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Father Heinrich Van Helsing

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Father Heinrich Van Helsing Empty Father Heinrich Van Helsing

Post by LaughingMad on April 14th 2012, 3:13 pm

Real Name: Father Heinrich Van Helsing

Title: Hunter of the Darkness, Father Badass

Alignment: Type III Anti-Hero

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 90kg

Costume Image:
Father Heinrich Van Helsing Tumblr_lz7moqQCts1r5k9mgo1_500
With This Hat:
Father Heinrich Van Helsing VANHEL_HAT

Personality: Father Heinrich does not act like the typical man of the cloth. He is vulgar, rude, often swears, is not off using the Lord’s name in vain or anything of the sort. He drinks, he smokes and can get incredibly violent rather easily. In fact he seems to be rather the opposite of what you expect someone like him to be, which is caused by his work making him the man he is today from the things he’s seen and done.

Despite all this he honestly cares about humans and protecting them, even ones who aren’t particularly religious. He just doesn’t act like it, because getting into close relationships can be dangerous for the people he cares about in his line of work. He views any non-violent non-humans the same way he’d treat humans, because he has seen himself that there can be ‘good’ ones. Though at first he treats them with suspicion he eventually would learn to trust them, at least in the same way he does humans.

History: Father Heinrich Van Helsing comes from the legendary family that slew monsters of all kinds, including the legendary Dracula, throughout history. Over time the family began to realize that their children were become more superhuman, possibly due to the members spending time near magic, until they became what they are today. Eventually they became part of the Church, working under them due to the funding that they would get.

Due to his family’s name Heinrich was trained from an early age in the ways combat, how to fight against unholy monsters, and was accepted as part of the Church. At first he was an idealist, believing firmly in what he was doing. Over time, however, this changed due to the horrors he would see, what the monsters would do and how people acted in dire situations. He soon turned into the man he is today.

One day he was fighting a Vampire in Sweden, having spent a month looking for it until he finally found it, when in the fight it bit into his right hand. Not wanting to turn into a Vampire himself Heinrich, in the middle of the battle, cutting his own hand off before continuing the fight with only his non-dominant hand. The fight was hard but he managed to fight through, though he ended up losing conciousness. He was saved by one of the boys who survived an attack from the Vampire, who said he wanted to become a hunter so that he could avenge his family. At first Heinrich did not allow it, but the kid insisted so much till eventually he gave in.

When he returned to the Church he gave them the kid to train, but noticing his missing hand they offered for him to be part of an experiment that would not only give him his hand back, but give him more power then before. Heinrich accepted it and was given his metallic hand, holy writings and scriptures inside. It granted him control over holy energies, which he was glad for. He firmly believe's it's the only reason he's alive today, as he would've gone ahead and fought with one hand anyway against even tougher enemies then before.

Knowing that he is getting older, and accepting the fact that people in his family die young due to their work, Heinrich has become more bitter then ever before. He expects his death to come within five years, at best, and although he willingly accepts this he is not happy about it.

Powers: Inside Father Heinrich’s robotic hand are several holy scriptures and writings, that allow him control over their holy energies. This manifests itself as holy constructs of light that he has complete control over, creating objects of varying sizes and shapes which he can fire out or move around within a six meter radius of himself. The constructs can be created to be at most ten feet tall and wide. They do greater damage against ‘unholy’ creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, Undead etc.

Power Grid:

STR: 5
SPD: 2
END: 4
INT: 2
EP: 5
FS: 4

Power Grid colours: Green and black

Character Image: Look at costume image.

Roleplay Sample: Taking his cigar out his mouth, Father Heinrich tapped the wase off the end with his finger, looking forward at the vampire in front of him. This one had been exceptionally heinous, killing without remorse. About five families dead, killed the previous hunter that the Church had sent. They had sent him knowing full well that he was likely going to die, but the Father had accepted that. This was probably his last fight, and he was gonna take this evil demon with him. Well, it's been a good run. I think I earned my place upstairs, I hope. He looked up at the night sky, smoking his cigar one last time before flicking it away. He pointed at the monster. "Prepare for hell, you piece of shit. You don't belong in this world." He said before he took a step forward, pulling out a stake, and went to punch it in the face.

It managed to dodge the attack, moving to the side and scratching at Heinrich's arm. Heinrich dodged to the side, just managing to avoid the sharp claws, and threw the stake at the Vampire's back. The creature screamed aloud as the aging hunter got his footing again, giving the monster enough time to pull it out. Fuck I missed the heart! He rushed forward quickly with the intention of hitting the monster in the back of the head, but it reacted quick enough to turn around and stab Heinrich in the chest with it's claws. Heinrich grit his teeth, trying to avoid screaming in pain, before punching the monster away and taking a few steps back, putting his hand over the wounds.

He didn't have much time to recover as the Vampire began charging back, Heinrich trying to keep it away by backhanding it away. However it grabbed his hand, biting into it. Screaming in pain and fear the Father kicked the monster away. Quickly he looked around, finding an axe. He rushed for it, grabbing it with his left hand, and brought it down on his hand with a blood-curdling scream. Blood went everywhere, but he had no time to watch.

He turned to face the Vampire as it rushed for him again, swining the axe. It dodged back, so he took a step forward and attempted to bringing down onto it's head. The Vamp moved to the side and lashed forward at Heinrich's eye, though he managed to dodge fast enough so it just grazed him. He kicked at the monster's legs, causing it to fall on the ground, but stumbled forward. He felt his vision fading as the amount of blood he was losing increased. He heard the creature rise up behind him, getting ready to bite into his neck and end the fight. "... And then the LORD said: 'Fuck you'."

A deep breath escaped his mouth as it came closer, swinning the axe behind him. It hit the monster's side, causing it to scream, and he stepped forward. He swung his body around and used the momentum to cut the head off. He watched it roll away before he fell to the ground himself, fading into the black.


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Father Heinrich Van Helsing Empty Re: Father Heinrich Van Helsing

Post by Super Cutie on May 3rd 2012, 8:39 pm



Father Heinrich Van Helsing Tumblr_mh2dgmzN7L1qiz3j8o1_500
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