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Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.)

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Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.)

Post by Mockingbird June 8th 2012, 12:26 pm

Andree grimaced but took the electricity that Nightkill shot her with, after all, it was just a dream. But, the dream was collapsing. Scar's voice broke through and into the dream, as did the heat of the flames. She could feel her body beginning to get extremely hot as a few beads of sweat trickled down her forehead. Slowly, she felt her mind return to her body as Scar's hand slapped her across her face. The slap came as a shock, seeing as moments earlier she was in a dream and being electrocuted while held down by goo. "Oww!" She exclaimed after feeling Scar's hand slap her across the face.

"Couldn't think of a better way?" She teased as she allowed Scar to half drag her to her feet. She was partially walking but her legs felt like jello right now. The sounds of destruction from somewhere else in the building reached her ears. She was curious what it was but was trying to get the energy to walk so she didn't have time to worry about it. The two made it through the doorway by the time her legs started feeling better. "Thanks, Scar. I think I walk now, though." She told her, taking her arm off of her shoulder. Her legs weren't at one hundred percent but they were good enough that she could walk without Scar's support.

Once walking on her own and out of the room, that was now covered in flames, Andree noticed thatshe was drenched from the sprinkler system. Her hand went up to the necklace that Nate had given her, made of two of his own feathers. She ran her hand along it to try and get some water out of it. The tank top and jeans could be replaced later though, so she didn't bother trying to get the water out of them. I chose the wrong day to wear a white tank top, thank God for Scar's hoodie. The hoodie was keeping the top mostly dry. "Good thing you gave me your hoodie. Thanks again, by the way." She said to Scar.

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Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.)

Post by Guest June 12th 2012, 7:09 pm

Nightkill was currently on the other side of New York City- while the hospital was in Queens, Nightkill was now in Manhattan, in the same building that a certain insane zombie mage with a split personality disorder was getting interviewed by an Indian journalist. Additional information about his recruits was always useful, and Corra- Cadia, whatever- was an enigma that needed to be cracked.

Then he felt his phone vibrating, and glanced at it. It was giving him a report about the hospital and the angel baby situation. Did Scar overpower the doctors? He activated the camera by tapping the phone screen, and then almost dropped his phone on the ground. Pain?! Pain!? By God, it was Pain! The situation had entirely changed. Nightkill was stunned by the hero's sudden appearance and cursed his arrogance for assuming he had everything covered and good. He realised now that he had accounted for all know variables, but the unknown, that great and fun unknown, was always quite happy to disapprove of any and all precautions a smart man makes. Murphy's Law had stated that anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong, and Nightkill was currently quite inclined to agree with that.

He turned to his butler and general right hand man, Jonathan Mohammed Azad. After looking at his phone incredulously, he said "...Pain?" staring at his butler as though he was begging the black man to prove him wrong.

As it was, the black man just shuffled nervously and nodded. "Yes. I'm sorry, sir. But that is indeed Pain, former leader of GUN and-"

"I fucking well know just who Pain is! I have fought the man! He broke my face once!" Nightkill said, losing his calm composure and going into a miniature rage, shaking with his anger. He took a deep breath. "No matter. I need to keep the angel and the child safe and captured. That is crucial, at all costs. I cannot go there myself right now, it would take too long. But I have a creature we can get to the hospital quickly...Is the Experiment still in prototype phase?'

"It isn't the Experiment anymore, let the scientists name it..." Azad said, a bit nervously. Or it could just be that he was stifling a laugh. Either one.

Nightkill sighed. "Oh, yes. I completely forgot. Alright, what name did they pick?"

Azad grinned now. "They named it Shatner, sir."

A vein pulsed in Nightkill's forehead. "Shatner." he said slowly and deliberately. "They named it Shatner..."

"They are nerds, sir. You said they can name the Experiment as they wanted, due to their good work, and they decided-"

"I can see very well what they decided, Azad! That is absolutely the last straw that broke the camel's back! From now on, make a note. I will NOT be nice enough to allow them to name our biological weapons! They have grossly ruined the whole style of the thing, I mean, Shatner?" he said. Then he sighed. "Never mind that. Only we'll know that it's named that, anyway, the Experiment can't speak. Not smart enough for that."

"It's quite stupid. sir. It's just an animal. It won't understand large directions, it can just be aimed."

"Good enough...aim the thing at Pain. I'll send in a team to help capture the angel and Andree later, but I have a surprise for the two of them...Andree has broken my mind dream, but I still have some other surprises in store for her..."

Shatner did not understand a lot of things. It was a mere animal, after all. It attacked what it was told and not much more. So when it felt itself being awoken by an electrical shock, and staring directly at a large, largely empty hospital with the mental image of a muscular human....

Pain. Prey. A primal urge said, showing his prey to him. Ah, the prey...

It started to charge toward the hospital, roaring.

The man that Pain was interrogating was on the verge of pissing himself. He never wanted this! This was just a standard job for Nightkill, a job that would get him through college so he could go for his real career of becoming a computer engineer. This was just a side job for him, one that had suddenly become extremely terrifying.

