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Bash the Drummer Revamped <3

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Bash the Drummer Revamped <3 Empty Bash the Drummer Revamped <3

Post by Bash on February 15th 2012, 9:21 pm

Real Name: Chad umlat
Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Bash
Title: Methhead
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Teal
Height: 6'11''
Weight: 225 lbs.

Costume Description/Image:
Bash the Drummer Revamped <3 5464392
Bash the Drummer Revamped <3 Tumblr_ljcw1eoOr91qzko78

Personality: Chad has a can-do, no respect for others attitude. He is very aggressive and cares very little for others. In fact he refers to others mainly as "Maggots" because thats about as much care he has for other people. He has a very short temper and often snaps at the lightest insult. He's addicted to stimulants. And has the money to buy it at any time. He is very open about his drugs. Oftentimes he finds the most unorthodox ways to consume his drugs, and he takes no heed in hiding them either. He enjoys the rush of extreme situations. And will hardly say no to a challenge or a dare.

He enjoys metalcore music. The more he feels the percussion beating through his body, the better. He enjoys the feeling, and if he is not making it, he is moshing to it; and he is a force to be reckoned with on the moshpit. He plays his music the way he lives his life: Fast and furious. He intends to bash as many drums as he can in the least amount of time, and to his fans, thats what they want from him as well.

Despite being a druggie and not in the correct state of mind. He is still a good professional drummer. He can still keep a solid beat and keep a perfect rhythm. And the best part is that he is superhuman, His talent in music is astronomical, and this in turn keeps his fanbase quite literally one of the biggest in the world.

History: Chad was born with a heart condition where the resting heart beat rate was twice as fast as normal. This made him think fast and act fast. He grew up an active child. Very athletic, and quite daring. He loved pushing his body to its limits regularly. He would oftentimes get into fights with his peers. He won almost all of them. No one liked him, he was a bully and he was very rude. He did not care too much. In fact the more he was hated, the more he loved it. He started to become interested in metalcore music and the punk genre. He did not give any care to the feelings of others. He started hanging out with druggies and attending satanic metalcore concerts. He loved the feeling of the drums reverberating through his body. And soon he started moshing and destroying the Moshpit single handedly. He was a beast in the pit. And he actually gained a little underground fame as the "Basher of the Pit" Chad at this time did not know of this, but while the underground people were working to know more of Chad, Chad took up the drums and started learning how to play. He was a natural with his heartbeat pounding in his ears. Couple years later during mayhem festival, a really devoted underground fan gave him both the name Bash an amazing drumstick device which as long as he held it, he could control his drums at will. Whether it be sound amplification, strength/speed enhancements, or the ability to call the drum equipment to his will. With this in hand, he took off into actually finding a band to start recording with. He soon found a band called "Arctic Napalm." With the members, Mosh on bass, Thrash as vocals, Amp as the electric, and Audio as the rhythm. Together they would revolutionize music because each and every one of them were superhuman. While they had a skyrocketing start being the first superhero band, they collapsed quickly for various reasons. Mosh and Audio were too good moral-ed for Thrash and Bash's drug addictions, and Amp literally left in rage after finding out that some of the members were druggies. They all split off into their own ways. Thrash and Bash started trading drugs but eventually split apart because Bash liked stimulants and Thrash liked Downers. So they contrasted in distaste. Whatever happened to Mosh and Audio was erased from the face and disappeared into the underground music world.

Now Bash returns, Looking to recruit new members for his band and revive Arctic Napalm once again.

Audiokinesis 5: Bash has the ability to control sound through instruments namely percussion types. The rhythm, pitch, power, vibrations, and the oscillation all chuck into this. He may make shock-waves from a single hulk smash on a drum or perform a destructive oscillation through steady rhythmical beating that is correlating to the object needed to be destroyed. Destructive oscillation does take some time, and requires multiple posts to make it happen. After all he is using sound to literally "Shake" things apart. He may use this power to minimize sound as well, becoming more silent than a pin drop. Not that he would normally but he is capable of this.
Regeneration 1: He can regenerate minorly bout three times as fast as a normal human being.

22 no flight
AudioKinesis (5)
Regeneration (1)
Bash the Drummer Revamped <3 Bash14

Character Image/Description: See above

Roleplay Sample:
Here is his signature song "Pain Rises"

Exclamation marks are parts that scream, periods are parts sung.

Verse 1:
Pain rises!
Fear is born!
We fight through this.
We struggle through it!
All! All alone.
The lucky pass.
The strong will fall!

Drum solo

(talk)Your world is crashing down.
The shattered pieces hit the floor!
(talk)Your life is crumbling fast.
Try and (<--Sing - pause - Scream----->) hold it together!
You can’t give up now.
You clench your fists!
You’re all your counting on!

Lead and Rhythm Guitar battle. (Lead first, the Rhythm)

Chorus x2:
The hate inside you breeds!
It's getting hard to breathe.
The walls around you fall.
Your legs are getting weak.
You drop down to your knees!
Your mind’s forsaken you!

The hate inside you breeds!
It becomes hard for you to breathe.
The walls around you fall.
Your legs are feeling weak.
You drop down to your knees!
Your mind’s forsaken you!

Your mind's forsaken you! x2

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The hate inside you breeds!
It's getting hard to breathe.
The walls around you fall.
Your legs are getting weak.
You drop down to your knees!
Your mind’s forsaken you!

Bash the Drummer Revamped <3 Bash15

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Bash the Drummer Revamped <3 Empty Re: Bash the Drummer Revamped <3

Post by Bliss on February 15th 2012, 10:11 pm

Approved and moved.


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