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A Vagrant's Nightlife (Open to anyone, mono for now)

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A Vagrant's Nightlife (Open to anyone, mono for now)

Post by Sim on May 22nd 2012, 12:28 am

A dark bundle dotted the grassy ground in front of the treeline at Piedmont park. upon investigation man found it to be an undesirable girl, curled on the ground in a black jacket sleeping. Seeing as how he was a lonely undesirable man, and this was a young and attractive, if somewhat dirty, undesirable girl he saw fit to wake her up.

"I SAID GET AWAY!" The man, without warning, found himself flying several feet away with a burning chest and ruined shirt. He quickly lost his will to fight, and just wanted the tiny girl standing over him to let him be on his way. She held a tiny hand out, the paleness of her skin looking like a light against the backdrop of darkness. "Give me money." She said in a flat tone. The man forked over what little he had, and was gladly on his way to appreciate his own company.

Lulu found her way to the pathway, and followed it out of the park. it was pretty late, so the park was mostly empty, but she did pass a few people. She easily avoided them of course, her strange powers let her be almost as aware of living things as if she could actually see them. She could even tell that she drew their stares. She was more than used to it though, she simply diligently followed the path until she found the sidewalk. She knew the area well enough that she was aware of a 24 hour diner not too far away. She quietly made her way down the sidewalk without incident. It had been a couple days since she had anything to eat besides what she could find. Her powers kept her alive even if she didn't eat, but they didn't do anything to help her hunger. Even if you know it won't kill you, starving is not very pleasant.

She walked in the small diner, found the counter, and held up her newly acquired bill. She was a site to behold. At well under five feet and very skinny, she looked even younger than she actually was. worn out black beats devoured the bottoms of dirty jeans. a nondescript black hoodie covered her upper body, and long blue-black hair fell down past the hoodie to her jeans. Her bangs were untrimmed, falling partially over her eyes, or where one would assume eyes might be. White bandages wrapped around her head covered her eyes like a blindfold. In places where it wasn't wrapped as thick, tiny spots of blood stained the bandages. Her sockets always bled, especially when she used her powers.

"How much is this?" Lulu asked the woman at the register. Her lips didn't actually move and no sound came out, but the woman could hear Lulu's question in her mind. The hostess was dumbfounded for just a moment before replying "It's a five hun." She was telling the truth, although if she hadn't Lulu would have been forced to trust her. She could have asked the intimidated man she got the bill from, but she feared the question may have made him realize he could give her whatever he wanted without her knowing. "A large sweet tea, and however many hot dogs I can get with what's left of five dollars please." She gave her bill to the woman, and quickly received her tea and three hot dogs. A bit more than what five dollars could actually buy, but the woman could tell she could use an extra hot dog. Lulu found a table in the back of the room and went about the business of enjoying her meal ravenously devouring the hot dogs as if she had never eaten before, spilling a bit of ketchup onto her chin, and washing it down with big gulps of her drink.

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