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Here comes the parade!

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Here comes the parade! Empty Here comes the parade!

Post by Dustin Waugh May 21st 2012, 6:18 pm

Hello, hello to the people of New York. Today come down to time square and see for your very eyes one of the biggest parades of all time. This entire event is supported by Microsoft, Blood Donors, and many more contributing businesses. There are games, drinks, live music, characters of the ages, floats, and giant balloons. Come now to the fun that will last for all day today and half way into tomorrow, you can not miss this booming event. Today seemed like a fun day and it would turn out that Dustin could enjoy himself today, this brodcast had finally come on air again throughout the tv and radios of New York. They have been setting up this week and now they were finally done and this would be a big event so Dustin decided not to miss out.

While in the rented apartment he went into his room put on sort of baggy blue jeans, a T shirt, his converse, and his coat. He walked out of his room and stretched letting out a load moan. He seemed a little tired but nothing like cold air and a nice walk to wake him especially since he was going to eat and listen to music. He grabbed his wallet and phone and put it into his back pocket and his phone in the front pocket. He stretched yet again and then spurt like jumped to the door and opened it. The cool nice air rushed into his apartment which felt really good. He stepped outside and began to walk to the event after locking the door behind him. He was all to exited he was probally going there for fun but it actually felt like more of an assignment.

After taking the sub to Time Square, he noticed how trains were more packed then usual. To him it felt like he was being enclosed in walls or bodies. He really had to let his body temperature drop other wise the people would jump away from the thought of him running a fever. The bell came on and the sign came on "Now arriving Time Square", good it was his stop now. As soon as the doors open he just let the people move him because it was like a body of water moving one person. When he was off the train he breathed in a full blast of air as if it was special because in there he barley even got enough to half way inflate his lungs. He could hear the excitement going on above ground people laughing and cheering. It seemed like an amusement park. He was really excited now and could not wait, he immediately ran up the steps and seen all the things they announced plus more. There were comedians and rides of all kind and there were animals of many species. "Man today was going to be fun", he thought.
Dustin Waugh
Dustin Waugh
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Post Mate

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Here comes the parade! Empty Re: Here comes the parade!

Post by Riccto May 21st 2012, 8:52 pm

Carlos was back in the Big Apple after a long visit back home to Puerto Rico. He left his new home of NYC to return the the island because he had gotten word of a drug smuggling ring moving in in San Juan, some of the major crews and players in the Caribbean had moved onto his home island. Carlos wasnt going to have any of that. He had hopped on the first flight back into San Juan intent on cleaning up his hometown. It was really the brawl of a lifetime for young Carlos. And not the stand up toe to toe sort that he had trained for. Quite the opposite it was for the young Campeon. It was a drawn out twelve round affair that drew out and was full of the trials and tribulations that follow through. More than once on his trip back home he had thought he had come out with a victory in the round only to discover that the forces he was acting against only wanted to jump ontop of him during the next. He wasnt playing around with some loose super or some opportunistic street thugs. He was playing with the real deal and so he had to up the ante on his own part, pick up the pace and act like a real Champion. He paced himself, busting up one front before waiting and listening to the vibrations that set out. He was eventually able to herd his foe into the corner and after a tough battle finally get them off the island. But he didnt give himself any time to celebrate. He needed to be back in NYC. He had an obligation to the people there.

He flew back to New York wearing his trademark bandanna on his head. The flight over was uneventful with the exception of of a few Puerto Ricans mentioning some thanks to him for his actions back on the island. He responded with some trademark humble responses but most of the flight was spent with Carlos asleep with his seat fully reclined. He landed uneventfully and got onto a cab that drove him over to Times Square. Man did El Campeon pick a good day to return to his city! He was amazed to see the festival. And look! They had the empanada stand that he always jogged by when he would go on patrol! He picked up an empanada free of charge (She's such a kind little lady.) Turnover in hand he set out wandering about the festival, sometimes watching comedians, other times just plain old people-watching. This was going to be a good day.

El Boriquen

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Here comes the parade! Empty Re: Here comes the parade!

Post by Painstake May 22nd 2012, 1:42 am

Now THIS was the kind of day off Silas could certainly get used to. Crowds in their revelry moving between amusements and the sound of laughter and the din of celebratory musics. The scents of flavored woods roasting spiced meats felt almost like a cleansing; purging the usual smell of antiseptics and blood that clogged his sinuses. Silas even managed to freelance a band-aid onto a scraped knee or two! Feeling bright and free of thoughts of massive injury, he decided it was time to revel!

First he hit the novelty lemonade stand. Nothing says street faire like an artificial coconut carved with the impression of a sitting monkey. "Your insides are made of pink lemonade!" Silas said to his pseudo-pet. "OOO OOO OOOooooo AAAAAAA AAA AAaaaaAAAA!" he made the monkey pantomime. A group of children laughed at the silly man talking to the fake monkey; and such laughter it was! Even the parents, who would likely find this behavior disturbing in any other context, chuckled a bit.

Continuing to sip monkey-head, Silas meandered toward the snack stands. He waited patiently in line under a bright yellow awning watching everyone just... enjoy. Finally making the front of the line and in a decidedly extroverted mood, he decided to try his hand at amusing the high-school age girl behind the counter.

"Chocolate covered banana for my friend here!" he exclaimed, hoisting his coconut monkey.

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Here comes the parade! Empty Re: Here comes the parade!

Post by Sponsored content

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