"Err, Nightkill! We work for Nightkill! He just wanted us to guard someone, keep them from escaping and stuff. Some enemy of his. It's a woman, pregnant, blonde, stuff like that. Don't hurt me, please, they're in Room 2B on the second floor, don't hurt me-"

Then the wall exploded.

A giant wolf gorrila thing burst through the wall, roaring and making the poor guard piss himself even more. It turned toward Pain, snarling with drool coming out of his mouth. It roared again, the roar audible through the hospital. It charged at Pain, throwing a punch.

Shatner stats:
But don't think the fun is over yet! Nightkill was fully aware that Pain could beat Shatner, formerly known as the Experiment. Therefore, he sent in some cannon fodder, some soldiers in fireproof military outfits. Around six of them landed on the roof of the four floor hospital. Blowing a hole in and masking the sound by coinciding it with Shatner's roar, they went down to go face Andree and Scar. These soldiers had been genetically modified and carried advanced guns of all types, from pistols to sub machines and even a sniper rifle. Nightkill very much wanted Scar and Andree captured alive.

[spoiler]Int 3
Str 3
Spd 4
EP 0
FS 4[spoiler]

But these guys were a sideshow to the main event. Nightkill had a weapon in mind in case these safeguards failed him.....

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Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.)

Post by Pain July 6th 2012, 1:59 pm

Pain smirked victoriously up at the man dangling in his mighty grip. He chuckled softly as the terrified guard spat out exactly what he needed. The hero clenched his opposite fist tightly, preparing to knock the guard out and get moving. Things were rarely that simple though, a loud crash rang throughout the facility. “The hell..?” He growled under his breath, looking over his shoulder towards the sound. Seems like they just released something nasty, because the sounds of crashing were coming straight towards him and fast; whatever it was our hero would stand tall and face it.

A wall on the opposite end of the long room crumbled with ease, and from the debris a massive blundering beast charged its way towards the Big Guy. A madman’s chuckle escaped his lips, his expression resembling his attitude about everything. A good fight always got the blood pumping, but he was more excited about fighting than a hero should be. Pain tossed the guard aside, he had served his purpose and the hero had bigger fish to fry. “Get outta’ here punk,” The hero stated as he briefly glanced back to the man. ”‘Fore I change my mind.” His icy eyes set on the raging monster barreling its way towards him. He watched his opponent closely, trying to assess what he was up against.

It was significantly slower than him, and it moved very clumsily. This big ugly thing didn’t stand a chance against him, but it didn’t look like it’d go down without a fight. Good thing too, slow and ugly things tended to fight harder. Some might say the same about Pain, but he wasn’t as dumb as people would like to think. If there is one thing he’s smart with, it’s fighting.

The Big Guy kicked off into a raging charge, the ground beneath him tearing under his every step. He moved significantly faster than his foe, heading straight into a head-on collision with him. At the last moment, Pain put his shoulders down and dove straight into the massive beast’s chest. The two soared across the room, eventually coming to a vicious skidding halt. The tackle was brutal, easily knocking the wind out of the beast and leaving a path of destruction.

Pain showed no mercy, taking complete advantage of his position and power. He knelt over the beast, his knees digging into the ground beneath. His right hook cocked back first, holding it high and mighty as he looked down at his foe. The hero’s mind flickered away from the scene for a moment, drifting off to a time he would much rather forget. Due to Pain’s hesitation, the beast was able viciously claw half of his face. Blood oozed from the gashes across his face, but he didn’t even flinch. Anger radiated from him as his fist hammered down onto the beast’s face. From there, he lost it. All he saw in his head were the lives he failed to protect. Strike after strike was thrown, even as the beast struggled and clawed back, Pain continued his onslaught. It wasn’t until the beast’s blood was splattered onto his own face that he came to his senses. ‘Shatner’ had been brutalized to a bloody pulp, lying lifeless and defeated on the floor as blood oozed from his beaten face.

Could he really call himself a hero? Looking at his defeated foe made him question himself. What he was doing? Guilt stung in the pit of his stomach, but a twisted satisfaction ran through his veins. He rose from his knees, taking a step back from the defeated beast. He could feel the blood on his hands. This was not the man he set out to be, but he couldn’t be that man anymore. Pain had to be more than just a man to truly protect this planet.

Icy eyes traced the bloody trail which led to the hands that created it. They clenched in frustration, knowing that they would be always be used for this. The lives they had taken, they were right to end. Pain knew that now. In order to protect, he must destroy.

Scarlet. Her name rang through his head and snapped him out of his thoughts. The guard’s words clicked into his head, he couldn’t waste anymore time. There was nothing more he could do for the beast. Pain left ‘Shatner’s’ body and sprinted to the second floor of Nightkill’s facility in search of Scarlet. Room 2-B, or was it 2-D? The Big Guy didn’t have the best memory, but his first pick felt right.

