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Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez

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Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Empty Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez

Post by Ember_Fangs on March 29th 2012, 3:01 am

Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Janet_fairy_by_rafm-d35vn9w

Real Name: Arabella Katrina Montez
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Steel Kiss
Title: Katnip, Gypsie Queen, Princess
Alignment: Renegade
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Race: Romania
Hair: Light brown edging towards copper with streaks of light blonde and auburn.
Eyes: Green with flecks of brown, gold and odd flashes of purple.
Height: 5ft 5
Weight: 110 lbs

Costume Description/Image:
Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSkHZSbUZGhPXiwtgHGXSxvcgQMcgIcjdjIIAF7XP_V8KXAzgnk
The typical ‘gypsy’ dress style is one Ari tends to adopt when ‘fighting’. The thin and light fabric doesn’t restrict her movements and allows for the appearance of her wings if she needs them. Ari’ costume consists of loose red Boho trousers which are hidden by the thin material clasped around her waist in a skirt over lay which provides the illusion of her hidden twin blades not being there. The top half doesn’t provide much protection from the enemy but reveal her lean, athletic body instead. The main purpose however is to allow for her wings which is does very well. She often completes the look with a matching veil, covering her mouth and only revealing her hypnotising eyes.
Personality: Ari has many different layers to her personality which can shine through at different times. The overwhelming feature of her personality is her playfulness – there is a reason as to why she has been nicknamed ‘Katnip’ after the plant which makes a feline extremely playful. Ari likes to toy with those she fights with, feign her inability to fight before beating them and sending them home with her mark. Another of her personality traits is her respect for opponents who match her level of fighting. Despite her trickster ways and her love of games Ari is honest, loyal and respectful. If an opponent shows the worth she is perfectly capable of backing down from a fight and showing the right respect for the person who beat her. She will, however, try and beat them on their next meeting – there is no doubting her determination when it comes to beating someone she thinks is better than her or her equal.

Arabella’s story starts in the countryside of Romania. As a child she had a hard but innocent and pleasurable childhood. Working on the farm her father and mother owned from a young age, Ari grew up with the different smells and toxins created by the people – and animals around her. Being able to empathize with the animals when they were scared meant she was often the one to stay with an animal when it was hurt, giving birth or scared. As she grew up, Ari became more interested in her grandmother’s ‘arts’. Gypsies to a lot of modern humans thought were thieves or vagabonds but Ari’s grandmother and the band of Romanian Gypsies which toured the country were far from that. They were healers, entertainers and traders. Their arrival in town was a special occasion and often celebrated instead of shunned like in the Western countries. Arabella’s grandmother was a skilled entertainer, even in her old age, though she had toned down her acts as her body grew weary. Ari became fascinated with the old trade of knife throwing. Her grandmother spoke of being a part of the blade, and the blade being a part of you. When the old woman died and left Ari her throwing knives, she took it as a sign to take up her Grandmother’s art and set off to find and join the band of travellers who could teach her more about the craft.
Instead of the band of travellers her grandmother had once belonged to, Ari travelled to the larger towns of Romania instead. At just the tender age of 16 Ari was independent and willing to learn how to use the blades she had been given as best as she could; hopefully even better than her Grandmother. Ari came across a Blacksmith in one of the towns she travelled through. The ex-soldier was not old but fit and still young and able to teach her a few tricks. Ari discovered he was in fact a skilled and worthy blade wielder. She stayed with him till the age of 20 and slowly began to fall in love with him. When the travellers came to the town unexpectedly however she was torn between staying and starting a family with her mentor and lover, or following her dream. Fortunately for her the decision was made when a war between Romania and Poland broke out and the man she had fallen in love with was forced back into the army. Instead of joining the travellers however, she stayed to wait for news of the man she loved and run his business while she was away, having learnt the ways of making a blade as well as how to use it. When news of her lover’s death reached her however, she did not wait around to mourn. Selling the business as soon as she could she packed up and left with her grandmother’s blade, her returned fiancés blade and her own twin blade.
Ari tracked the moving band of misfits to the other side of Romania where she finally managed to prove her worth in a wonderful display of her blades which awed even the then ‘Queen’. She enchanted the band of travellers with her grandmother’s throwing blades, managing to hit the targets they requested which grew more and more ridiculous as time went on till the point she had to pierce a rose petal and knock only a single one off. Her accuracy and swiftness earned her a place in the dream-like world of caravans and travellers. Ari stayed with the travellers until she was 25 years old and in that time she went from a newbie to the Queen of the band of travellers. She became very close to the old woman who ran the band and on her death, was handed the crown of thorns and beads which marked her as their leader. When she was given the crown at the tender age of 22 she got herself inked – a ritual done by the Queens of the band which was foretold to give them powers. Arabella picked out a delicate design of wings – a symbol related to freedom and dreams. When she woke from the painful procedure she found the unique blend of Old Magic and herbal ink had gifted her with the wings of the mythical creatures the Fae. The beautiful, seemingly fragile wings, folded over her body like the ink they had come from which allowed her to wear what she wanted, but she could also use them like, well, wings.
When she was nearing the age of 26 she decided to travel – Romania held no more respectable opponents and she wanted to test her skills against foreigners, learn their techniques. Giving her crown to her second in command she just accepted the title ‘Princess’ before leaving her adopted family and heading for a new exciting destination.

Empathy; being able to sense someone else’s emotions usually in the form of taste of smell, for example fear would be a rotting smell whereas love and devotion would smell of something sweet.

Power Grid:
STR: 3
SPD: 4
END: 3
INT: 3
EP: 1
FS: 6

Power Grid colours: Violet

Character Image/Description:

Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Janet_fairy_by_rafm-d35vn9w

Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Forest_Fairy_by_Pygar

Scarletta Carleen Jones
Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Signature

Gracie Marie Daniels
Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez GraciesSiggie-1

Arabella Katrina Montez
Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Arissiggie

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Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Empty Re: Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez

Post by Super Cutie on March 29th 2012, 3:09 am



Arabella 'Ari' Katrina Montez Tumblr_mh2dgmzN7L1qiz3j8o1_500
Super Cutie
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