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The Observer

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The Observer Empty The Observer

Post by LaughingMad on March 8th 2012, 10:08 pm

Real Name: Zalmon Aleck

Villain Name: The Observer

Title: Black Cloak

Alignment: Anti-Villain Type 1

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: English/Japanese

Hair: Short and black, usually kept rather scruffy.

Eyes: Red

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 64kg

Costume Description: Zalmon’s costume is rather simple, at least from a quick look. The part which is usually only visible is a black cloak, which covers all of his body and kept together at the front by a few pieces of string on the inside. On his face his an emotionless white mask, which leaves only room for his mouth to speak from, the eyes covered by blacked-out glass. Two sleeves come from the side to allow movement of the arms, while on his hands he wears black gloves and on his feet black shoes.

Underneath this one would find Zalmon wearing black leather armour, which is thicker in some places more then others. Around the joints it is the most thick, while at the chest and such it is thicker. He usually removes his cloak when he believes something serious is going to happen, or he views something worthy of him. He still leaves his mask on, however, as removing it would reveal his identity.

Personality: Zalmon appears to be a relitively happy person, not to insane levels but to a believable level. He seems to have an ever-present smile, as if he is constantly pleased with the outcome of what is going on around him. He enjoys his life with his wealth and power where others would believe him to feel 'empty inside', or some 'stupid shit' like that.

He views everything from what many would consider a cynical point of view, believing that most humans are corrupt and would do anything if they knew they could get away with it. However he would describe himself more as a ‘realist’. He views the fact that humans are corrupt as just a fact of nature, and nothing to be embarrassed about, and that it makes the world go round. People lie, steal and cheat all the time, and things will never change, so why act like they will? He views 'optimists' as people who deny the obvious truth of the world, and pities them more then anything.

He is not, however, without morals. He detests the killing of innocents, random and pointless murders without any rhyme or reason. At least corruption has a reason behind it. He also detests torture, mental or physical, as he knows for a fact that it solves nothing, and the person doing it must know this. If they truly do not he is compelled to correct them, and if they continue despite this he is compelled to stop them.

He is manipulative, using his great intellect to control others how he sees fit, though he usually uses this to ‘convince’ others into having beliefs similar to him. He wants people to have his view on life, as he believes it to be freeing and for their own good. He is not above, however, using this manipulation to get other things, such as money. In fact, so manipulative is he, most do not seem to notice as he comes off as rather charming, many women (and some men) have fallen to this charm.

History: Born into a wealthy family, to an English father and a Japanese mother, Zalmon was always treated to whatever he so wished. He was given the best education money could buy, the best toys and, with it, many many friends. Even from a young age Zalmon was shown to be an intelligent boy, capable of stretches of intellect that many grown men could not acomplish. Nobody could pull a wool over his eyes, nobody could even try, and he very much disliked it when people did. He never believed in Santa Claus, the Toothfairy or any of that which he called 'nonesense' as he always believed he was pratically an adult and should be treated as such.

This detest of lies soon changed however when he left schooling and entered the family business, a rich company named Aleck Technology which his father owned and controlled. He saw the backstabbings that went on between the various executives, the lies and the hatred all for the pursuit of power. It upset him for many months until eventually accepted it. People only cared about power. That was all the mattered in the world. Power. Curroption was rife, and people only attempted to stop it when (in his opinion) they would gain a profit.

Thusly he decided he was going to have the most power.

In a coup in which he manipulated everyone of importance within Aleck Tech. Zalmon usurped his father's position as head of the company, assuming this great throne with much pride. He realized, however, that this was not enough. He needed more power, more money, more control... Thusly he took up the persona of 'The Observer'. He vowed to himself that he would never stop his search for power until he was finally satisfied...

Powers: Zalmon is intelligent far beyond the average, or even above average, level for a human. He usually prefers to use this intellect to manipulate people and situations, but he is definetly not beyond using it to create items that are of a technilogical superiority to most other modern things. He is also well trained in martial arts to the point where he has mastered multiple martial arts, and is able to switch between them at will to create what may be considered an entire new martial art in itself. With this training comes, of course, enhanced reflexes, the type of which many would awe.

Power Grid:
STR: 3
SPD: 3
END: 3
INT: 6
EP: 0
FS: 6
Wealth: 1

Power Grid colours: Black and white

Character Image:
The Observer Izaya_Orihara

Roleplay Sample:

"Father..." Zalmon said with a smile across his face, walking up to the man who had brought him up. He walked with his head held high, pride filling him, for he had defeated his greatest opponent... His father stared at him angrily, almost as if trying to kill him with his stare, but Zalmon continued unaffected. "It's too late old man, you lost before you even knew the war had begun. Stand down and I will allow you to keep some money for yourself..."

His father scowled at him and raised his hand, two guards appearing from the shadows beside him. Zalmon shook his head, the manner of which one would expect to see a father scolding his young child. "Killing me will accomplish nothing, you won't have sympathy from the ones who will replace me at my death... Even if I died." One of the guards ran at Zalmon with a baton, swinging it to the side. He moved his body backwards to avoid it, then swung his body around to kick the guard in the face with the back of his foot. The guard hit the floor with a thud. Zalmon bent down and placed his hand on the guards neck, checking his pulse. After feeling a beat, sure of the guard's safety, he stood back up again. "Needless violence... You don't deserve your position, sending you men to fight a foe you know they cannot beat."

He turned his gaze to the other guard before continuing. "You don't want to serve this man." He said confidently, as if stating a definete fact. "There's nothing to gain from it for yourself, and doing so will only lead to more violence. Please think of your safety... I promise that I will allow you to keep whatever job you have." He stared at the guard and saw that he was deep in thought, his eyes moving from Zalmon to his father. "You look like a family man. Think of them." Of course, Zalmon had already done his research. He knew his father was going to have two guards, he even knew which ones... So he investigated. He had hoped to talk them both out of it, but one was already knocked out on the ground.

The guard walked up to him, and Zalmon put his hand on his shoulder. "Good choice my friend, now take this man to th-" Zalmon saw his father reaching for his coat pocket and pushed the guard down on the ground quickly, his previously present smile disappearng instantly. He rolled to the ground as his father took aim with a pistol, firing a bullet that nearly managed to hit him. Quickly getting to his feet again he rush up to his father and kicked the gun out of his hand before he could take another shot. He grabbed it from the air and pointed it at his head. "You..." He muttered, anger in his voice. "You were prepared to kill an innocent man... For no reason!" He pushed the gun into his head, putting his weight onto it. "You know you have lost, and yet still..." He pulled the gun back and threw it away, shaking his hand as if he had touched something dirty. "Get out, you'll have no sympathy from anyone here..."

His father did not move, so Zalmon pulled him up from his seat forcibly and dragged him to the door to throw him out. There was waiting several men to drag him out of the building. He wandered back to the concious guard to check on his safety, finding all was well, then pointed to the other. "Get him to a hospital and wait with him till he wakes up. After that tell him he still has a job, if he wants it." He gave the guard a hand up and pat him on the back before walking over to the seat which his father once sat, sitting down on it with his legs crossed.

He was finally here, a king on his throne. He looked to his left at a window that showed the city below... Feeling want. More want. He was not satisfied. More power was needed...

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The Observer Empty Re: The Observer

Post by Illya on March 11th 2012, 6:56 pm

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