Luckily for him, the search was cut short, but Scarlet was in trouble. She was surrounded by Nightkill’s goons, but it looked like she had a friend. Pain knew she could handle herself against punks like that, but as long as he was here he wasn’t going to just stand around. The Big Guy didn’t even stop, he continued on his charge, barreling towards the group with thunderous stomps. All were well aware of Pain’s arrival, but they lacked the power to stop him; they were just to slow him down. Something bigger was happening here, and he was going to find out. With little chance to react, two of the goons were taken out in the blink of an eye. The first he slammed his left shoulder into, violently flinging him aside with a swing of his arm. The second thug was gripped tightly by the shoulder, being yanked off his feet and dragged along for the ride. He skidded to a halt in front of Scarlet and Andree, tearing the ground up as he spun round to face Nightkill’s goons. Without hesitation, he tossed the man as his spin finished, hurling him like a football into one of the remaining thugs. Mercy was shown, only applying enough force to break a few bones and knock them out. His tactics were extremely aggressive, but fluent and effective.

“Three down already...” Pain chuckled devilishly to himself, a cocky smirk stretching across his face as he stared into the souls of the men standing before him. Briefly, he glanced over his shoulder, making eye contact with Scarlet and giving a nod to the two women standing behind him. His icy glare moved back to the thugs who hesitated to open fire, fear coursed through their veins, freezing them in place. “You punks might think the payout is worth the bones I break...” Pain threatened as he ritualistically rolled his neck and cracked his knuckles. ”But I’m reeeal good at changin’ minds..” His smirk widened, waiting for them to open fire with that same twisted excitement.
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Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.)

Post by Ember_Fangs July 8th 2012, 2:19 pm

The constant pattering of water on her skin was actually rather welcome to the angel. Scar's skin felt hot both to her and to the touch, which was unusual. She didn't notice the heat, nor the cold, due to the powers which enabled her to turn into a walking candle. But right now she felt hot. Really hot. So the cool water was a welcome balm against her skin. She smiled at Andree who quickly did the hoodie which Scar had given her, up so as to protect her white top and dignity. She had been about to suggest a direction they go in when the fire-proofed guards dropped from the ceiling like horrible black flies. Except these flies had guns.

"Boys," Scar raised her hands ever so slightly in a motion to stop and to show she had no weapons on her. "Let's just all... calm down..." she said, stepping in front of Andree rather protectively. One of the gun men cocked his weapon at her, causing her to narrow her eyes ever so slightly. She didn't really believe that Nightkill would have them killed. He was an idiot but he wasn't that much of an idiot. Then Pain was there. Scar did blink for a moment, stunned that he had just leaped out of nowhere to her rescue. He looked bad. Real bad. Scar knew Paine's death had taken a toll on him and she worried about his health every day but he wouldn't let her in, wouldn't let her close. He stood protectively in front of them then and issued his usual threats. The poor boys looked like they were about to crap themselves on the spot. His words sent shivers down even Scar's back. This wasn't Brock in his normal mind.

"Leave them, Pain," she said softly, placing a gentle hand on his arm. The soldiers had backed up, faces pale. "They're just foot soldiers, look they're barely out of the pram." she looked to the young men in front of them. They looked no older than Andree for sure.

Scarletta Carleen Jones

Gracie Marie Daniels

Arabella Katrina Montez
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Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.)

Post by Mockingbird July 9th 2012, 12:42 am

Andree's deep brown eyes glanced towards Scar as she pulled the zipper up as far as it would go. She'd rather retain her dignity a little longer. Moving from Scar to the ceiling, part of which had just exploded, where several dark clothed figures were lowering down from. They had a multitude of guns on hand. What happened to wanting Scar and I alive? She asked herself, a sigh passing through her lips as she did so. Did they realize they were going to get their asses kicked or did they not accept that fact until it happened? Andree wasn't in a pleasant mood anymore and these boys were going to be the perfect way to get her anger out.

But, instead of just getting into a fight, Scar decided to try and settle it peacefully. It caused Andree to roll her eyes, thankfully Scar couldn't see because she was behind her. Trying to reason with the people hired by the guy who just kidnapped you and made you relive some of the worst moments of your life probably was not going to work. Stepping out from behind Scar, so that she stood beside her now, she heard and saw the man cock the gun at Scar. Seeing that didn't help her anger. Now she wanted to beat the living shit out of this man for threatening her, even more so than before.

Then, out of nowhere, came another man. Pain. Once he entered, the confidence the men had carried moments before vanished instantly. They knew they were in for a world of, well, pain. A slight smirk of enjoyment appeared on her face, finding the swapped positions in this fight a tad amusing. Though, the smirk was short lived in favour of a more blank expression as her eyes scanned the men before her.

Each looked about the same age as her, not much older or younger. She actually felt a little bad for them. They were probably just doing this to get themselves through college or something. But, she couldn't let sympathy get in the way. They worked for Nightkill, they had guns and they were scared. Scared of both Pain and what would happen if they failed. Fear caused people to do terrible things, especially when coupled with other factors, such as desperation.

Her eyes glared at the men before the three of them, daring them to try it. Usually, she wouldn't try to get them to start a fight, but she needed something to hit right now. "Pram?" She asked, questioning Scar's use of British slang. It wasn't a term she had heard anyone use before.

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Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.) - Page 4 Empty Re: Sometimes kidnappings are a bitch. (Ember and Birdie.)

Post by Sponsored content

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