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Post by Bliss February 21st 2012, 3:13 am

Pink plastic twirled a sliver of ice cream into a roll. Most avoided eating ice cream outside on days this cold, but Bliss the temperature of the treat warmed her up a little. Nothing stuck out about the girl in her black overcoat and blue scarf, but the city stuck out to her. Every corner of the city held something that would change drastically. In only a few days this whole place would turn completely on its head, the gates of Hell would open and tear asunder all that awaited.

In the streets below her women welcomed back returning soldiers and sailors from World War 2. In a few days it would welcome a force unlike no other, and would see the rise of new heroes in the street. Courage would not come from the mold they rested in, but the catalyst they poured themselves into. Tempered and ready for battle. The day would either see the onslaught of demons or the rise of saviors. Still, she needed to complete a few more details before she could safely and confidently face this threat.

Before she met up with her last contact she tossed the paper cup into a street side trash bin. In all the years of living in this city she could never remember visiting a church. She never really could think of a reason to go, but this seemed like a good one. Before a wooden pew Bliss knelt down and clenched her hands. She didn't really know who would listen to her when she closed her eyes. She thought back to the pictures of returning soldiers and knew they still existed in the fabric of time in those streets. By those same means the invasion and destruction already played out and existed in superposed state. She didn't pray to avoid the destruction, but to lead her defense to save New York from the foulest of those dimensions. Maybe not the best prayer in the context of her surroundings, but it should do the job.

Back in the surroundings of Time Square Bliss sat overlooking the screens surrounding the most famous intersection in the world. All pretense of anonymity now pulled away from her. A warning flashed across all the mounted screens; she could only warn people in good faith with her lack of evidence of any impending attack. Her message bypassed her knowledge of digits and computers, and merely flashed a frozen calling card across the faces of buildings. Indentures in the ice faces trapped lights and Bliss pressed force of ice against them to cause the message to shimmer and expel a message in bright lights clearly warning of an impending fate.

Even she didn't know for sure any threat loomed on the horizon, but she could feel something within her telling her to get prepared. Doomspeaking in Times Square would only fall into a sea of others preaching about the end of the world, but a call to arms for any superpowered forces in the area could at least alarm residents into believing a threat existed that would need them to flee the city. She needed one more member to arrive. So, she waited with her feet dangling off The New York Times headquarters.


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