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The Eye

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The Eye

Post by Enigm95 on May 22nd 2012, 12:37 pm

Real name: Gabriel, no second name known
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade etc. Name: the Eye.
Title: none, for the moment.
Alignment: Villain (though he hates being called like this)
Age: less than 15 years, actually, but his physical structure is similar to that of a young man around 25 years.
Gender: male.
Race: was created with human DNA, so he can be defined as such.
Hair: blonde in origin, now white.
Eyes: unknown, for specific reasons explained later.
Height: 1.78 m. (5’8’’)
Weight: 70 kg (154.3 lbs.)

Costume Description:
((While I wait to scan my character’s sketch, which I made during a VERY interesting Italian Literature lesson, I’ll just write the description))
The man known as the Eye wears a high-tech mask, which covers his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. A big, red, laser lens is located at its center. The mask is made of solidified Aether, thus highly resistant, and works as a “computer interface” to its user: “Right Ward and Left Ward”, Eye’s robotic eye-shaped drones, which also serve as his self-defense weapons, are directly connected to it. The mask also inhibits the Eye’s vast telepathic powers.
He wears a black trench coat with a high collar, a purple shirt, and a white tie. He has special gloves, which deliver painful electric shots to those who are touched by them. He likes normal business pants and leather boots.

The Eye’s personality is a conundrum: his actions seem to be motivated by a pure academic interest in humanity. He loves to toy with the lives of others just to study their responses. He usually displays an affably attitude, though he also shows to be wacky at times, or sharply sarcastic. In the end, however, his main trait remains his control freak attitude: like a child who starts crying when the game doesn’t go the way he wants, he is easily annoyed by people who interfere with his “experiments”.
But, his determination and pride do not let him show signs of despair or anger, and for every plan gone awry he will surely have another one ready to be put in action.
He is also fond of movies, especially old ones, but keeps forgetting their names. His favorite is Blade Runner, and its name is the only one he remembers clearly.

In the early 12th century, a group of scientists, using a secret source of energy casually landed from space to Earth, called Aether, created a human who could use the 100% of his brain. This neo-human grew as one of them, and they called him Gabriel. They were a family. Soon, the subject started to show the peculiar ability to project his thoughts in physical form. The scientists saw this as humanity’s next evolutionary step: they imagined a world where everyone was able to create what they needed; a world with no wars, no hate, no pain.
They started to study these powers; Gabriel, whose metabolism grew very fast, in less than 10 years had already surpassed puberty, and his psychic power became stronger with his growth.
Finally, in year 2026, an ultimate experiment was carried: a special Aether-powered machine was used to empower greatly the neo-human, so that he could take a step further and use his talent to alter reality. This worked: Gabriel was able to see the essence of everything, to play with the very fabric of matter… for exactly 5 minutes; then, Gabriel’s control over his powers started to crumble, and the scientists fell quickly on the ground, smashed by a giant telekinetic explosion. Now he was alone.
Days passed; days in which Gabriel thought about what he saw while using his god-like powers, and what was going to be his new goal in life.After gaining access to the huge funds of the research center, and equipping himself with a mask that would suppress his now unstable psychic powers, he started wandering and watching the Earth's inhabitants. Eventually, he resolved that, as almost every single human on the planet lives in sadness, despair, and pain, usually caused by others of their own kind, the whole humanity is a dumb, meaningless mass of animals, and that as the only intelligent being on Earth, he was free to do whatever he wanted to.
However, with this sensation of superiority derived from his powers, came also great questions: WHY are humans like this, a corrupted bunch of fools? And, more importantly, will they ever be able to improve themselves, or will they fall in a state of total wildness? Gabriel started searching the answers to his curiosity, and became the Eye.


Eye Think (INT):
The Eye is capable of using 100% of his brain. This makes him extremely intelligent, able to elaborate absolutely precise plans, and foresee determinate events. He is a skilled scientist and mechanic, and has his own set of lethal weapons and gimmicks. His incredible QI and psychic abilities allow him to be immune to almost any mental assault. Also, he is a master of hand-to-hand and improvised weaponry fighting, thanks to a documentary he watched one day.

Eye Shape (INT, EP):
The Eye has the great capacity of transform his great mind power into a form of purple physical energy: he can shape this energy to create shields, swords, or any other physical object. However, the more big of complex the object is, the more stressful the operation becomes.

Eye Blast (EP):
The Eye's trump card: he removes him mask, thus letting his power free to flow uncontrolled. This ends with a massive psychic explosion, that obliterate almost anything in its range (though people with exceptional endurance can survive). This operation leaves Gabriel drained of all his energy, so it's better used as a last resource.

Character Description:
The Eye is not a fighter; he’s more of a bystander, watching events unfold and manipulating them from the shadows; however, thanks to his incredible intelligence, he has mastered the art of hand-to-hand combat. So, his body is a light-shaped one: he is thin, has average muscle and average height. His hair has become white because of the psychophysical stress sustained during the experiment; he likes to keep it a bit long (it arrives at the end of his neck) and some tresses fall over his mask. No one has probably ever seen his face, as those who look at his eyes uncovered are quickly blasted away. However, he states that he seems like “Patroklos, only with white hair”.

