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Anu Empty Anu

Post by Maverick on February 29th 2012, 7:01 pm

Real Name: Elisia Montreal
Super Villain Name: Anu
Title: The Mother God, crazy bitch, that plant lady. Manifestation magic, moon, air, fertility, prosperity. Celtic (Irish) Goddess of plenty. Mother earth Goddess and maiden aspect of the Morrigu.
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Age: 23 (Claims to be older than the earth)
Gender: Female(claims to be of godly power.)
Race: Caucasian (Proclaimed diety.)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'5
Weight: 123

Costume Description/Image:

Personality: She is an idealistic woman, whom loves anything that is living. From the smallest of animals to the cruelest of humans, but she cannot take evil in any form. Evil to her must be purged from the world, and only she can do such a thing with the power of the celtic goddess Anu. Though many will call her insane though she will simply ignore them, or kill them if they annoy her enough. In fact she has killed people who got on her nerve enough. Some would call her a crazy cat lady in the respect she loves cats, though also loves any animal that is in danger. Which makes her seem somewhat quirky, but thats the *inner nature godess* inside her protecting animals from the harshness of the human world. Including what she percieves as the unjust laws of the cities of man who oppress her and her children. They are considered alive to her, and saying anything contrary to her will result in her wrath.

History: She was born the daughter of a Biologist that was known as an expert in her field, as well as a father who had a deep Celtic heritage. Which he was quite proud of, preferring to parade it around his daughter instead of hiding it like some of his family chose to. She took to it like a moth to flames, and from that she began to take interest in the stories of the Celtic Gods and godesses. Including the one known as Anu, Mother Earth. So much that she began to worship her, and offer bi-annual sacrifices. This started only as her offering sweet things, and tea. Growing until she offered blood sacrifices to the great diety, not to her parents knowledge of course. They expected her to become a knowledgable Scientist in the field of biology, but she had other plans. Elisa planned to perform a forbidden ritual, much to the warnings of the book she read. Infact the ritual was said to be impossible, but she had an idea how to make it work in her favor.

So one night she stole away from her home, and attempted the impossible. It re quired blood, and she had the chloroform to aquire it, as well as the ingredients. Being the resouceful girl she was, nothing was impossible for her at all. With the sacrifice in place she began to ritual. Ó máthair an Domhain. Éisteacht leis an gol de do sheirbhíseach fann, agus heed cad iarrann sí. Tá an domhan truaillithe agus is mian liom an fhuil a iarraidh ort le haghaidh. Is mian liom mo flesh mar do vessle i malartú a thabhairt duit mé cumhacht níos mó ná an méid a rinneadh. Anu deontas mo ghuí!((Oh mother of the Earth. Hear the cry of your feeble servant, and heed what she asks. The world is corrupt and I offer the blood which you ask for. I offer my flesh as your vessle in exchange you give me power over what was made. Anu grant my plea!!!)) With that the knife fell, and she felt the power flow through her viens. Before she knew it, she was in her bed. Though blood covered her hands like a slick coat.

It wasn't long after that she manifested the powers, her skin becoming a paler color. Had she actually become the avatar of the nature goddess? It must be true for the powers she now showed. This happened before her seventeenth birthday, and from then on she worked on her godess given powers, which were more than she could sometimes bear. She even had a hard time controlling the awesome power she has been gieven. Though with willpower she has moved on with what she is given. Becoming the Godess Anu, as she made it her goal to rid the world of the stain of humanity. Armed with the technology of her parents.

Powers: She has the power to control any sort of plant, and force them to bloom in an enviornment they do not belong in. Anything from roses, to large vines. Plants are her specialty, and she controls them well. Even having the ability to make plants fight for her. Though they have the durability of the average plant. Her powers grant her some weapons(Weapons are as powerful as her EP), as well as simple plant control. She also has special plants that can aid her in a fight when simple plants are not good enough. She also has the ability to ride on her plants for a higher vantage point.
Linguistic skills:She is fluent in Gallic, as well as Spanish, French, German and Latin. Most cannot tell is she was born in the United States.

Superhuman durability: Her plant like physiology has allowed her a higher constitution than the average human being. To where average punches actually have no effect on her at all.

Superhuman intelligence: She has an amazing mind that works faster than most if any human alive. Said to rival that of the most intelligent hero, but that can be refuted.

Power Grid:

Power Grid colours:

Character Image/Description:
Anu 11h5lhl

Roleplay Sample: (This is Wally)

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Anu Empty Re: Anu

Post by Maverick on February 29th 2012, 10:57 pm

Ready for review
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Anu Empty Re: Anu

Post by Bliss on March 1st 2012, 1:38 am

Irish language = Gallic



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