Nightraven Only) Empty The First Battle (Nightraven Only)

Post by Hana Saku May 22nd 2012, 2:54 pm

It's been a few weeks since reports started coming in about the disappearances and possible murders of various government officials and law enforcement in New York as well as some similar murders of some random thugs around the city. Their last known location was reported and anytime someone went to locate them, the only thing found were what appeared to be puddles of some highly corrosive acid and some personal possessions, indicating that they were most likely killed through the usage of acid. A report had gotten that every time any of these people disappeared, a long white-haired man wearing an eyepatch over the right side of his face with a single light blue and black cloak-like cape was seen leaving the area, putting him on the lists of possible suspects and might even consider him a possible superhuman with the possible ability of acid manipulation. There were even wanted posters of him put up around the city. He was even being called the Boogeyman of Law Enforcement and Government Officials because of how many he's killed.

It just so happens that said man, who calls himself Anarchy, was passing by one of the posters when he stopped to look at it. He was busy earlier turning a pair of cops, a lowly pickpocket and putting him in their squad car when he pounced upon them and turned all three of them, including the car, into acidic puddles as he first spat on them before exhaling a stream of acid onto the car, causing it to corrode and melt away. He looked at his picture along with the warning sign and a bounty for information on his whereabouts and smirked in a bit of a pompous manner as he was already rather infamous in the city. That was good because he was intending to continue what he has done until all of his targets down, that also includes those superheroes and renegades that would dare assist these corrupt humans in keeping their corrupt system stabilized. The Corrosive Anarchist tore the poster up with his hands and then continued on his way. It was night time and there were still a lot of people out, though strangely no one seemed to see him or acknowledge him or his actions, probably too busy with what they are doing. He then made his getaway by moving through the alleys under the cover of night.


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