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Welcome Home (Invite Only)

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Re: Welcome Home (Invite Only)

Post by Chellizard on May 30th 2012, 4:55 pm

Skyler let her eyes fall from the men and on to Bart. She gave him a weak smile and then turned back to Warlord. His distrusting tone, and the sneering in his words made her want to curl up and die. She stood up proud, though, and listened to the men. She nodded, and allowed her head to hang. Before Warlord was out of ears reach, she uttered a simple sentence. "I once killed to clear my name; now I let my name hang on everyone's lips in fear." She felt her chest tighten when he spoke of Dayne McHale. She gritted her teeth and allowed herself to keep as calm as possible before adding another piece of information.

"That man abused me my whole childhood and took advantage of my mother up until she was placed into a home. I could not allow him to live any longer. His death was karma; it came back for him." Her eyes met with Philip's, and then she turned her attention from him and to the owner who's name was sewn into his work shirt. Joe. She smiled briefly at him, despite him disliking her choices. "I have an easy eleven grand and you can have it for your troubles." She leaned into her car's passenger window and reached for the envelope within her bag. She pulled out the stack out cash. It was actually 11,027.53$. But, who was really counting? She dropped the cash into his hand, even the rattling change. She then nodded to him, Joe, and looked to Bart.

"Let's get some food," she said, pulling about three hundred dollars from the fold in her skirt. She looked to the burger joint across the way and then thought of an idea. She walked toward the main office and announced she would be buying dinner on top of them fixing her car. "I'll need everyone's orders. I hope burgers are fine with everyone; I haven't had one in about a year." She gave all of them a light, closed mouth smile and grabbed a pen and piece of paper to jot down all the appropriate orders.


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Re: Welcome Home (Invite Only)

Post by Billiam94 on June 3rd 2012, 3:54 pm

Bart listened to Warlord as he spoke and while it was a bit harsh, it did make sense. He felt a bit sorry for Karma as she attempted to justify herself and then paid for the repairs. He decided she might need a bit of time to herself on such a stressful day, "I'll stay here with these guys, you go ahead. A burger sounds great though." He loved hamburgers, they were his favorite food that was served in the institution. The thought of going a whole year without one nearly made Bart shudder. "Tell them I want lots of ketchup, please. I love ketchup." Some of the men chuckled at this, so Bart laughed nervously with them. He wasn't used to being around so many people that didn't have PhD in their name. He took a seat near the group and began to twiddle his thumbs.







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Re: Welcome Home (Invite Only)

Post by Chellizard on June 28th 2012, 8:42 am

Skyler came back with all the men's food, and enjoyed her food as well. She carried on random conversation, and relaxed. She caught up with her old friend, and also chatted with Warlord some more. She explained to Bart she would need to part ways with him, though. She let him know that she would always try to be there for him, and was only a call away. She would keep her phone, and never use it unless he called her. She viewed him as her younger brother, and he was something like that to her. She did not want to leave him, but she had to.

"I'll be around, friends. But I've gotta get going. I have some stuff to research."

And she was off, into the sunset, in her fixed silver Corvette, with about ten bucks in her pocket. She would have to enjoy her time away from her new found friends, and meet up with them later in the future.

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