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Daemon Metzger

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Daemon Metzger Empty Daemon Metzger

Post by Husk on March 13th 2012, 10:34 am

Real Name: Daemon Metzger
Renegade Name: The Totenist
Title: Demon Butcher, Berserker, Barbarian
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’5
Weight: 350 lbs

Daemon is a follower of a religion known as Totenism. Those who worship this religion don't necessarily worship a single god, but a large selection of them. What makes these people Totenists is their following of a large set of commandments. To name each commandment would take a long time, but the general rules is that battle and murder is to be sought after, and that bloodlust is a blessing of god. His personality is incredibly violent as a result, and he is a sadomasochist, taking sincere pleasure in the pain he causes and receives. His behavior can border on insanity. He is frequently heard shrieking loudly while attacking and laughs maniacally when he kills anyone, even wiping their blood on him in a ritual for the gods he worships.

Outside of battle, he is incredibly foul-mouthed and disrespectful of others. He frequently swears, curses, and complains at allies and opponents alike. He rarely uses manners when speaking, and even then, usually as a form of sarcasm. The only respect he has been known to give anyone is his god, and even then he tends to use their names as insults. However, he has his own deranged sense of morals and ethics. He believes murdering for reasons such as profit to be blasphemous, and he is incredibly religious, albiet following a rather morbid religion. Daemon however has absolutely no moral restraints regarding who he kills. He considers slaughter a religious calling, and often takes considerable pleasure in making his opponents' deaths as painful as possible.

His arrogance and bloodthirsty nature makes it difficult for him to focus or make any other strategy aside from 'Kill'. He can be seen as anti social, or rather hateful of others, however he is merely rude and speaks his mind at most all times and is capable of odd relationships with others if circumstances allow it. All possible compliments to his personality are of course ignored due to his morbid, cannibalistic rituals.

Being born into a murderous cult of Toutenists, Daemon grew up in a metaphorical bloodbath. Death was always around him, and because of this he has grown completely desensitized to it. He finds life meaningless, and only seeks whatever pleasures it will bring him. Through his time with the cult, he was raised for battle, partaking in many and slaughtering his fair share of people. Of course, such people are rarely left to their own devices, and the cult caught the attention of heroes and villains with a grudge against them. It did not take long before the cult was attacked by their enemies and defeated.

Daemon, who was not one for pity, took it upon himself to kill those who attacked his cult, and as punishment for their own weakness, he killed his fellow cultists as well. He lacked a meaningful relationship with them, only seeing them as people who spilt blood like he did and not as any sort of family, so he gave himself the chance to set out into the world by himself to spread the teachings of his religion.

He lived according to the commandments of Toutenism. His bloody upbringing was perfect for this, and he quickly grew through the murder he caused. His regenerative ability appears to be a gift from the gods he worshipped, or so he would attribute it to, and he does not question it any further than that. Since the time he left his cult, he has been wandering the world looking for more like him, those who would help him sate his appetite. However, he is still not strong enough to do as he pleases, and restrains himself in order to not attract the attention of those who would imprison him for his religious beliefs.

Powers and abilities:

Daemon has an extreme amount of strength, far more than humanly possible, and can lift upwards of 50 tons in weight. His melee strikes with both weapon and fists often result in gratuidous amounts of carnage as he can literally tear his foes apart like paper dolls.

With superhuman durability like Daemon's, combined with his regeneration, it takes heavy firepower to bring him down.

He has no sense of fear, and confuses pain with pleasure, causing him to enjoy harm to himself and others. This makes it hard to phase him, and will often strike at his foes moral as he seems to be an unstoppable maniac.

Daemon can regenerate at an alarming rate, and because of this is nigh invulnerable combined with his superhuman durability. The ability stems from his brain, meaning that beheading him is only a temporary solution until a new body grows back below the neck. The only way to truly kill him is to shred his brain and seperate the parts so they cannot rejoin and allow him to regenerate. He can be temporarily defeated however by dealing enough damage to his body that he can no longer fight until it is regenerated.

Style of Combat
Daemon fights in the manner of a fearless berserker, constantly on the offensive and attacking with a reckless abandon. His regeneration makes up for his lack of defense and allows him to trade blows with his enemy, often leaving them on the losing end of the trade. He is not suited for complex strategy and he knows it, enjoying the bloodbath that his fights turn into. He has an extreme hatred for pacifist types, and will go out of his way to kill them first. Due to his confusion of pain and pleasure, he will often allow himself to be injured even if he could avoid it, so long as it won't result in a serious injury by his standards, and will often torture his targets instead of finishing them quickly. He is highly skilled in his use of melee weapons, though prefers size and power over finesse.

Power Grid:

STR: 5
SPD: 2
END: 4
INT: 1
EP: 6
FS: 4

Power Grid colours:

Character Description:
Daemon is a towering beast of a man with a disheveled appearance. He has short black hair that spikes out behind his head, along with a short black goatee. His eyes are brown and his skin is white and rough, due to many scars suffered in battle. He is extremely muscular and because of his scars from the many battles he has been in it gives him a grizzled and ferocious look. His fingernails are painted black and he usually wears a necklace consisting of small bones threaded together.

Costume Description:
His main attire consists of a body-length black cloak with a blood red interior and a chin-high collar. Under this cloak he wears loose black pants that use a small piece of rope as a belt, though generally this isn't noticable under his cloak. He usually wears black open-toed shoes when he can remember to wear them. This outfit is of religious significance to him, but that doesn't make him care if it is destroyed in combat, which happens all the time.

Equipment (besides the costume):
He owns an extremely large and bloodstained 'knife' that is 6 foot long and very thick, with the handle being wrapped in filthy bandages. His super strength allows him to swing it as though it were a properly sized knife, though it is only made of steel and therefore is only as strong as steel, containing no special properties. He tends to leave it at his apartment if he wants to be seen in public, as it isn't something he can just walk around with in the open without attracting attention.

Daemon's Knife:
Daemon Metzger N3eEq

Roleplay Sample:
The large burst of flames clouded the two main fighter's visions while they acted, as it was right infront of their faces. Before it enveloped their sights, Jess would see Daemon charging with a crazed expression on his face, still swinging his cleaver. The cleaver seemed to be growing in size while he swung it, but the flames soon enveloped Daemon.

Whatever plan Daemon had was soon revealed, the plan being that he had none. He didn't even avoid the attack, he just ran through it. His clothes were ravaged by the flames and his black robe had been almost completely ruined. His flesh had been seared heavily, the front half of his body completely burnt, though it wasn't horribly severe, just widespread burns.

The rather horrifying consequence of this, though Jess perhaps was not in the state to be affected, was that Daemon had just charged through Jess's full attack to swing his now gigantic cleaver with shrieks of terrible glee. The sheer power of the attack would probably cut the man in half if no one acted.

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Daemon Metzger Empty Re: Daemon Metzger

Post by Husk on March 15th 2012, 1:54 am

Waiting on that reply.

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Daemon Metzger Empty Re: Daemon Metzger

Post by Illya on March 15th 2012, 2:56 am

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