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Another meeting? (closed to Wally)

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Another meeting? (closed to Wally) Empty Another meeting? (closed to Wally)

Post by Janus May 12th 2012, 2:46 am

New York. A concrete jungle. More skyscrapers grow to blot out the sun each and every year. It was what New York was known for, besides being the apparent center for all destruction and superheroes. The black car with tinted out windows rolled past the glittering glass spiders that stretched to the heavens above. The car drove the speed limit to the center of the city. He had just returned from a trip to Chicago. That had been where he had been dropped off after his....meeting. He spun the golden staff in his hands, running a single finger down the blade. He recalled a small fragment of the meeting.

"Do you know why thou have been summoned here?" Came a smooth, female voice from behind a black throne. The back of the throne was turned to John, concealing the other member of this meeting. The answer to the question was no, John had no idea why he had been summoned here. Hell, he didn't know where here even was. It was like they stood on a floating rock in space. But there were no planets to be seen. all that awaited them was an endless abyss. "No, I do not." John replied formally. "Of course not. How could thou know? It would be impossible." Came the chilling, smooth, female voice from behind the chair. "I have been studying you for a very long time."

The memory faded from John's mind as the car jerked to a stop in front of the tower his penthouse was in. The staff created an illusion around itself to appear as a golden walking stick with a dark coloured jewel at the top. The driver opened the door for him and he stepped out. His free hand rand won the other sleeve of his shirt. He stretched his neck as he began to walk through the front doors and into the lobby. He twirled his "walking stick" at his side as he did so.


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Another meeting? (closed to Wally) Empty Re: Another meeting? (closed to Wally)

Post by The Bolt May 12th 2012, 10:31 am

Anthony leaned back in the chair, green eyes scanning the room carefully. Sure he was used to breaking and entering but this place had an almost ominous feeling about it. Though he didn’t really let something like that get to him, as he sipped on something in a glass. John sitting in a chair next to him, playing with a small shard of ice floating above his palm. Twirling a little before falling flat against it. ” Any second now.” Anthony muttered as he could feel the temperature lower somewhat, most likely by Johns power. His body temp was always at a constant low so it made sense the rooms temperature would follow suit.

”Not sure why we need this guy.” John muttered as the ice shard crumbled into minute particles and flittered away. Though his concerns were ignored as the door opened and a man walked through. A sly smirk drawing itself across Anthony’s face as the man walked into the room, already within his grasp.

”Right on schedule Mister Aliquam. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said running a few fingers through his blonde hair. Sure he looked only about sixteen but he was far more than the average teenager. In fact he had more power than anyone his age could ever hope to have. As was the power of the Caster family. ”I’ve heard much about your exploits, and have taken an interest in them.” He motioned towards a seat already prepared.

” Take a seat, please.”
The Bolt
The Bolt
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