Power Grid:
STR: 1
SPD: 1
END: 3
INT: 6
EP: 6
FS: 4

1 point spent for CASH. $$$

PowerGrid color: Purple, please.

Roleplay example:
John Smith had just had a quarrel with his wife. A big one. In the end, she had taken her beige suitcase, stuffed some clothes and cosmetics into it, and run out of the door, her face covered by blurred lines of mascara and tears.
But he didn’t mind. Hell, that bitch hadn’t done the washing up! He had told her, “Dear, I’m going to the bar with Bob and the others, do the washing up, wontcha?”, hadn’t he?
As he sat on his sofa and switched the TV on, a creepy, metallic voice, spoke: “Hey John! Can I call you John? I’d like to call you Mr. Smith, but I don’t think the mister status applies to a drunk, jobless man like you”.
Surprised, the man turned to his left: on the other sofa, a young man in a trench coat politely sat with his legs crossed. He had a metallic mask with a disturbing giant red eye in the middle.
“Who the HELL are you? How did you get into MY HOUSE?!”, he shouted, the soft music coming from the National Geographic channel. The man with the mask ignored his question, and looked to the two lion cubs playing together inside the display.
“Oh, I’m not really here, this is just an holographic projection of me. Complicated stuff. Anyways, did you just have a quarrel with your wife?”, asked the stranger.
Suddenly, a strangely logic thought crossed John’s mind. Hey, don’t freak out buddy, this is just some sort of hallucination. Must have been those pills Bob gave me.
“Yeah, but I’m not worried. Bitch always comes back”, he replied, while switching channel to FOX LIVE.
The masked man turned his big red eye on him.
“Funny, she said the same thing when I talked to her. You were at the bar so you wouldn’t know”.
John quickly stood up and shouted, as he had just forgot the thought he previously formulated: “YOU TALKED WITH MY WIFE?! Are you a stalker or something?”
The man with the mask laughed, his metallic voice distorting the sound.
“Yes, I did. I told her what I’m going to tell YOU.” His voice became suddenly serious.
“I told her, that if she was going to leave this house, she would not be able to see you ever again.”
John suddenly felt a chilling sensation going down his spine.
“And now to you”, continued the shadowy figure.
“You have to choices: you can stay here, and continue doing zapping for the rest of the night, or you can run to her (she is still crying inside the car, hugging her suitcase, by the way), and tell her how much you love her. Because you love her, don’t you?”
John looked to the stranger in his house, his face covered in fear. But after some seconds of silence, his face shifted to the usual, dumb expression, and he sat down again, his hand reaching for the remote controller. He had decided to ignore that illusion, and to relax. After all, he wasn’t real, right?
“I warn you” Suddenly started the one-eyed man. “Press the *change channel* button of that remote, and you’ll never see you’re wife again”.
The man hesitated; but then, as to prove who was in charge inside that house, he pressed violently his finger on the remote. “I do what the fuck I want man”, he grunted.
For around two minutes, no sound could be heard in the house, apart from the voices of some characters in a comedy broadcasted by Sky Cinema. The display pictured two men and two dogs being found out in an awkward position.
Then, an explosion boasted from the street, crashing the living room windows. As John went out to see what had just happened, the mysterious man said, giggling: “Oh yeah, I know this film. It’s one of those American Cakes! …or stuff like that. Ahah, every time I watch one of these movies, I just DIE laughing”.

The scene out on the street was terrible: pieces of car and clothes lied ruined everywhere on the grey asphalt. John and his wife lived in the suburbs of a small town near New York; at that time the citizens usually went to the town center, full of pubs and bars, so nobody else had come out to see what had happened. Mr. Smith covered his mouth with a handkerchief, and looked terrified where his old 500 was once parked. He saw the burned corpse, and tears started flowing on his cheeks. He fell to the ground and cried, hitting the street with his fists.
And then, the sadness turned into anger. That guy. He did that. He was real!
The man rushed back inside, ready to strangle that monster that had killed his wife. However, on the sofa where the masked man had been sitting, there was no one. Only a kitchen knife, and a piece of paper, that said:

You made the wrong choice. Condolences.
The Eye

“Humans are so funny to mess with, and yet so sad”, remarked the Eye, hidden by the night shadows, floating in the sky with his Eye Pad, as he watched John Smith walking to his dead wife and stabbing himself with his own kitchen knife. Their bodies lay close now, forever together. The killer then turned his head to the cybernetic mainframe of his transport.
“Oh, well. Next stop, the Big Apple”.

((I probably made like 10000000000 errors, mainly with time and prepositions. If you see one, please tell me, I'll correct it immediately. Also, I did not put the EP points required for every power, since I am very bad when it comes to evaluate stuff. Again, just tell me, and I'll add right away!))

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Re: The Eye

Post by Eric Slattery on May 23rd 2012, 5:01 pm

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Eric Slattery

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