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Rheagar Mormont

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Rheagar Mormont

Post by sircastor on March 15th 2012, 7:54 pm

Real Name: Rheagar Mormon
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Villian
Title: The Dwarf, The One who wishes he is taller, The Small hunger
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 53
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Eyes: Green with flecks of brown
Height: 3ft 10 inches
Weight: 130 pds

Costume Description/Image: If description please be very detailed.
google tyrion lannister will add link when allowed to

Personality: Rheagar only know three things that hold true always. Hunger loyalty and veangence. He is loyal without a doubt. He loves bloodshed and other forms of mayhem. He only wnants two things food and entertainment and violence gets the most entertainment.

History: When his mom had him he had several larger brothers. When he was five they all realized he was going to be a dwarf while his oldest brother was about to be 7'1 they loved to make fun over it. When he was five his brothers and parent were making fun of him in front of company so Rheagar had a temper tantrum and accidently brought down the house and killed everyone inside of it. He ran away glad that he finally could get away from his annoying family. He first went to the forest planning to live like heros in the books his mom read however he never caught anything so he crawled into a mans truck who drove by when he stopped to go pee in the forest. When he stopped he was in Detroit he got into a fight with a local gang who had guns. While fighting them they had shot and stabbed him several times most bullets did nothing and the knives left small cuts that healed almost instantly. However he noticed whenever his powers worked it caused him to get hungrier. As he got older he was always hungry. His powers constantly worked which caused him wanting to eat anything that moved however he eventually grew to ignore it. While in Detroit he went to freak shows to get some money for food Eventually he realized gangs had more money so he joined them and constantly changed due to usually eating the gangs broke and was abruptly kicked out due to this he earned himself the name The great hunger which he did not see the irony to.

Powers: There is a limit, do not go overboard with this, the strength of your powers are determined by the level of your energy projection. This does not include physical powers, such as strength, speed, endurance, fighting skills or anything pertaining to it, etc. Please be very detailed on your powers and their descriptions, don't be sloppy and make something stupid, think it through and do a good job, these will be important!
Super strength
super endurance
Regeneration (ep 6)

Power Grid: (You have 22 points to spend on your Power Grid unless you can fly, in which case you have 20. Each stat can start at 6, not 7. 7 must be earned.)
STR: 5
SPD: 2
END: 6
EP: 6
FS: 2

Power Grid colours: red and green

Character Image/Description: If description please be very detailed on it.

sample rp
Rheagar was sitting by the fighting pit waiting for his turn to fight the other man. while sitting there he eagerly ate the food since he knew he would be kicked out quickly after winning the fight . He devoured a four pound steak in the five minutes before his fight. As he started rubbing the grease off onto his pants he heard the announcer call for the dwarf. He got up making loud sounds while getting up. He looked up awaiting for the door to open

I hate that name so much it more then likely why they use it.

When the door opened for him to go thru. the crowd was boing at him screaming midget die lots of other noises that he had heard before. He saw a lumbering beast of a man that was highly muscular. Rheagar walked up and looked at him. The large man tried to kick him but as the kick neared Rheagar just punched him in the chest and killed him. Rheagar just walked out the opened doors to the crowds stunned silence by how Rheagar killed the man in one punch. As Rheagar walked away he saw the man at the entrance with all the money. He ran at the guy and stole the money.

Great money to feed myself with


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Re: Rheagar Mormont

Post by Super Cutie on March 15th 2012, 9:25 pm



Super Cutie

Quote : idk.

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