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Post by Agony on April 30th 2012, 1:50 am

FBI Most Wanted: Agony

Personal Information:

"They call me Agony because that is what I inflict upon my enemies, such as yourself."

Real Name: N/A
Alias: Agony
Titles: The Destroyer, Bone Crusher, The Spine Crusher
Alignment: Terrorism (Evil)
Age: 38
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Date of Birth: July 15 1990
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: None
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'8
Weight: 335
Currently Located In: Unknown
Scars and Marks:
on his upper right arm

"For a long time, I sought to make the world a perfect place. I will succeed. But, there is a man who stands in my way. A man who will not budge. A man who will not stop as long as, in his eyes, there is a threat to the planet. So, for the past few months, my target has been you."

Agony is a terrorist. He thrives on the terror that he inflicts upon others. But he was not always like this, at one time, he was an American soldier at one time in his life. He was strong, noble and courageous. After the accident, which resulted in lung and brain damage, he believed that he was put on Earth to make it that Garden of Eden, a perfect civilization. Due to his violent history, the way he sought out to achieve his goals was through striking terror into the governments of the world and eliminate them once they were weak or bowed to his whims. He is strong willed and will hold his ground. He does not bend to the whims of others. He can inspire fear or courage in his followers and enemies.

"They called you invincible. They called you unstoppable. They even called you untouchable. As I will prove, even a man of your stature is not untouchable to me."

The man that became known as Agony was born in a prison in Russia. After the child was born, he was ripped away from his parents and sent to a foster home. He learned to fight from his step father who was a high officer in the army in the country. His step father died in battle when he was ten years old. After his step fathers death, he was a troubled child who had a cold outlook on the world. When he turned 16, his step mother died as well. He escaped his foster home and traveled to America at age 17. He read any book he could get his hands on once he fled to America. No one had discovered that he had caused the fire. He became part of the US army to gain experience in combat.

During battle, his camp was attacked. The enemies used flames, for the most part, in order to destroy absolutely everything. The fire damaged his lungs. When he returned to America, he wasn't taken back to the government or the hospital. No, he was taken to John Aliquam. John had devised the attack on the camp in order to get the man that would soon be known as Agony. But, he lied and told him that he had been sold out. Though, Agony did not need convincing. His brain had also been damaged in the fire. He could still think at superhuman levels, but his reasoning behind what he would go on to do came from this damage. He truly believed that he was put on Earth to create a new Eden, a perfect place. Though, he decided to do this through force. John provided him with the respirator mask that he now wears. It pumps a chemical into him to keep him alive and to temporarily lift any pain he experiences from him. He was also pumped up with a toxin that increased his durability and his strength to high superhuman levels.

He garnered the attention of governments around the world through acts of terror around the globe. These acts have not been on a large scale as of the moment and the governments have been able to keep the world in the dark on this subject. His first attack was on a small town in India, which was found stripped of all valuables and had been immolated. The town was but dust by the time they were finished. Bloody bodies were strewn around the area.

Their second point of attack was a military base in Afghanistan, killing hundreds of soldiers. The event was covered up as a nuclear reactor spill. As for his current location, that is unknown. He has gone under the radar in preparation for his next attack. The governments have been unable to find hims exact location but have pinpointed his location to somewhere in Karachi. Of course, this may just be what he wants them to think.

"Why do I keep you alive? For your crimes, your punishment must be much more severe than death."

Super Strength
Super Endurance
Super Intelligence

Expert Strategist
Peak Physical Conditioning

"I could simply kill you... but death would only end your agony, and silence your shame, I will simply destroy you."

Fighting Style:
Brutal and fierce. His fighting style does not consist of martial arts techniques but of brutal attacks. He would not hesitate to rip right through a mans neck and rip out his Spinal column which he has demonstrated enough times to gain the nickname "the Spine Crusher".

Power Grid:

"By the end of this day, civilization as you know it will crumble to my might. No one can stop me, it's too late now. The plan has been moving for a long time, you have just been to dense to see it. But, there is no place in my new world for you."


Common Attire:



Trench Coat

Mask The mask can feed him a gas that takes away pain for a four posts. It is the only way he can still live; if you remove the mask, he feels immense pain and can only live for a few minutes longer. The mask is drilled into part of his skull, held there and nearly impossible to rip off without 7 STR/EP. The mask also dispels a toxin (operating at 5 INT) that makes Agony and his men look nightmarishly frightening. It only fully effects those with 5 INT or below (due to it affecting the min, not body) but retains subdued effects for 6 and 7 INTs.

"What am I? I am the world's revelation. It's new leader. I am it's reckoning."

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Re: Agony

Post by Super Cutie on April 30th 2012, 2:20 am



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Re: Agony

Post by Ace on May 1st 2012, 7:45 pm

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Re: Agony

Post by Arcana on May 4th 2012, 7:03 pm

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