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Louisa Barrett

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Louisa Barrett Empty Louisa Barrett

Post by Black Odile on March 31st 2012, 12:54 pm

Real Name: Louisa Barrett
Villain name: Animagus
Title: Witchgirl
Alignment: Villain
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green and blue
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 9 stone

Costume description: She wears a green undershirt that has a deep v collar and has an elbow length sleeve on the right hand side. The left hand side is a full length sleeve left side overshirt and is blue. Her insignia is a green tree in a green circle and has a blue background. She has a beige scarf around her hips as a belt. The pattern on her top is repeated down her legs and she wears brown boots. She wears a mask that is stripped with dark green and bright green and covers just that area around her eyes. She has a sword fastened to her back when in costume and uses a wooden staff to keep herself more in contact with her powers and the earth- this helps her return to her original form. She ties her hair back to avoid accidentally whipping herself in the face. When she travels as Animagus she brings her companion with her- an enchanted cat-Vesper (The Evening Star).

Personality: She is a secret person- she only has two close friends and she considers other people as simply acquaintances- she feels very vulnerable if she opens up to people. She aims mostly to please other people and will do anything for her family and close friends because she feels as if she will get lost inside her own mind- she becomes depressed in intervals and prefers to read a book outside in the countryside. She dislikes alcohol, dirty rooms, animal cruelty and the deforestation of forests all over the world- this is why she wants to be a villain- she wants to use the power she can gain to change the world and to force others to save nature and stop unlawful animal killing. This may sound ridiculous as a plan but she has already had contact with heroes and finds their company tedious and thinks that they are extremely vain and obtuse. She is sensitive to emotional issues and prefers to live alone because having a partner is too complicated and takes too much work. She also is not sure if she is gay or straight yet and has decided to wait till she can be bothered with sharing her flat with someone. She will only settle with someone if they have a plan for their future and enjoy dark chocolate and value the same things as she did.

History: She had two cats and two dogs when she was younger and her mother worked as a manager of a private animal rescue service- this is how she found her powers because she had to work at her mother’s work during school holidays and occasional weekends. She first changed into an animal when she was procrastinating after being given an essay to write for the next day. She was sitting in the park under a tree and was watching a raven flying above her, she wondered what it would be like to travel across great distances and see the patterns of everyday buildings. She felt stiffening in her arms and her vision blurred in to a bright green and blue. An immense pain grew all down her arms and her vision cleared- She was a raven! She flew along with the other raven all day it took her 3 days to figure out how to return to her normal form. She had to imagine herself and focus on each individual part of her body to bring it back into existence. However, when she did return to her original form, she had forgotten to change her hair- it was deep dark black rather than a fiery red. She changed it back since. The first time she moved the earth was when she was reading about the powers of Wicca- she thought it might help her figure out what was happening to her. She looked at the small pear tree in her garden and focused upon the patterns in the bark, the colour of the leaves and the pears and the texture of the roots. She imagined it twisted in an arch and she closed her eyes picturing the image of a bent tree and when she opened her eyes, the tree was perfectly curved (just as she had seen it). She has two sisters and one younger brother (aged 22) but he has joined an activist group and this means that she last talked to him 5 years ago at her father’s birthday dinner, she doesn’t like to talk about him because she loves him very much and dreads to think of what might be happening to him, she also wishes that she could talk to him because he would be the only one that understands what is happening to her. Her sisters are older than her and are married to respectable men, one a banker and the other a doctor- she doesn’t like to talk to them because they constantly whine about her not having a partner and not settling down in a stable relationship. Her father worked as a business man and she was often invited to dinner parties and formal balls and has developed a great dislike for dresses and high heel shoes after permanently scarring her feet from all night dancing. He father has since retired and regularly goes on cruises with her mother (who never had a job and has always had issues with her only daughter- they just don’t value the same things). Louisa got her first job at a small café at the age of 19 during her university years- she studied ecology and zoology for many years but never found a job in those fields and instead works as a personal assistance at an eco friendly company that invents and promotes earth kind products and events during the week and works as a waitress at weekends. She has a dog, a cat and a ferret kept secretly in her flat.

Powers: Animagus can willingly force herself to transform into any animal of her choice. She can’t turn into anything fictional like a dragon or anything that is extinct. She can also use her inherent magic to communicate with animals or review an event through the eyes of the animal of her choice. She has average fencing skills and can use her inherent magic powers and connection to the earth to control animals and horticultural elements e.g. trees, rocks and rivers but she only has limited manipulation- she can’t transport any large substances such as a tall tree, a boulder or a river over large distances but she can divert the course of a river, create a path through a forest and can build using wood and rocks with her mental capabilities and she can use rocks in a battle. In order to use her ecological and fauna empathy she must close her eyes and imagine what it would be like to move that plant or be that animal and focus on the details of an animal or plant.

Power grid:
Energy Protection:2 Shapeshifting
Energy Projection: 4 Earth Manipulation
Fighting skills:3

Power grid colours: Green/ Blue

Character image/ description: She has long curly red hair that reaches halfway down her arms. She has green and blue eyes- after the tree incident they are medium sized and she has slightly arched eyebrows- they are also red. She is 5 feet 5 inches high and has small hands and size 5 feet. She has small, pointed ears that are hidden under her long, thick hair- she has always had them since birth and it’s a sign of her powers. She has pale skin and has a small waist similarly to an hourglass figure- she has wide hips and wide shoulders and breasts of an average size-size D. she has a small nose that is pierced with a small black stud, she has a ring piercing in her left ear cartilage and 2 ear piercing in each ear. She wears print t-shirts often with slightly comic quotes on them, jeans and trainers or small black boots. She wears a green coat with a red scarf and red hat. She does wear makeup- a little foundation, eyeliner, blush, mascara, lip gloss and moisturiser. She wears earrings everyday and has a small silver ring with a jade stone embedded in it that was given to her by one of her best friends.

Roleplay sample:
“Spike!” I only turned my back for a second and the dog had eaten my lamb burger. “That was my fucking lunch! Goddamn it!” Spike just barked and ran off into the bedroom to roll all over my newly made costume- my secret costume. I can’t believe I was finally doing it; I’m going to be a villain. I can just picture it now. My hair flying in the wind as I run through the back streets, Actually scrap that, I will FLY. My feathers will rustle as I FLY through the air and I drop to the floor ready to beat up a complete jerk. Right, time to check my list: Costume- yes, Police radio (stolen because I was bored and felt like spending money on chocolate and DVDs instead)- check, Vesper (my cat who is now sleeping on the radiator with his black wings hanging limp, tips touching the floor)- yep. All done. There are papers on the table that I should probably do but the radio buzzes into life before I can even start and announces a robbery of a mansion in the close vicinity of my flat- time to meet some interesting people and make some valuable acquaintances. “VESPER!” He rolls off the radiator and mows grumpily. “It’s time to create some chaos” I say. I turn to run into my bedroom with a theatrical sweep which results in me falling and breaking a vase- oh well, it was antique, ugly and never used it nor was I ever going to use it. Now, to create chaos.
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Louisa Barrett Empty Re: Louisa Barrett

Post by Lucy Brillows on March 31st 2012, 3:35 pm

Your EP split will be 2 EP into transformation and 4 EP for the earth manipulation.


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