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Bash's Magical Drumsticks

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Bash's Magical Drumsticks Empty Bash's Magical Drumsticks

Post by Bash on February 16th 2012, 1:48 pm

Name: He never gave them a name, they are just drumsticks
Abilities: They teleport to his location and dismiss to a unknown location at Bash's will, however when he summons them, it cannot be to attack someone (unless he summons it in his hand as he is swinging ofc), it appears in front of him, or in his hands. He may also summon an arsenal of drum equipment from this realm. From snare-drums, Tim hats, Toms, Bongo drums, hammer mallet drumsticks, all the way to Amplifiers, speakers, and audio editing equipment. Through using these equipments. He may also utilize audiokinesis better this way. Using these equipments allow him to amplify, focus and all around control his audiokinesis. These are not your normal drumming equipment. This is the best of the best that the underground market has to offer, and not only are they powerful in increasing his audiokinesis, but they are also designed to endure the damage it deals to itself. This in turn makes the equipment hardy and durable. After all, for s superhuman called Bash Bashing up the equipment is not good for industry. They are designed to withstand quite a bit of damage even in a full on fight with superhumans.
Bash's Magical Drumsticks M-set
Bash's Magical Drumsticks Mallets
Bash's Magical Drumsticks 1_612011123740774
Bash's Magical Drumsticks ALS-1300_adpic
Bash's Magical Drumsticks Id_48133x_300x300

The hate inside you breeds!
It's getting hard to breathe.
The walls around you fall.
Your legs are getting weak.
You drop down to your knees!
Your mind’s forsaken you!

Bash's Magical Drumsticks Bash15

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