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The Feast of Fools! (Troglodyte only)

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The Feast of Fools! (Troglodyte only) Empty The Feast of Fools! (Troglodyte only)

Post by CirqueDuFreek May 1st 2012, 8:57 pm

Long since the days of blissful and sickening innoence had ClairBear seen real 'friends'. Her social life was a cloud of robberies, her ancestory lost and a seemingly perfect ghost story within itself. Who needed friends anyway?! Oddly, today was a bit different for the calico-queen of jesters; She'd set a meeting opened only to an olf 'friend' one could say. A 'buddy' or a 'bro'. Eagerly skipping along the pavement and bobbing her head from left to right as if listening to some music-keen with plenty of bass- was loudly playing in her ears. The radiant, though somewhat dimmed sunlight of California reflected upon the jester-woman. Her top hat seemed to remain in perfect place as she skipped and the orange orb in the sky caused the young womans mane of frizz to bob and glint as it swished widly in the breeze.

Ohhhh, the Childrens Museum! The place of entry in every child's life! Oh, the memories and the fun she'd once had here .... The key word, ONCE, plagued her and made her quirk her bright red lips, glance around, and then stompy inside rather angrily.Muttering under her breath about something along the lines of 'stupid serial rapist bicthes tryin' to ruin my life'.

Not even regarding the people at the window asking her for a pass or money, ClairBear sauntered forward and continued to loll her head from left to right to a silent little tune. Suddenly and much to her dismay, a swarm of snot-noted, bratty little children suddenly flocked to her screaming, "THE CLOWNS HERE!!!!!!!"

Biting her lip and cocking one eyebrow, Clair stepped back, took off her hat and faked a large grin. "Okay kids! Go show your parents THIS magic trick!" Reaching into the bottomless pit of her hat, she pulled out a handful of coins.

Choosing not to mention the perverted images on the coins, she handed them out to each and every child with a goofy little quirky grin on her over-expressioned face. "Now, don't hold these coins, give them to your parents! They're SPECIAL and turn into dollar bills when held with your fingers!"

With her job done and a chorous of, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT?!', ClairBear skipped forward, leaving a room-full of angry parents with their hands stuck together by what seemed to be, semen. Perfect party savor stuffers!

Going up to the top floor of the museum, Clair plopped down in a slumped, haunched over position, took her hat off and pulled out some playing cards to play solataire;

Hopefully her little 'friend' would show up in time. She'd been looking forward to this meetup for some time ...

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The Feast of Fools! (Troglodyte only) Empty Re: The Feast of Fools! (Troglodyte only)

Post by Troglodyte May 1st 2012, 9:44 pm

If the gentleman had moustaches he would have twirled them villanously at this very moment, partly because he was the sort of person that had a hard time not fiddling with things like moustaches, and partly because it would have been part of his image. He really wished he had a fancy, waxed curly, "snidely whiplash"-style moustache at the moment, since it might prevent all of these little kids from asking him to perform magic tricks for their entertainment. He had been asked to do it three times in the five minutets he had spent in the museum, and although two had accepted his explanation that he was not a wizard, but in fact the famous gentleman thief with very little fuzz, he had to pull a penny out of the ear of the third kid before he agreed to leave the poor supervillain alone.

Being mistaken for a wizard was one of the many reasons that he rarely went out into public wearing his beloved 'Blueblooded Gentelman Thief'-outfit. Another reason was that this particurlar costume probably was on quite a few tapes associated with several recent high-profile heists. the third reason he could think of was the fact that you get asked quite a bit of annoying quesitions when you dress up like this. Question such as:
"'Why are you wearing that hat",
"is it true that you stole the diamond hat of the czars?"
or "If you let one of the hostages go, you'll get one of my men in return."
quite bothersome, really.

Still, he figured the questions and unwanted attention would have to be his cross to bear, since he had chosen such a stylish costume back when he had designed his alter ego. After all, if he was one of these dirt-poor, witless, worthless, commoners he would be in awe of someone dressed as finely as the gentleman Thief as well. After all, he held a level of class and sophistication that they never would be able to match in a million years, no matter how hard they tried. It was all about the breeding, all about the blood.

However, a sudden shout of anger and general dissaproval told him that this waiting was at an end. One of the First things you learn about Clair was even though she dressed up as a clown, she did not make a fool of herself spread laughter and joy to those around her, like most of her colleagues. Rather she made a fool out of those around her to get herself a good laugh at their expense. In some ways she was the very anthisesis of a clown, but Gentleman found her antics enjoyable nonetheless.

It did not take long for Manfred to lay eyes on the woman he had came here to meet. Her costume stood out even more than his own did. She seemed to be up to her usual tricks to say the least. The Gentleman Thief smiled as he thought of their last little meet and greet. She was a pearl indeed. With a few quick strideds he reached her, gently taking her hand and kissing in a manner so ridiculously archaic and stereotypical that it got quite a few giggles from the onlookers
"Ah, Clair! Enchanté" he greeted her in a rich, full voice, that almost made up for his earlier rather tacky greeting

"Still up to your old tricks I see." He said, a slight smirk appearing on his lips as he adjusted his monocle slightly.
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